This site is the most comprehensive on the web devoted to trans history and biography. Well over 1700 persons worthy of note, both famous and obscure, are discussed in detail, and many more are mentioned in passing.

There is a detailed Index arranged by vocation, doctor, activist group etc. There is also a Place Index arranged by City etc. This is still evolving.

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Trans Person Index

Index to the sites 'A Gender Variant Who's Who' and 'Gender Variance in the Arts'

The indices are normally updated at the end of each calendar quarter.

March 2007 – March 2024.

Because this index grew in size, I have had to break off sections. So see also:

Cis Persons Index
Place Index
Media Index

This first index is of trans persons who are of interest to this blog because of something in their life.  Mainly it sorts persons by vocation.  

A second section is mainly associated cis persons, but also includes Cis Gender Variation, Cis Dabbling in Gender Play and Homeovestity, and mistakenly being taken as Trans.    It then includes doctors who have catered to Trans persons, Lawyers and Police, Spouses, Lovers, Chasers and Family, Facilitators and Benefactors, Nemeses, Aristocrats whose conveniences were put before justice, Cis Serial Killers and Gangsters, Historians, Sociologists, Theologians, Polemicists,  Journalists, Clerics, Photographers and Film Makers.   

The next index is Place Index which is by locations, mainly by cities.

The third index is media (books, films, photographs etc) and miscellaneous. These are now found in the Books and Arts Index



Alfred Taylor
Amos Gibbings
Angelina Mead King
Arthur Corbett, more
Cam Lyman
Caroline Oldenburg 
Charlotte d'Eon de Beamont    
Christine Vasa
David Wilde
Dawn Simmons
Diane Wells
Dina Alma de Paradea
Edward Hyde Part II


Charlotte d'Eon de Beamont 

        Part II: Return to France, Return to England

        Part III: Addendum A - Legacy, Bibliography

        Part Iv: Addendum B - Untruths, Comments, What modern label would fit?

Political and Party Office, Government Employees


Asha Devi (independent mayor of Gorakhpur. Utttar Pradesh)
Camille Cabral (Green Party councillor)
Carla Antonelli (PSOE list Madrid Assembly)
Carmen Rupe (independent candidate)
Fatime Ejupe (village revolutionary community council member)
Fulvia Celica Siguas Sandoval (independent candidate)
Jamie Lee Hamilton (various positions in Downtown Eastside Residents' Association; independent candidate)
Joan Roughgarden (ran for San Francisco Supervisor)
José de la Riva-Agüero y Osma (mayor of Lima 1931-2)
José Sarria (ran for San Francisco Supervisor)
Kamla Jaan (mayor of Katni, Madhya Pradesh)
Kamla Kinnar (mayor of Sagar, Madhya Pradesh)
Kathryn Leigh McGuire (ran for Houston City Council)
Léo Kret (Party of the Republic)
Madhu Kinnar (mayor Raigarh, Chhattisgarh)
Manuela Trasobares ( Republican councillor)
Marcella Di Folco (Bologna city councillor)
Mariela Elcira Muñoz  (candidate for mayor)
Mark Rees (LibDem councillor in Tunbridge
Martina Castellana (Il Popula della Liberta councillor)
Michaela Lindner (Party of Democratic Socialism Burgermeister)
Micheline Montreuil (candidate for Québec City council)
Murray Hall (member of General Committee at Tammany Hall)
Rachael Webb (Labour Councillor)
Rudy Giuliani (Republican Mayor)
Susan Kimberly (Republican city councilor)
Tony Briffa (councillor, then mayor of Hobsons Bay, Vistoria)

4 trans mayors in India
Transgendered Mayors


Alecs Recher (Alternate List Party)
Althea Garrison (Republican State Representative and candidate)
Carmen de Mairena (Coordinadora Reusenca Independent)
Christina Hayworth (New progressive Party candidate)
Edward Hyde (Governor of New York & New Jersey) Part II
Jacquie Grant (district councillor)
Katielly Lanzini (Liberal Front candidate)
Mariela Elcira Muñoz  (candidate for provincial deputy)
Richard Curtis (Republican State Representative)
Shabnam Mausi Bano (Madhya Pradesh assembly)
Vandy Glenn (legislative editor at Georgia General Assembly)
Yollada 'Nok' Suanyot (district representative in Nan province)


Amaranta Gómez Regalado (Mexico Possible candidate
Anette Egelund (Fremskridtspartiet Member of Parliament)
Anna Grodzka (Palikota Member of Parliament)
Audrey Tang (appointed Minister without Portfolio, Taiwan)
Arthur James Balfour (Conservative prime Minister)
Brenda Lana Smith more (Honorary Danish Consul in Bermuda)
Camille Barré (Communist candidate)
Caroline Matilda Oldenburg (Queen of Denmark and Norway)
Christian Schenk (Socialist Unity member; Independent Women's Association member)
Christina Vasa (Queen of Sweden)
Christine Burns (Secretary of local Conservative branch)
Daya Rani (Independent)
Elagabalus (Roman Emperor)
Elizabeth Tudor (Queen of England)
Enza Anderson (independent, Canadian Alliance candidate)
Ernest Marples (Conservation MP, Minister of Transport)
Jennifer McCreath (Strength in Democracy Party)
Kellie Maloney (UKIP candidate)
George Selwyn (Tory MP)
Georgina Beyer (Labour MP)
Hermann Göring (Reichsmarschall of the Third Reich)
Horace Walpole (Whig)
José de la Riva-Agüero y Osma (Peruvian Minister of Education)
Michelle Suarez Bértora (Communist)
Micheline Montreuil (Liberal, later NDP)
Monika Strub (Linkspartei)
Pascale Ourbih (Green Party candidate)
Petra De Sutter (Green Party Belgian Senate)
Peter Farrer (tax inspector)
Sandra MacRae (Scottish Nationalist Party candidate)
Stephen Milligan (Conservative MP)
Thomas de Croismare (Belgian Ministry of Finance)
Victor Barker (National Fascisti)
Part II: husband, actor, manager
Vladimir Luxuria (Communist Refoundation MP)


Nikki Sinclaire (UKIP then independent MEP)


A Revathi
Aase Schibsted Knudsen
Adela Vasquez
Alecs Recher
Alejandra Portatadino
Aleksa Lundberg
Alice Purnell
Amaranta Gómez Regalado
Andréia de Maio
Andrés Ignacio Rivera Duarte
Angela Douglas      More     more     more   More      Old Bogey-person    
Anna Kristjánsdóttir
Anne-Daphne Henry
Anne Lawrence
Anne Ogborn
Ariadne Kane
Bambi L'Amour
Bebe Scarpinato
Bet Power
Beth Elliott
Bo Laurent
Bobby Nobel
Brenda Lana Smith more
Brenda Lee
Broden Giambrone
Bubbles Rose Lee
Bunny Eisenhower
Camille Barré
Camille Cabral
Carioca (queen of Bunker Hill)
Carla Antonelli
Carla LaGata
Caroline Cossey/Tula
Charlotte Bach
Charlotte Goiar
Cheryl Courtney-Evans
Chloe Dzubilo
Christina Hayworth
Clarabelle (queen of Bunker Hill, LA)
Charl Marais
Claudia Wonder
Dallas Denny
Dana Rivers
Davide Tolu
Deborah Hartin
DeeDee Chamble
Della Aleksander more
Demet Demir
Diane Kearny
Diana Sacayán
Dominic Bash
Elizabeth James
Estelle Asmodelle
Julia Gordon
Julie Ann Johnson
Juliet Victor Mukasa
Judy Cousins
Juno Dawson
Kalki Subramaniam
Karine Espineira
Karla Avelar
Kay Kwarta
Kiira Triea
Kimberly Nixon
Laxmi Narayan
Lee Brewster
Leslie Feinberg more
Lisanne Anderson, comments
Lotte Hahm
Louis Sullivan
Louise Ergestrasse
Louise Lawrence
Lydia Foy
Madelaine Pelletier more
Manabi Bannerjee
Marcela Romero
Marcella Di Folco
Mario Miele
Marie André Schwidenhammer
Marie-Marcelle Godbout more
Mario Martino
Margaret O’Hartigan
Mark Angelo Cummings more
Mark Rees
Maria Sundin
Marie-France Garcia
Martine Cuypers
Martine O'Leary
Mary Edwards Walker
Marsha P. Johnson
Masha Bast
Maxwell Anderson
Maryam Hatoon Molkara
Michelle Suarez Bértora
Michelle De Ville
Micheline Montreuil
Miranda Yardley
Mirella Izzo
Mirha-Soleil Ross
Monica León
Morgan Holleb
Nicole Murray Ramirez
Ovo Maltine
Paola Revenioti
Pascale Ourbih
Patrick Califia
Phaedra Kelly
Rachael Webb
Reed Erickson
Rhonda Mae
Riki Anna Wilchins
Roberta Franciolini
Roberta Perkins
Robyn Deane
Roman Sorokin
Roz Kaveney
Rowan Feldhaus
Torai Masae   
Tracee McDaniel
Treanor Mahood-Greer
Tristan Skye
Vanessa Ledesma
Virginia Prince:
Part 1 – Youth and First marriage
Part II – Second Marriage
Part III – Femmiphilic activist
Part IV – Full-time Living
Part V – Transgenderist dowager
Jargon terms and general comments
Did Virginia Prince have Harry Benjamin Syndrome?
The Myth That Transgender is a Princian Concept.
Waleria Fernanda Torres
Wendy Iriepa
Wilhemena (queen of Bunker Hill)
Yasmene Jabar
Yasman Lee
Yollada 'Nok' Suanyot
Yvonne Sinclair

Trans Activism in Canada

Event Organizers

Alfred Finnie
Jack Doroshow/Flawless Sabrina
Jean Fredericks
Lee Brewster
Lady Austin
Lotte Hahm
Marsha Naquin-Delain 
Phil Black
Ron Storme
Sadie Class

Club Owners

Andréiade Maio
Angie Stardust (Angie's, Hamburg)
Danny La Rue (Danny's, London)
Frede Baule (Chez Frede, Paris)
Jackie Grant
Joe Finocchio (Finocchio's, San Francisco)
Lotte Hahm (DamenKlub Violetta, Manuela Bar - both in Berlin)
Ludwig Konjetschni (Eldorado, Berlin)
Marcel Oudjman (Madame Arthur/Le Carrousel)
Phil Starr (Two Brewers Pub, London; Starr's Hotel and Bar, Brighton)
Romy Haag (Chez Romy Haag, Berlin)
Ron Storme (Club Travestie Extraordinaire, London)
Rose Jackson (Roses, Sydney)
Tony Lauria (Stonewall Inn. New York)
Vito Genovese more (82 Club/Stonewall Inn, New York)

Religion, Spirituality & the Occult

Alfred H Read (Congregational Minister)
Agnes (Catholic)
Anastasius Rosenstengel (Radical Pietist)
Angel dela Vega (Catholic)
Brigham Morris Young (Mormon)
Bülent Ersoy (Sunni)
Carol Riddell (Sai Baba)
Cataractonium Gallus (Cybele)
Charlotte d'Eon de Beamont    (Jansenist)
Charlotte Goiar (Methodist)
Chris Korda (Church of Euthanasia)
Cindy Filo (Seventh Day Adventist)
Daniel Paul Schreber (wife of God)
David Shayler ( Messiah)
David van Rippey (Church of Christ)
Desire Dubonnet (Maitreya)
Dominic Bash (Franciscan monk)
Eliza Scott (West African)
Emmon Bodfish (Druid)
Ephilei (Christian)
Erin Swenson (Presbyterian)
Fran Bennett   (Trappist, Theravada, Zen, Vedanta)
Fulcanelli (alchemy)
Genesis P-Orridge (Magick)
Genucius (Cybele)
Georges Masasco (Catholic)
Gladys Bentley (Temple of Love in Christ)
Gloria Gray (Catholic)
Gloria Hemingway (Dianetics)
Helen Savage (Anglican vicar)
Heli Hämäläinen (Lutheran)
Herman Slater (Wicca/Ecumenical Occult)
Ismail bin Yaha (Sunni)
Isabelle Eberhart (Sufi)
Issan Dorsey (Zen)
Izumo no Okuni (Pure Land Buddhism)
Jack Donovan (Church of Satan)
James Herndon (Baptist)
Janine Roberts (Wicca)
Ja'Von Crockett (evangelical)
Jane Heap (Gurdjieffian)
Jeffrey McCall  (Evangelical)
Jerry Leach (Evangelical)
Joan Roughgarden (Protestant)
John Henry Newman (Catholic)
Josefine Meißauer  (Trappist friar)
Joseph Cluse (Evangelical)
Karen Dior (Southern Baptist)
Kristi Independence Kelly (Mormon)
Lana St-Cyr (Raelian)
Liombee (Toraja)
Malcolm Himschoot  (United Church of Christ)
Male Nun of Radegunde (Catholic)
Mario Martino (Catholic)
Marja-Sisko Aalto (Lutheran) 
Mariela Elcira Muñoz  (tarot)
Maryani (Sunni)
Michael Berke (Evangelist)
Michael Dillon (Vajrayana)
Olivia Watts (Wicca)
Ozaw-Wen-Dib (Agokwe)
Nancy Ledins (Catholic)
Paula Neilsen (Pentecostal)
Paula Williams (Evangelical)
Perry Desmond (Baptist)
Peter Langan (Mormon/white Christian)
Peter Stratford (Sufi)
Petric J. Smith (Methodist)
Rachael Pollack (Jewish, Goddess, Tarot)
Raven Kaldera (northern shaman)
Ricardo (Evangelical)
Richard Hoskins   (Anglican, Kimbanguism)
Robert Allen (Catholic) more
Ruth Shumaker (Protestant)
Sanda Davis (Mother God)
Sorrawee 'Jazz' Nattee (Theravada)
Stephanie Anne Booth (Jehovah's Witness)
Sylvia Rivera -
Part III: Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (Catholic)
Part V: Later years (MCC)
Tadhg MacCrossan (Celtic Reconstructionist)
Tara O'Hara (Jehovah's Witness)
Thomas Baker (Anglican)
Tilu Wgi (Shaman)
Vasil Popovici (Orthodox monk)
Vaughn Bodé (Maharaj Ji, autoerotic asphyxiation)
Veronique Renard (Buddhist)
Yasmene Jabar (Sunni)


Alex Starke
Cris Miró
Georgina Somerset:
Part I: dentist and surgeon-lieutenant
Part II: wife and author
Part III: Turtle’s typology
Lydia Foy
Mark Rees (student)

Other Health Workers

Anne Lawrence (anesthesiologist)
Buddy Kent (x-ray technician)
Charlotte Bach (hypnotist)
James Herndon (orderly)
Janis Ashley (pediatrician)
Lynda Cash (operating theatre technician)
Mark Angelo Cummings more (occupational therapist)
Robert Allen (radiologist) more
Sally Mursi (not allowed to complete studies)
Sophie White  (chiropractor)

Army Wives

Mrs Cox    

Chris Moore    
Michael Dillon (ship's doctor)  more    
Stella Minge
Yvonne Sinclair

Customs Officer

Heli Hämäläinen

Law and Order

Police & Prison Officers

Alexandra Selyaninova    

Lawyers, Judges & Court Workers

Alecs Recher
Alejandra Portatadino
Ben Schatz
Daniel Paul Schreber
Daniel van Oosterwijck
Erika Ervin
George Campbell
Herman von Teschenberg
Irwin Keller
JoAnna McNamara
Joanne Proctor
Leslie Phillips
Marion Bodmer
Martine Rothblatt
Masha Bast
Maud Marin
Michelle Suarez Bértora
Micheline Montreuil
Rachael Wallbank
Rudy Giuliani
Sandra MacRae
Sonia Burgess
Stephen Whittle more
Susanna Valenti
Tamara Adrián
Thomas Baker
Willow Arune
Westerly Windina

American Civil Liberties Union/ACLU

Carol Katz
Dianne Saunders
Felicity Chandelle
Joy Shaffer
Jude Patton
Kay Brown
Margaret O'Hartigan
Mary Elizabeth Clark
Mauricio Archibald
Sir Lady Java
Vern Bullough

US Post Office, censorship, sex and gender

Crime, Criminals & Inmates

Richard Hoskins   

Psychiatric Institutions


Trans in Prison: Part 1 - to the conviction of Oscar Wilde
Trans in Prison: Part 2 - to Stonewall
Trans in Prison: Part 3 - to Framer v. Brennan
Trans in Prison: Part 4 - to the Synthia Kavanagh Human Rights Case
Trans in Prison: Part 5 - to the New Prison Guidelines
Trans in Prison: Part 6 - Comments & Bibliography

San Quentin Prison 


Elsa B    


Barbara Dayton
Katherine Cummings

Sales & Retail & Hoteliers

Alan Finch
Aleksandr Pavlovich 

Banking, Finance & Accounting

Andrea Paredes
Karl Baer    

Restaurants, hotels and big houses

Cooks & Chefs & Restaurateurs & Publicans & Hostesses

Anna Salunke
April Ashley more more more
Carlett A Brown
Charlotte Mcleod
Dörchen Richter
Emma Becker
Frenchy Vosbaugh
Harry Stokes (publican)

Servants & Hospitality Workers

Aleksandr Mikhailovich
Alfred Taylor

Manual Work


Albert F.
m. Foucard

Other Manual Workers

Albert Cashier (farmhand, janitor)
Barbara Buick   (factory worker)
Barbara Dayton (mechanic, dock worker)
Charley Wilson (painter)
Cynthia Watson (carpenter)
Daniel Burghammer (blacksmith)
Dean Kotula (shipyard machinist)
'Dorothy Clayton'
Edward Hamblar (ship's joiner)
Emmon Bodfish (plumber)
Frank Spisak (factory worker)
Gerd Winkelmann (postal worker)
Harry Crawford (factory worker, yardman)
Harry Stokes (bricklayer)
Harry Gorman (railway cook)
Jack McConnell (crane operator, driver)  
James Allen (groom, landlord, and pitch-boiler and then sawyer)
Jenny (electrician)
John Fubbister (labourer with the Hudson Bay Company)
Jo Shanley (machinist)
João W Nery (builder, tailor)
John Coulter (labourer)
'Margaret Wakely'
Leslie Nelson (warehouse worker)
Lucy Salani  (upholstery) 
Martha Toth (factory worker)
Michael Johnson (baker)
Ned Taylor (dock worker, navvy, farm labourer)
Paul Grappe (seamstress, factory worker)
Ray Leonard (cobbler)
Thomas Walker (porter, barman)
Toni Simon   (machinist, bridge construction, fitter, tester of high voltage pylons)
Victoria Dolling   (meat porter)
William Ernest Edwards (barman, painter, factory worker)
William Sidney Holtom (haulier, navvy)
William Smith (boot cutter)

Building superintendent / Landlord / Janitor

Albert Cashier (farmhand, janitor) 
Angela Calomiris (land lord in Province Town)
Ruth Fischer-Freund    (boarding house near Dresden)

Racheal McGonigal
Raven Navajo
Rolanda Ronchaia
Sandy Laframboise
Shelley Ball
Sou Southevy
Stephanie Anne Booth
Tanya Amadore
Vicki Strasberg
Vicky de Lambray
Zazu Nova

Marriage and Family

Pre-transition marriage

Post-transition marriage

Aaïcha Bergamin
Abby Sinclair
'Ann Marrow"
Anita Verig Sandor
April Ashley & Arthur Corbett,  more   more   more     more 
Bert Martin
Edgar Wales Burnham   
Edward de Lacy Evans
Egytian Housewife, An
Robert Allen  more
Robert Gaffney
Robertina Manganaro 
Ruthie & Eddie
Sabrina Ramet
Stephen Goad 
Sylvia Rivera
Tamara Rees 
Terri Williams (Moore)
Tilu Wgi
Tish Gervais
Tobi Marsh & Sandy
Tony Briffa
Valerie Taylor
Victor Barker
Part I: Origins
Part II: husband, actor, manager
Part III: the trial
Part IV: reactions & afterwards 

Noor Talbi    

Pregnant men

A Short History of Male Pregnancy

doctors, scientists, writers:

David Kirby early 1960s
Cecil Jacobsen mid-1960s
Leo Wollman 1970
Dick Teresi 1985, 1994

pregnant person:

Edwin Bayron 1992
Lee Mingwei 1999

Films & Novels

The Ophiuchi Hotline 1971
A Slightly Pregnant Man 1973
Rabbit Test 1978
Junior 1994
Transparent 2006
Pregnant Man 2008


Andrea Paredes (tennis)
Andreas Krieger (shotput)
Angelina Mead King (motor racing)
Balian Buschbaum (pole vaulter)
Betty Cowell (motor racer)  more       more     
Bev Francis (bodybuilder, powerlifter)
Bill Smith (jockey)
Cam Lyman (dog breeding)
Catherine McGregor (cricket)
Charles Hall (shooting)
Charlotte d'Eon de Beamont (fencing)   
Chloe Dzubilo (equestrian)
Chris Dale (mountaineer)
Dora Ratjen (highjump)
Erik Schinegger (skier)
Ewa Kłobukowska (sprinter)
Foekje Dillema (runner)
Frances Anderson (billiards)
Gabby Tuft  (wrestler
Hussain Rabie (shot-put, discus)
James Johnson (football)
Jayne Thomas (swimming)
Jennifer McCreath (marathon running)
Jimmy de Forest (boxing)
João W Nery (diving)
Joe Carstairs (powerboat racing)
Jonny Saelua (football)
Jordi Torremadé (athletics)
Judy Cousins (golf)
Julia Doulman (car racing)
Kellie Maloney (boxing)
Kia Sladeski (barrel racer)
La Reverta (bull fighter)
Lauren Jeska (fell running)
Layla Çalışkan (basketball)
Mark Weston (shotput)
María José Martínez-Patiño (hurdler)
Maurice Wilson (mountaineer) more 
Mianne Bagger (golf)
Michelle Ann Duff (motorbike racer)
Mikki Nicholson (Scrabble)
Noor Talbi (hurdles)
Nong Tum/ Parinya Charoenphon (Muay Thai) 
Patricio Manuel  (boxer)
Philippa York (cycling)
Pip Wherrett (racing driver)
Richard Curtis (yacht racer)
Santhi Soundarajan (runner)
Sin Kim Dan (sprinter)
Stella Walsh (Olson) (runner)
Sylvia Rivera -- Part I: beginnings (athletics, gymnastics)
Tamara & Irina Press (shotput & discus)

Magicians and Ventriloquists

Bobbie Kimber
Donna Delbert

Music Magazines

Miranda Yardley


Designers, Costumiers & Tailors

Alexis Del Lago
Billie Dodson
Dario Modon
Stella Angel    
Tony Midnight
Tony Sinclair

Models & Pageant entrants

Trans Women featured in Playboy Magazine

A Chronology of trans persons in modelling and fashion:
Part I: to 2000 Part II: 21st Century

Abby Sinclair  
Alessandra di Sanzo
Alicia Liu
Allanah Starr
Amanda Lepore
Andreja Pejic
April Ashley  more   more   more     more 
Barbara Diop
Camilla De Castro
Carmen Carrrera
Carol Anne Masters
Carol Marra
Caroline Cossey/Tula
Catira Reyes
Charlotte Mcleod
Claudia Charriez
Erika Ervin
Estelle Asmodelle
Éve-Claudine Lorétan  (Coco) 
Fulvia Celica Siguas Sandoval
Georgia Ariana Ziadie
Helen Wong
Jennifer North
Jennifer Otera
Kayo Satoh
Kokkorn Benjathikoon
Lea T
Lee Si-Yeon
Lauren Foster
Leslie Townsend
Liu Shi Han
Logan Carter
Miriam Rivera
Noor Talbi
Patrícia Araújo
Potassa de la Fayette
"Queen Elizabeth"
Rachel Harlow more
Roberta Close
Robertina Manganaro
Sophia Lamar
Sorrawee 'Jazz' Nattee
Storme Aerison
Teri Toye
Tracy Gayle Norman
Valentijn Hingh
Valerie Taylor
Wu Mingen (Li Jing)
Yollada 'Nok' Suanyot


Aaïcha Bergamin
Abby Sinclair
Adela Vasquez
Allanah Starr
Allyson Allante
Amanda Lear
Amanda Lepore
Amaranta Gómez Regalado
Anderson Toone
Angie Stardust
Angie Xtravaganza
Matsu Akira 松 あきら   

Social Media

Michael Cimino   
Michelle De Ville
Mimi Juareza
Mirha-Soleil Ross
MJ Bassett 
Modesto Manga/Madame Arthur
Nicole Dolder
Noor Talbi
Norma Shearer
Parinya Charoenphon
Pascale Ourbih
Patrícia Araújo
Paul Wegman
Pooya Mohseni
Ray Bourbon
Raymond Browne-Lecky
René Goupil
Richard O'Brien
Robert Allen  more
Romy Haag
Rose Venkatesan
Rumiko Matsubara
Rüzgar Erkoçlar
Saman Arastu
Sascha Brastoff 
Selene Robbins
Solange Dymenzstein
Sophia Lamar
Sophie White 
Thomas Baker
Tima die Goettliche
Tobi Marsh
Victor Barker
Part II: husband, actor, manager
Violette Morris   more   
Violet Radcliffe
Wallace Beery
Westerly Windina
Wilhelmina Ross 
Yasmin Lee
Yeda Brown
Yvonne Sinclair


Ajita Wilson
Allanah Starr 
Amara Vadillo/Sylvia Boots
Atisone Seiuli
Brigit Brat
Buck Angel
Camilla De Castro 
Candace Watkins
Carmen de Mairena 
Chi Chi Larue
Cristina Ortiz Rodriguez
Edward D Wood
Gia Darling
Karen Dior
Jill Monroe
Kim Christy
Pudgy Roberts
Yasmin Lee

Gender Impersonators

Ali Saleem
Amber Richards
Anderson Toone
Annie Hindle

Literary & Narrative Transvestity

Other Writers & Editors

A Revathi
Aaron Devor
Alan Lucill Hart
Emi Wolters/Luz Fraumann   
Emil Vacano
Emil von Sachen-Gotha-Altenburg
Fran Bennett 
George Sand
Georgina Somerset:
Part II: wife and author
Part III: Turtle’s typology
Gilbert Oakley
Gloria Hemingway
Hedy Jo Star
Hélène Hazera
Horace Walpole
Isabelle Eberhart
Jack Molay
Jan Morris:
Part 1: youth and journalism.
Part 2: transition and empire.
Part 3: travel writer.
Jane Dieulafoy
Jane Heap
Janine Roberts
Jo Clifford
João W Nery
José de la Riva-Agüero y Osma
Juno Dawson
Karine Espineira
Kathryn Leigh McGuire
Katielly Lanzini
Kenneth Tynan
Leslie Feinberg
Linda Lee
Lou Hogan
Madeleine Blaustein
Manabi Bannerjee
Maria Gioacchina Stajano Starace
Marie-Pierre Pruvot
Michelle Suarez Bértora
Mickey Jacob
Orlaith O'Sullivan
Ovida Delect
Patrick Califia
Peter Stratford
Pudgy Roberts
Racheal McGonigal
Rahila Khan
Richard Hoskins 
Rose White
Stephen Milligan
Stephanie Castle
Sándor Vay
Stephen Goad 
Susanna Valenti
Tadhg MacCrossan
Terzea Spencerova
Thomas Baker
Tima die Goettliche
Tina Thranesen
Vanessa Van Durme
Vernon Coleman
Veronique Renard
Vita Sackville-West
Loren Cameron   
Louise Hannon
Monika Strub
Paola Revenioti
Pierre Molinier
Stefánie Faludi

Art & Antique Collectors

Elmer Belt
Dawn Langley Simmons
Dean Kotula
Diamond Lil 
Herbert Pollitt
Lauren Harries


Achan/Layla Kingston (Dinka born in Libya, lives in Pennsylvania)
Alberta Neilsen (legal gender change in Denmark in 1924) Alexandra Reyes (Mayan immigrant to US)
Astié de Valsayre (demanded right to dress in trousers 1886)
Edward Dolan (murdered, New York 1937)
Ferdinand Haish (arrested on neighbour's complaints, San Francisco 1895)
Fernanda Milan (from Guatemala, first trans person granted asylum in Denmark 2013)
Herman Karl Hedwig (German with hypospadic condition - legal change 1883)
Ina Barton (193? - 1974) friend of April Ashley.
Jackeline Galiaci (1st Brazilian to have surgery 1969)
Jacques-Francois Renaudin (Paris 1846, arrested, tried, but released for wearing trousers)
Joan Thornton (early associate of Virginia Prince and Edith Ferguson)
"John Hodgkins" (arrested in Southend, 1922)  
K (Kazan, Tartastan 1937 allowed legal gender change) 
Katherine Jones (arrested 1624, pled merryment, and discharged)
Kubra (Iranian had surgery in 1930)
Lynda Frank (NY Tri-ess person)
M Lefort (Parisian intersex switched to male 1815)
Margrith Businger (Swiss legal gender change 1930)
Mauricio Archibald (convicted and appealed for cross-dressing, New York, 1967)
Mildred M. (examined by medical students, Chicago 1942)
Rina Natan (earliest known Israeli trans woman)
"Rosina Danner"  
Ruby Bernhammer (arrested Black Parrot Tea Shoppe, New York 1923)
Zaitzev (Moscow/Petrograd party goer after 1917)
? (a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards served five years in the war with Iraq. Her operation was paid for by a Muslim cleric whom she had worked for as a secretary, and later married)
Port Authority Ladies' Room

Trans Kids

This term is used here in the neutral sense of a trans person who begins transition in teenage or earlier. Kiira Triea and Kay Brown have attempted to appropriate the term and conflate it with Blanchard's 'homosexual transsexual'. This conflation is not based on reality, and has confused the issue.

A rejoinder to Kay Brown’s “What is a Transsexual?” (clarifies that early transition/transkid and "homosexual transsexual" are not at all the same)

Birth Order in Androphilic Trans Women establishes that Blanchard's presumption, that first and second born AMAB persons will be gynephilic, simply does not hold up.


Youthful Phase

It is quite common to experiment with gender during childhood or teenage, but then decide to go no further and to take an adult gender congruant with that of one's birth. Unfortunately authority persons usually cannot tell the difference between a trans kid, and a child going though a phase of gender play. The most notorious example of this was the Feminine Boy Project administered by Richard Green (more) and George Rekers wherein the supposed trans girls mainly grew up to be gay men. The write up of this project was published in 1987 as The "Sissy Boy Syndrome" and the Development of Homosexuality. This lack of perception between two very different types of children leads commentators like Camille Paglia to dislike the availability of transgender medicine in that if it had been available earlier, she would have made changes that she later regretted.

Camille Paglia
Colin Wilson
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Gene & Noel Armstrong
George O'Dowd
Henry Wriothesley
Herbert Dyce Murphy
Jimmy De Forest
John Herbert Brundage
Karl Ulrichs
Kim Christy
Lou Hogan
Marion Bodmer
Marshall S Pike
Olivier Theyskens
Pete Burns
Peter Robinson
Raymond Browne-Lecky
Sylvia Rivera -- Part I: beginnings

Gender Performance Desistence

Herbert Beeson 
Mario Montez
Paul O'Grady
Tobi Marsh 

Khanith & Mustergils

a Ma'dan mustergil
in Zanzibar, 1860

Ouled Nail & Khawals

At least 2 Ouled Nail from Algeria, and maybe some Khawals from Egypt, who danced in female dress at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago.

Two Spirit

Elizabeth James
Georgie Jessup
Tilu Wgi
Jamie Lee Hamilton
Qa'nqon Ka'mek Klau'la
Walter L. Williams

Other Groupings (not specific to one city)

See Place Index for Groupings in a specific city

Pansy Craze

Lady Austin
Jean Malin
Ray Bourbon
The Cabin Inn

Janus Information Facility

Paul Walker
Zelda Suplee

Transgender Nation

Anne Ogborn
Susan Stryker


Tony Barreto-Neto
Riki Anna Wilchins

Intersex Society of North America

Bo Laurent (Cheryl Chase)
Kiira Triea


Joanne Proctor
Tom Reucher
Tony Briffa
Walaria Fernanda Torres

Hose and Heel Club/FPE/Triess

Alga Campbell   (Beaumont Society)
Alice Purnell      (Beaumont Society)
Ariadne Kane
Barbara Ellen 
Dallas Denny
Darrell Raynor 
David Wilde 
Felicity Chandelle 
Fran Conners
Giselle                  (Beaumont Society)
Kate Cummings     
Linda Peacock (wife) of Atlanta
Marilyn of Seattle
Rosemary Langton (Seahorse Society)
Siobhan Fredericks 
Sylvia Carter         (Beaumont Society)
Susanna Valenti 
Tobi Marsh & Sandy 
Vern Bullough 
Vicky West
Virginia Prince
   Part II - Second Marriage
   Part III – Femmiphilic activist
   Part IV – Full-time Living
   Part V – Transgenderist dowager
Jargon terms and general comments


Ariadne Kane
Dallas Denny
Jean Marie Stine
Melanie Anne Phillips
Merissa Sherrill Lynn
Tony Barreto-Neto
Virginia Prince:
Part V – Transgenderist dowager
Yvonne Cook-Riley
The Myth That Transgender is a Princian Concept.


What is Autogynephilia?
A Blanchard-Binary Timeline - Part 1: to 2000
A Blanchard-Binary Timeline - Part 2: 2001-10
A rejoinder to Kay Brown’s “What is a Transsexual?”
Rejoinder to Kay Brown 2: the gynephilics
The Ebb and Flow of Social Constructions
Birth Order in Androphilic Trans Women


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