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30 December 2011

Some Events of the year 2011. Part 10: Books.

Some events of 2010.  Some events of 2009.  Some Events of 2008.
Part 1:  Organizations, Legislation, litigation.
Part 2:  Persons.
Part 3:  Spouses and Family, Trans Kids, Political, Celebrities, Sports.
Part 4:  Nemeses, Internet.
Part 5:  Doctors, Medicine, Genetics.
Part 6:  Deaths
Part 7:  Art, Fashion, Music
Part 8:  Theatre & Cinema
Part 9:  News Media, Journals
Part 10:  Books.


Who reads and writes gay romance novels. Straight women apparently.

$£¥ €=Excessively overpriced books.

++ added later

· Genny Beemyn & Susan Rankin. The Lives of Transgender People. NY: Columbia University Press, 2011. A survey of 3,500 transsexual women, transsexual men, crossdressers, and genderqueer individuals in the US.

· Kyla Bender-Baird. Transgender Employment Experiences: Gendered Perceptions and the Law. State University of New York Press, 2011.

· Diana Blok. See Through Us: Portraits of Gay Women, Men and Transsexuals in Turkey. Blok, 2010.

· Peter Boag. Re-Dressing America's Frontier Past. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2011. “A vivid picture of a West where cross-dressing--for both men and women--was pervasive, and where easterners as well as Mexicans and even Indians could redefine their gender and sexual identities. Boag asks, why has this history been forgotten and erased?”

· Margarita Camacho Zambrano. Cuerpos encerrados, cuerpos emancipados: travestis en el ex penal García Moreno. Editorial Académica Española, 2011. “Las realidades de una comunidad transgénero, todavía estigmatizada y violentada en todos sus estratos sociales, es un secreto a voces que se evidencia aún más, para quienes lean este trabajo de investigación, la autora refleja desde su percepción muy cercana y palpable, como ésta estigmatización se agudiza al interior de la cárcel, individuos marginados por la sociedad como son los reclusos, son quienes a su vez, marginan a las transgéneros, pero siguiendo la misma práctica hipócrita de una sociedad machista y sexista, las someten como un objeto sexual, el deseo implícito y oculto.”

· Sheila L. Cavanagh. Queering Bathrooms: Gender, Sexuality, and the Hygienic Imagination. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2010. “Based on 100 interviews with GLBT and/or intersex peoples in major North American cities, Cavanagh delves into the ways that queer and trans communities challenge the rigid gendering and heteronormative composition of public washrooms.”

· Trystan Cotton (ed). Transgender Migrations: The Bodies, Borders, and Politics of Transition. Routledge, 2011. “A collection of emerging and established scholars to examine the way that the term "migration" can be used not only to look at the way trans bodies migrate from one gender to the (an?) other, but the way that trans people migrate in the larger geopolitical contexts of immigration reform, the war on terror, the war on drugs, and the increased policing of national borders.”

· Ivan E. Coyote (ed). Persistence: All Ways Butch and Femme. Arsenal Pulp Press, 2011. “Contributors such as Jewelle Gomez, Thea Hillman, S. Bear, Chandra, Amber Dawn, Anna Camilleri , Debra Anderson , Anne Fleming,Michael V. Smith and Zoe Whittall explore the parameters, history, and power of a multitude of butch and femme realities.”

· $£¥ €. Zowie Davy. Recognizing Transsexuals: Personal, Political and Medicolegal Embodiment. Ashgate, 2011. “Interviews with transsexuals at various stages of transition to offer an account of transsexual embodiment and bodily aesthetics.”

· Morty Diamond (ed). Trans/love: Radical Sex, Love & Relationships Beyond the Gender Binary. Manic D Press, 2011. “Dating, sex, love, and relationships among members of the gender variant community.”

· Alex Drummond. Queering the Tranny: New Perspectives on Male Transvestism and Transsexualism. True Colours Publishing, 2011. A Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist with clinical specialism and research interests in Adult ADHD, Sexual Minorities (LGBTQK issues) and Transgender spells it out for beginners. Excerpt.

· Noach Dzmura,. Balancing on the Mechitza: Transgender in Jewish Community. Berkeley, Calif: North Atlantic Books, 2010. Winner of the Lambda Literary Award. Various Jewish experiences.

· Diane Ehrensaft. Gender Born, Gender Made: Raising Healthy Gender-Nonconforming Children. New York: Experiment, 2011. A parents’ guide by a psychologist.

· $£¥ €. Patricia Elliot. Debates in Transgender, Queer and Feminist Theory: Contested Sites. Farnham, Surrey, England: Ashgate Pub, 2010. “A central concern is the question of whether the theories and practices needed to foster and secure the lives of transsexuals and transgendered persons will be promoted or undermined - a concern that raises broader social, political, and ethical questions surrounding assumptions about gender, sexuality, and sexual difference; perceptions of transgendered embodiments and identities; and conceptions of divergent desires, goals and visions.”

· $£¥ €. Leslie C. Guditis. When a Transsexual Family Member Transitions: A Qualitative Exploration of the Family’s Experience. Proquest, 2011. A 144 page PhD thesis. “This study consisted of interviews with 20 family members and/or romantic partners of transsexual individuals who have already transitioned. They were asked to tell their story about their relationship with their transsexual loved one before, during, and after transition. The intended benefits of the study were increased knowledge about the relationships of transsexual individuals with their loved ones, as well as insight for family therapists and other mental health professionals who work with transsexual individuals and/or their loved ones.”

· $£¥ €. Rosanne Terese Kennedy. Rousseau in Drag: Deconstructing Gender. Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. “Kennedy reads Rousseau's well-known but brief flirtation with cross-dressing as a starting point to dramatically reconsider the standard reading of Rousseau as a misogynist.”

· Irwin Krieger. Helping Your Transgender Teen: A Guide for Parents. Genderwise Press, 2011. Basic information for parents.

· Charles Le Goffic. Fêtes et coutumes populaires Les fêtes patronales-Le réveillon-Masques et travestis-Le joli mois de Mai-Les noces en Bretagne-La fête des morts-Les feux de la Saint-Jean-Danses et Musiques populaires. Free Kindle, 2011. Also as a free eBook.

· Gesa Linemann. Das paradoxe Geschlecht: Transsexualität im Spannungsfeld von Körper, Leib und Gefühl. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften / Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden, 2011. “Die paradoxe Struktur der transsexuellen Geschlechtsveränderung lässt sich nur verstehen, wenn man nicht von Subjekten ausgeht, die ihr Geschlecht einfach wechseln können. Vielmehr gilt es, die Dimension der subjektiven leiblichen Erfahrung einzubeziehen und zu verstehen, wie diese mit einer objektivierten zweigeschlechtlichen Ordnung verschränkt ist.”

· Jana Marcus. Transfigurations. 7 Angels Press, 2011. Photographs. “I discovered that gender is both real and illusory, natural and constructed. By capturing the physical and mental transformation from one sex/gender to another, the photos reveal the importance of the body in gender identity, as well as the effects of transformative practices on the body, which creates a reality beyond ordinary experience.”

· Aurélie Martinez. Images du corps monstrueux. Paris: Harmattan, 2011. “Le monstre ne vient-il pas à point nommé pour exacerber les peurs et les fantasmes sur les diverses mutations identitaires face à la norme et aux évolutions techniques de la science?”

· Moe Meyer. An Archaeology of Posing: Essays on Camp, Drag, and Sexuality. Macater Press, 2011. ‘Diverging from the text-based premise of most queer theory, Meyer utilizes performance studies and interpretive anthropology to examine camp and drag performances in the spaces in which they appear. He explores a variety of topics—from transsexual striptease and Harlem drag balls to the death of camp—within the genre of queer drag and sexuality performance.’

· Glenn W. Olsen. Of Sodomites, Effeminates, Hermaphrodites, and Androgynes: Sodomy in the Age of Peter Damian. PIMS, 2011. Front Matter.

· Laurie Penny. Meat Market: Female Flesh Under Capitalism. O Books, 2011. “The important chapter on trans women sets out clearly and succinctly why the transphobic attitudes of radical feminists like Julie Bindel and Janice Raymond must be rejected. This is an issue that I suspect few cis women have given much thought to and its importance will become apparent in the very near future as the struggle for trans rights becomes more prominent.”

· Catherine Platine. The Cybeline Revival. Lulu, 2011. Review.

· Julia Reuter. Geschlecht und Körper: Studien zur Materialität und Inszenierung gesellschaftlicher Wirklichkeit. Bielefeld: transcript, 2011. “Julia Reuter [gibt] einen Überblick über die Relevanz und Vielfalt körper- und geschlechtersoziologischer Sichtweisen auf die moderne Gesellschaft.”

++ Megan M.Rohrer and Zander Keig. Letters for My Brothers: Transitional Wisdom in Retrospect.  Wilgefortis, 2010, Kindle 2011.  Essays by Jamison Green, Raven Kaldera, Lou Sullivan, Cristopher Bautista, Malcolm Himschoot.  

· Jon Ronson. The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry. New York: Riverhead Books, 2011. Not about trans, although there is section on David Shayler. There is more on the DSM and David Spitzer.

· Martine Rothblatt. From Transgender to Transhuman: A Manifesto On the Freedom of Form. Martine Rothblatt, 2011.

· Kristen Schilt. Just One of the Guys? Transgender men and the Persistence of Gender Inequality. University of Chicago Press, 2011. “As tall, white FTMs see more advantages than short FTMs and FTMs of color, these experiences also illustrate how men's gender advantages at work vary with characteristics such as race/ethnicity and body structure.”

· Francoise Sironi. Psychologie(s) des transsexuels et des transgenres. Odile Jacob, 2011. “Sironi ouvre à une compréhension nouvelle des vécus transidentitaires, en décrivant comment appréhender et accompagner, sans les discréditer, ces expériences de métamorphose humaine. Elle montre également en quoi les trans-identités sont en fin de compte un nouveau paradigme qui nous aide à penser les identités émergentes à l heure de la mondialité : métis culturels, migrations planétaires, familles recomposées, homo-parentalités, adoptions internationales.”

· Brock Thompson. The Un-Natural State: Arkansas and the Queer South. University of Arkansas Press, 2010. “Thompson analyzes the meaning of rural drag shows, including a compelling description of a 1930s seasonal beauty pageant in Wilson, Arkansas, where white men in drag shared the stage with other white men in blackface, a suggestive mingling that went to the core of both racial transgression and sexual disobedience. These small town entertainments put on in churches and schools emerged decades later in gay bars across the state as a lucrative business practice and a larger means of community expression, while in the same period the state's sodomy law was rewritten to condemn sexual acts between those of the same sex in language similar to what was once used to denounce interracial sex.”

· Sarah Wong and Ellen de Visser. Inside Out: Portraits of Cross-Gender Children. Zwolle: Uitgeverij d'jonge Hond, 2010.


· Helen Berry. The Castrato and His Wife. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011. The life of Giusto Ferdinando Tenducci. Both Mozart and Bach composed for him. While the title connotates a book by Virginia Prince, Tenducci was a man who asserted his masculine identity despite his gender surgery. Review.

· Chaz Bono and Billie Fitzpatrick. Transition: The Story of How I Became a Man. New York: Dutton, 2011.

· Jean-Pierre Bourgeous (ed). Le curé travesti. Lausanne: Humus, 2011. “Dans une malle, dénichée chez un brocanteur, des milliers de petits papiers parcourus d'une fine écriture. Une masse de feuillets consacrée à la description très minutieuse de fantasmes de travestissements et de combinaisons sexuelles. Poésies, comptines, courts récits, parodies, fragments... L'auteur de ce flot luxurieux est un abbé, officiant dans le Centre de la France, au milieu du siècle dernier...”

· Beth Elliott & Geri Nettick. Mirrors - Portrait of a Lesbian Transsexual. CreateSpace, 2011. Revised edition.

· Jon-Jon Goulian. The Man in the Gray Flannel Skirt. Random House, 2011. A cis man in a skirt. Article.

· Shuniyya Rumaha Haiibalah. Jangan Lepas Jilbabku!: (Please Do Not Remove My Hijab). 2011.

· Paul Hendrickson. Hemingway's Boat: Everything He Loved in Life, and Lost, 1934-1961. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2011. A large section on Gregory/Gloria Hemingway.

· Nick Krieger. Nina Here Nor There: My Journey Beyond Gender. Beacon Press, 2011. A very well-received autobiography.

· Toni Newman. I Rise-The Transformation Of Toni Newman. Kindle, 2011. “Toni tells her story of being a 'sissy boy', a scholarship student, a business professional, an escort, a drag queen, a NYC prostitute, an LA dominatrix, and finally, a transsexual attending law school in order to help her transsexual sisters in need. From cross-dressing and Bible Study classes in Jacksonville, North Carolina, to writing and studying while tending to the fetish fantasies of Hollywood’s A-list, I Rise is far from a tale of fitting in.”

· Kathy Anne Noble. Two Lives: A Transsexual’s Story and the Fight for Recognition. Zeus Publictions, 2011.

· Edi Oliveira. Journal d'un travesti. Favre SA, 2011. “Un jeune Brésilien arrive en Europe, la vingtaine, hétéro et naïf. Il veut juste échapper à la misère de son pays, travailler pour aider sa famille. Entraîné dans la prostitution, il finit par trouver son indépendance dans le milieu et devenir un professionnel expérimenté.”

· Chloe Jane Oliver. Finding Chloe. Matthias Press, 2011. Review.

· Faith Turner. Me and Julia Reeds. Kindle, 2011. “A curious, wayward little Texas boy, despite his traditional, conservative upbringing, becomes a transsexual escort and adult entertainer, making lots of money and living the fast life, only to lose it all in the end, before picking up the pieces of a shattered life to carry on.”

· Hubert Verneret. Le travesti de l'étoile: Jeanne Baret, première femme à avoir fait le tour du monde. Précy-sous-Thil: Armançon, 2011. 1766 –9, botanist set sail in male disguise.

· Fabrice Virgili and Danièle Voldman. La garçonne et l'assassin. Histoire de Louise et de Paul, déserteur travesti, dans le Paris des années folles. Paris: Payot & Rivages, 2011. Paul Grappe spent the Great War passing as female. After the amnesty for deserters, he reverted to being male, and then annoyed his wife to the point that she shot him.
· Cris Beam. I Am J. Little Brown Books for Young Readers, 2011. A trans boy growing up. Cris is the foster mother of a trans.

· Elliott DeLine. Refuse. Smashwords, 2011.

· Herman Frank, Esq. Ultimate Revenge: Involuntary Transsexual. Trafford Publishing, 2011.

· Catherine Ryan Hyde. Jumpstart the World. Knopf, 2010. Leslie Feinberg’s younger sister. This novel reopened the estrangement between them.

· Brian Katcher. Almost Perfect. Delacorte Press, 2009. 2011 Stonewall Children’s and Young Adult Literature Award.

· Mike Perry. Klec pro majáky (A Cage for Beacons). Zlín: Kniha Zlín, 2011. The first Czech trans man autobiographical novel.

· Justine Saracen. Sarah, Son of God. Bold Stroke Books, 2011.

· Jon Smith. The Boy Who Was Born a Girl. Arrow, 2011.

29 December 2011

Some Events of the year 2011. Part 9: News Media, Journals

Some events of 2010.  Some events of 2009.  Some Events of 2008.

Part 1:  Organizations, Legislation, litigation.
Part 2:  Persons.
Part 3:  Spouses and Family, Trans Kids, Political, Celebrities, Sports.
Part 4:  Nemeses, Internet.
Part 5:  Doctors, Medicine, Genetics.
Part 6:  Deaths
Part 7:  Art, Fashion, Music
Part 8:  Theatre & Cinema
Part 9:  News Media, Journals
Part 10:  Books.

News Media & Bookshops

A Different Light bookstore, Castro St, San Francisco, California’s last GLBT bookshop closed.

Gay’s The Word, London’s GLBT bookshop, was the only bookshop vandalized in the August riots.

The News of the World, which has been aggressively outing trans persons for more than a century, finally closed as a tactical retreat by News Corp International, after a hacking scandal.

Magazine covers:

Soho Magazine, Columbia, 11 Feb 2011 Endry Cardeño

Love Magazine The Androgyny Issue, Feb 2011, featured Kate Moss and Lea T. on the cover kissing.

Elle Brazil December: Lea T.

Schön! 14 with Andrej Pejić.

Dossier Journal, May 2011, showed Andrej Pejić taking off his shirt with his hair in curlers. Barnes & Noble covered this up lest he be taken for a topless woman.

The Guardian
· A series of articles by Juliet Jacques about her transition.

· Articles by Roz Kaveney on various topics.

· Stephen Pritchard. “The readers' editor on... reporting transgender issues: The strong response to our feature about the death of human rights lawyer Sonia Burgess highlights the need for sensitivity and respect”. 23 January 2011.

· Becky Garrison. “Trans clergy are finally gaining greater acceptance”. 30 March 2011.

· Natacha Kennedy. “Trans people speak up for themselves: Trans people have long been the objects of discussion by others. Now, the net has helped us become a strong, vocal community”. 21 April 2011.

· Rasha Moumneh. “The Gulf’s gender anxiety: Moral panic over transgender men and women is symptomatic of the Gulf’s problem with shifting gender roles”. 6 July 2011.

· Flavia Dzodan. “Argentina's big step towards true sexual equality: Proposals to allow trans people to change their names and gender on legal documents could be another landmark measure”. 2 Sept 2011.

· Kate Hodel. “Indonesia's transgender couples surrounded by fear and persecution”. 16 Oct 2011.

· Alan Travis. “Transgender and disabled murders to incur far harsher hate-crime penalty”. 8 Dec 2011.

The New York Times
· John Eligon. “Suits Dispute City’s Rule on Recording Sex Changes” March 22, 2011.

· Elliott DeLine. “Stuck at the Border Between the Sexes”. May 29, 2011.

· Erik Piepenburg. “When They Play Women, It’s Not Just an Act”. July 28, 2011.

· Laura Rena Murray. “The High Price of Looking Like a Woman”. Aug 19, 2011. On pumping.

· Adrienne Lu. “For Transgender Detainees, a Jail Policy Offers Some Security”. Dec 22, 2011.
· Aaron Leaf. “Trans activism in South America”. Nov 17, 2011.

· “Camille Paglia disses Chaz Bono”. May 04, 2011.

· Andrea Houston. “Trans sex workers still most vulnerable”. Nov 09, 2011.

· Michelle Garcia. “Trans, Gay Murders Rock Honduras”. Jan 21, 2011.

· Julie Bolcer. “Study: Discrimination Pervades Trans Lives”. Feb 04, 2011.

· Trudy Ring. “Voter ID May Affect Trans Citizens”. June 23, 2011.

· Winston Gieseke. “Miss Universe Shows Support For Trans Community”. July 15, 2011.

· Neal Broverman. “Trans Activists Criticize NAACP”. July 24, 2011.

· Neal Broverman. “Study: Black Trans People Suffer Extreme Prejudice”. Sept 16, 2011.

· Diane Anderson-Minshall. “Trans American Military Stories”. Sept 21, 2011.

· Diane Ehrensaft. “Op-ed: On Trans Kids, It’s Us Who Are Confused: The creative gender cases of Storm, Chaz, Tammy and Mario revealed our society’s knee-jerk and crushing reaction to nonconformity.”. Oct 07, 2011.

· Andi Alexander & Neal Broverman. “Trans Rights: What Capitol Hill Could Learn From Corporate America”. Oct 2011.

· Winston Gieseke. “IRS Rules in Favor of Trans Deductions”. Nov 2011.

· Michelle Garcia. “Trans Employees Fight to Work in Georgia and Chicago”. Dec 07, 2011.

· Diane Anderson-Minshall. “Girl Scout Troops in Trans Panic Mode?”. Dec 19, 2011.
· Smitha Verna. “Betwixt and Between”. The Telegraph, Calcutta, March 2, 2011.

· “Joy and pain as transgender Indians 'wed' Hindu god”. France24, 03 May 2011.

· Henrietta Cook. “Transgender people face 'social isolation'”. The Canberra Times, 06 May 2011.

· Tony Philips.  "The Tranny Chaser Chaser: Gay guys who like straight guys who like guys dressed as girls".  The Village Voice, Jun 22 2011.

· Darah Hansen. “Companies are changing to support transgender employees: When workers undergo a change in gender, their employers need to address new needs”. The Vancouver Sun, Aug 15, 2011.

Paul Schindler. “Moving Beyond Shock on Transgender Health”. Gay City News, Sept 14, 2011.

· Gee Ammeena Suleiman. “Non-hijra transgenders struggle for identity”. Daily News & Analysis, Sep 18, 2011.

· “Special law for adoption of transgenders planned”. Daily News & Analysis, Oct 16, 2011.

· Sofi Papamarko. “For transgender singles, online dating is a minefield”. The Globe and Mail, Oct 13, 2011.

· Kellee Terrell. “Black and Transgender: A Double Burden: A recent report confirms that they face extreme discrimination and poverty.”. The Root, Oct 18, 2011.

· Jack Dolan. “Lawsuit asks state to pay for inmate’s sex-change operation”. Los Angeles Times, April 20, 2011.

· Transgender: A Special Report. Albany Times Union.

· “Intersex Babies: Boy or Girl and Who Decides”. ABC News, March 2011.

· Donna Nebenzahl. “Gender Identity Crisis”. Montreal Gazette, 20 March 2011.

· Eliza Gray. “”. The New Republic, June 23, 2011.

· “Modern world plays havoc with age-old livelihood: Members of India's transgender community are turning to sex work to survive as their traditional way of life is eroded, writes Matt Wade in Delhi”. The Sydney Morning Herald, Jan 8, 2011.

Journal Articles,Theses & Studies

· National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the National Center for Transgender Equality. Injustice at Every Turn. 2011.

· The National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC), in collaboration with the National Gay and Lesbian task Force and the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE). "Injustice at Every Turn: A Look at Black Respondents in the National Transgender Discrimination Survey," 2011

· University of California, San Francisco. Primary Care Protocol for Transgender Patient Care, 2011.

· Williams Institute for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Law and Public Policy, University of California Los Angeles. Three-quarters of 283 transgender Massachusetts residents surveyed have experienced some form of employment discrimination. Estimates show that the Federal and State Governments are losing more than $330 Million in income tax revenues and paying an extra $140 million for increased public assistance and health insurance costs.

· Council of Europe. Discrimination on Grounds of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Europe.

· Y. Gavriel Ansara & Peter Hegarty. “Cisgenderism in psychology: pathologising and misgendering children from 1999 to 2008”. Psychology and Sexuality, Jun 2011. Abstract. Full text.

· Juno Obedin-Maliver, Elizabeth S. Goldsmith, Leslie Stewart, William White, Eric Tran, Stephanie Brenman, Maggie Wells, David M. Fetterman, Gabriel Garcia, Mitchell R. Lunn. “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender–Related Content in Undergraduate Medical Education”. Journal of the American Medical Association, 306,9, 971-7, 2011. Abstract. The median reported time dedicated to LGBT-related topics in 2009-2010 was small across US and Canadian medical schools, but the quantity, content covered, and perceived quality of instruction varied substantially.

· Paisley Currah and Tara Mulqueen, "Securitizing Gender: Identity, Biometrics, and Transgender Bodies at the Airport," Social Research 78:2 (Summer 2011): 556-582. Abstract.

· Signe Bremer. Kön, transsexualism och kropp i berättelser om könskorrigering (Bodylines - Gender, transsexualism and embodiment in narratives on gender correction). PhD. Gothenburg, 2011. Abstract.

· Charlie L. Law, Larry R. Martinez, Enrica N. Ruggs, Michelle R. Hebl, Emily Akersa. “Trans-parency in the workplace: How the experiences of transsexual employees can be improved”. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 79, 3, December 2011, 710-723. Abstract.

· Human Right Watch. “We’ll Show You You’re a Woman”. Violence and Discrimination against Black Lesbians and Transgender Men in South Africa. 2011. Full Report. Summary.

· Fundamental Rights Agency. Homophobia, transphobia and discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity in the EU Member States. 2011. “All EU countries require for legal gender recognition a ‘medical opinion’ aka mental diagnosis, 17 member states demand sterilization. In 15 countries transgender people are not (clearly) protected from discrimination (in breach of EU law). This and the invisibility of trans issues in public awareness campaigns of public and national equality bodies is appalling: 79% of trans people in the EU experience some form of harassment in public ranging from transphobic comments to physical or sexual abuse.”. Summary. Full Report.

· Friedermann Pfafflin. “Remarks on the History of the Terms Identity and Gender Identity’. International Journal of Transgenderism, 13, 1, 2011: 13-25. Abstract. “This article reflects on the history of the term identity in general and especially on sexual/ gender identity and concludes that an amendment of the German Constitution is not needed.”

· Angela Calderera & Friedermann Pfafflin. “Transsexualism and Sex Reassignment Surgery in Italy”. International Journal of Transgenderism, 13, 1, 2011: 26-36. Abstract. “The resulting prevalence, lower than in other countries, suggests that the data is not complete”.

· Veronica Pimenoff & Friedermann Pfäfflin. “Transsexualism: Treatment Outcome of Compliant and Noncompliant Patients”. International Journal of Transgenderism, 13, 1, 2011: 37-44. Abstract. “The noncompliant patients achieved equally good results as the compliant ones, and did so in a shorter time. A good treatment outcome could be achieved even when the patient had told the assessing psychiatrist a falsified story of his life and sought hormone therapy, genital surgery, or legal sex reassignment on his own initiative without a recommendation from the psychiatrist. Based on these findings, it is recommended that the doctor-patient relationship be reconsidered and founded on frank cooperation.”

· Ernest Govier, Milton Diamond, Teresa Wolowiec & Catherine Slade. “Dichotic Listening, Handedness, Brain Organization, and Transsexuality”. International Journal of Transgenderism, 12, 3, 2010: 144-154. Abstact. “Taken together, the dichotic and handedness data reported here indicate that the MtF and FtM conditions are not mirror images in terms of the verbal-auditory aspects of their brain organization and neurobiology plays an important role, particularly in the development of the male-to-female trans-condition.”

· Susan B. Marine. “ ‘Our College Is Changing’: Women's College Student Affairs Administrators and Transgender Students ‘. Journal of Homosexuality, 58:9, 2011, 1165-1186. Abstract.

· Stephen L. Mann. “Drag Queens' Use of Language and the Performance of Blurred Gendered and Racial Identities”. Journal of Homosexuality, 58, 6-7, 2011: 793-811. Abstract.

· Elijah Adiv Edelman. “ ‘This Area Has Been Declared a Prostitution Free Zone’: Discursive Formations of Space, the State, and Trans ‘Sex Worker’ Bodies”. Journal of Homosexuality, 58, 6-7, 2011: 848-864. Abstract.

· Michelle Davies & Jenefer Hudson. “Judgments Toward Male and Transgendered Victims in a Depicted Stranger Rape”. ”. Journal of Homosexuality, 58, 2, 2011: 237-247. Abstract.

· Anne A Lawrence. "Further Validation of Blanchards Typology: A Reply to Nuttbrock, Bockting, Rosenblum, Mason, and Hwahng (2010)." Archives of Sexual Behavior 40.6 (2011): 1089-91.

· Larry Nuttbrock et al. "Sexual Arousal Associated with Private as Compared to Public Feminine Dressing among Male-to-Female Transgender Persons: A further Response to Lawrence (2011)." Archives of Sexual Behavior 40.6 (2011): 1093-6..

· Peggy Cadet. "Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome with Male Sex-of-Living." Archives of Sexual Behavior 40.6 (2011): 1101-2.

· Marcos R Garcia, V; Lehman & Yvette Piha. “Issues Concerning the Informality and Outdoor Sex Work Performed by Travestis in Sao Paulo, Brazil”. Archives of Sexual Behavior 40.6 (2011): 1211-1221. Abstract.

· Prado Cortez, Fernanda Cestaro; Boer, Douglas Pieter; Baltieri, Danilo Antonio. “A Psychosocial Study of Male-to-Female Transgendered and Male Hustler Sex Workers in Sao Paulo, Brazil”. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 40. 6 (Dec 2011): 1223-1231. Abstract.

· James M. Cantor. "New MRI Studies Support the Blanchard Typology of Male-to-Female Transsexualism." Archives of Sexual Behavior 40.5 (2011): 863-4.

· Thomas D. Steensma and Peggy Cohen-kettenis. "Gender Transitioning before Puberty?" Archives of Sexual Behavior 40.4 (2011): 649-50.

· Anne A. Lawrence, "Do some Men Who Desire Sex Reassignment have A Mental Disorder? Comment on Meyer-Bahlburg (2010)." Archives of Sexual Behavior 40.4 (2011): 651-4.

· Heino Meyer-bahlburg. "Do some Men Who Desire Sex Reassignment have A Mental Disorder? Response to Lawrence (2011)." Archives of Sexual Behavior 40.4 (2011): 655-7.

· Esther Gómez-gil et al. "Birth Order and Ratio of Brothers to Sisters in Spanish Transsexuals." Archives of Sexual Behavior 40.3 (2011): 505-10. Abstract. “The results showed that MF homosexual transsexuals had significantly more older brothers than the non-homosexual MF group”.

· Paul L Vasey et al. "Traits of Separation Anxiety in Childhood: A Retrospective Study of Samoan Men, Women, and FaAfafine." Archives of Sexual Behavior 40.3 (2011): 511-7. Abstract. “Our results indicated that Samoan fa'afafine recalled significantly more separation anxiety in childhood compared to Samoan men and women. These findings, coupled with research on U.S. and Canadian boys with GIDC, suggest that separation anxiety in childhood may represent a universal pattern of psychosexual development shared by most gender-atypical, androphilic males, regardless of their cultural milieu.”

· Guy Tsjoen et al. "Male Gender Identity in Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome." Archives of Sexual Behavior 40.3 (2011): 635-8. Abstract. “The first case of male gender identity in a CAIS individual raised female leading to complete sex reassignment involving both androgen treatment and phalloplasty. CAIS was diagnosed at age 17, based on an unambiguously female phenotype, a 46,XY karyotype, and a 2660delT androgen receptor (AR) gene mutation, leading to a premature stop in codon 807.”

· Larry Nuttbrock et al. "A further Assessment of Blanchards Typology of Homosexual Versus Non-Homosexual Or Autogynephilic Gender Dysphoria." Archives of Sexual Behavior 40.2 (2011): 247-57. Abstract. “Contrary to Blanchard, differences in transvestic fetishism were observed across subtypes of the non-homosexuals, and linear (not curvilinear) associations were found along a continuous measurement of gynephilia and transvestic fetishism. Age and ethnicity, in addition to sexual orientation, were found to be statistically significant predictors of transvestic fetishism.”

· Heino Meyer-bahlburg. "Gender Outcome in 46,XY Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome: Comment on TSjoen Et Al. (2010)." Archives of Sexual Behavior 39.6 (2010): 1221-4.

· Lai Meng-chuan et al. "Correlates of Gender Dysphoria in Taiwanese University Students." Archives of Sexual Behavior 39.6 (2010): 1415-28. Abstract. “Results showed that gender dysphoria was more prevalent in females (7.3%) than males (1.9%). Young adults with gender dysphoria were more likely to meet a wide but specific range of co-occurring psychiatric symptoms. The most significantly associated symptoms for males were agoraphobia, hypochondriasis, manic episode, and pathological gambling, and for females dissociative disorder, hypochondriasis, and body dysmorphic disorder. Both males and females with gender dysphoria perceived significantly less support from their families and less affection/care from both parents.”

· Annika Johansson et al. "A Five-Year Follow-Up Study of Swedish Adults with Gender Identity Disorder." Archives of Sexual Behavior 39.6 (2010): 1429-37. Abstract. “At follow-up, 32 patients had completed sex reassignment surgery, five were still in process, and five--following their own decision--had abstained from genital surgery. No one regretted their reassignment. The clinicians rated the global outcome as favorable in 62% of the cases, compared to 95% according to the patients themselves, with no differences between the subgroups. Based on the follow-up interview, more than 90% were stable or improved as regards work situation, partner relations, and sex life, but 5-15% were dissatisfied with the hormonal treatment, results of surgery, total sex reassignment procedure, or their present general health.”

28 December 2011

Some Events of the year 2011. Part 8: Theatre & Cinema

Some events of 2010.  Some events of 2009.  Some Events of 2008.

Part 1:  Organizations, Legislation, litigation.
Part 2:  Persons.
Part 3:  Spouses and Family, Trans Kids, Political, Celebrities, Sports.
Part 4:  Nemeses, Internet.
Part 5:  Doctors, Medicine, Genetics.
Part 6:  Deaths
Part 7:  Art, Fashion, Music
Part 8:  Theatre & Cinema
Part 9:  News Media, Journals
Part 10:  Books.

Television & Radio


Channel 4 is the first media outlet to sign Trans Media Watch’s Memorandum of Understanding. The BBC and ITV are considering the legal standpoint.


"Amra Tomadery" (We are for you). ATN Bangla. A talent show for hijras.

Bad Habits: The Return of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Kevin O’Keefe (dir). Canada iChannel 2012. Trailer.

Being Chaz. OWN, Nov 27, 2011. With Chaz Bono. Trailer.

Granada Television’s Coronation Street, which has had a transsexual character since 1998, now has a cross-dressing character and a civil partnership.

“Dad’s Having a Baby”. Bodyshock, Channel 4. April.

Dancing with the Stars. US version had Chaz Bono as a contestant.

“The Fantastic Show” Sponsored by Harisu.

Harisu, 10 Years Of Her Dream“, SBS.

Hit And Miss was filmed: the story of a trans hitwoman, Chloe Sevigny, who discovers she fathered children before transitioning. "It’s very realistic". !

Hung, Season 3, trans woman Jamie Clayton plays a trans woman in 2 episodes. HBO.

I’m Passing as Somebody That I’m Not”. True Life, Apr 27, 2011. MTV. With Domaine Javier.

Inside the Transgender World. ABC, Aug 2011, with Charles Kane and Kim Petras.
Sarah Graham. A Letter to my Body. BBC Radio 3, 6 Jun 2011. At 25 Sarah found that she was AIS.

“Mexico’s Third Gender”. CNN, May 11, 2010. Part 1, part2, part3.

Mind. Emma Crimmings (dir), about Tom Cho. Australia ABC Television 2011.

Channel 4: My Transsexual Summer. A reality show. Follows 7 persons undertaking a range of gender affirmation procedures. Review.

NBC’s Saturday Night Live played a mock commercial “Estro-Maxx”with bearded men in dresses.

“The Sissy Boy Experiment”. CNN, June 7, 2011.

TV2, Denmark, Soren Jenson, reporting on a new gay magazine continually referred to trans women as ‘he’ and described them as “an outright freak show with perverted urges?” The National Organization for GLBT persons filed a complaint.

Thailand’s Got Talent. Bell Nuntita sings in both female and male voices. 16 March 2011. Then an international tour.

“Transgender Child: A Parent’s Difficult Choice”. Our America. Oprah Winfrey Network, March 2011.

Madison Park. “Transgender kids: Painful quest to be who they are”. CNN Sept 27, 2011. And a followup: “What fuels transgender backlash?”. Sept 30, 2011.

Take a Look at Ladyboys. Sky, 29 Aug 2011.

Work It. ABC. Due to start in January 2012. An unfunny comedy about two men passing (or not) as women to get a job. A lot of trans people had objected to the concept, and in effect have done free advertizing for the show.



Brian Bedford (dir). The Importance of Being Earnest. Scr: Oscar Wilde. Brian Bedford as Lady Bracknell. The Shakespeare Festival at Stratford, Ontario, and then the American Airlines Theater, NY.

Alan Cummings as both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. National Theatre of Scotland.
Audra Lord’s play Fugue about memory and identity, in which transgender Stephanie (played by the artistic director Keith Medilis) is the only one who is comfortable with her present state. The New Theater Project in Ypsilanti. Inspired by artist Stephanie Loveless.

A revival of Michel Tremblay’s Hosanna at Stratford, Ontario, with Gatheth Potter as Hosanna.

Southern Comfort Annette O’Toole as Robert Eads. At the CAP21 Black Box Theater, Chelsea, New York. Based on the 2001 documentary.

Bertie Carvel as Miss Trunchbull in Roald Dahl’s Matilda.

Thai Ladyboy troope did an Indian tour.

Octavian Chan (dir). Lady Samantha, Pak Li (scr) with Sam Choy as Samantha, a pre-op trans woman. Hong Kong.

I Am What I am. Angus Chan and Garrick Wong (dir & scr), with Angus Chan as Abigail Chay and Garrick Wong as a boyfriend. Based on the life of Abigail Chay. The Sheung Wan Civic Centre Theatre in Hong Kong. Cantonese version will run on Jan 7 and 8 and the Mandarin version on Jan 14 and 15.

Sammy Auttayakorn crowned Miss Tiffany Universe in Pattaya.

Nina Arsenault. The Silicone Diaries. Theatre La Chapelle, Montreal. Dec 14-18, 2010.

Aleksa Lundberg. Infestus. Thule Theatre, Stockholm. October 2011.

‘Tranny Hotel’ was in Cologne in June and at Liverpool’s Adelphi Hotel in November. Dozens of transgender artists, including Lazlo Pearlman, Jo Clifford, Rae Spoon, performed. Organized in Liverpool by Mandy Romero. Part of the Homotopia Festival.

Being Eunuch, staged by the city-based theatre group Nishumbita as part of the Hyderabad Theatre and Rock Music Festival in association with Samahaara.

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert – over 200 performances on Broadway

Gardenia. Aging trans performers. At Sadler’s Wells Theatre and then at Montreal’s Festival TransAmériques. With Vanessa Van Durme.



Matt Mazur. “Connect the Dots: Transgender Narratives in Pop Culture”. PopMatters, 9 Sept 2011. An essay on the image of transgender in film.

Tracy Clarke-Flory. “What’s behind transsexual attraction?” Slate, Oct 20, 2011. A trans woman wants to know what kind of men watch "T-girl" porn. Are they the same ones who bash her in real life?

Oscar hosts, James Franco and Anne Hathaway in drag.

Film actor Giuseppe Schisano will soon transition to Vittoria.


Albert Nobbs. Rodrigo Garcia (dir). Glenn Close & John Banville (scr), based on the novella by George Moore. With Glenn Close as Albert Nobbs. Ireland 2011. IMDB. A trans man in 19th century Dublin. Trailer.

All Good Things. Andrew Jarecki (dir). Scr: Marcus Hinchey & Marc Smerling, with Ryan Gosling, Kirsten Dunst, Frank Langella. US 101 mins 2010. IMDB. Based on the Robert Dunst story, but with all the names changed. Trailer.

The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye. Marie Losier (dir), with Genesis P. Orridge and Lady Jaye. US 72 mins 2011. IMDB The love story and pandrogyne art project as Genesis and Lady Jaye have a series of surgeries to closely resemble each other. Trailer.

Becoming Chaz. Fanton Bailey and Randy Barbato (dir), with Chaz Bono. US 85 mins. IMDB. Trailer.

Bella Maddo. Janice Danielle (dir) with Janice Danielle, Miss Jazz, Isis King, US 2011. IMDB. A melodrama with an all-trans cast. Trailer.

Berlin 36. Kaspar Heilelbach (dir), Lothar Kurzawa (scr) with Sebastian Urzendowsky as Marie Ketteler and Karoline Herfurth as Gretel Bergman. Germany 100 mins 2009. IMDB. Based on the Dora Ratjen story, but some names changed. Trailer.

Le Coccinelle - Sceneggiata Transessuale. Emanuela Pirelli (dir). Italy 2011. Trailer.
Dalam Botol. Khir Rahman (dir). With Arja Lee as Ruby. Malaysia 90 mins 2011. IMDB. Rubin becomes Ruby for her lover, but he then leaves her. Trailer.

Florent: Queen of the Meat Market. David Sigal (dir) with Florent Morellet. US 89 mins 2010. IMDB. A diner in New York’s meat market, serving trans persons, sex workers and show biz stars. Trailer.

A Dragged Out Affair. Sonia Hong (dir). Canada 15 mins 2010. IMDB. A fantasy among Toronto drag queens. Trailer.

Gun Hill Road. Rashaad Grenn (dir & scr). With Harmony Santana as Michael/Vanessa. US 88 mins 2011. IMDB. Ex-con father returns to find his son turning into Vanessa. Trailer.

The Hangover Part II. Todd Phillips (dir) Craig Mazin, Scot Armstrong & Todd Phillips (scr) with Ed Helms as Stu and Yasmin Lee as Kimmy. US 102 mins 2011. IMDB. After getting drunk in Bangkok, Stu bareback bottoms for a trans woman. Trailer. The trans women is played by a trans woman. Is it transphobic?

Horrorween. Joe Estevez (dir). Scr: Ed Meyer, Mike Muscat, Judd Rubin, with Alice Cooper, Enza Anderson as herself. US 2011. IMDB.

I Am the Queen. Henrique Cirne-Lima & Josue Pellot (dir). US 2010. IMDB. A trans pageant in Chicago’s Humbolt Park. Trailer.

I Was a Trannie Werewolf. Lola Rock’N’Rolla (dir & scr), with The Lady Bunny, Mistress Formika. US 10 mins 2009. IMDB. Trailer.

Jack and Jill. Dennis Dugan (dir), Steve Koren, Robert Smigel & Ben Zook (scr) with Adam Sandler as Jack and as Jill, and Eugenio Derbez as Felipe and as Felipe’s grandma. USA 2011. IMDB. Unfunny conflict between a male and female twin played by the same actor. Trailer. Made some worst top ten of the year lists.

J. Edgar. Clint Eastwood (dir), Dustin Lance Black (scr). With Leonardo DiCaprio as J. Edgar Hoover and Armie Hammer as Clyde Tolson. US 2011. IMDB. Hoover shown in drag only once after his mother dies. Trailer.

Lost in the Crowd. Susi Graf (dir). US 61 mins 2010. IMDB. Trans and gay youth living on the streets of New York. Trailer.

Madame X. Lucky Kuswandi (dir) with Aming Suagndhi as Madame X. Indonesia 100 mins 2011. IMDB. Trans superhero against homophobic criminals. Trailer.

Mavro Livadi (Black Field). Vardis Marinakis (dir) with Sofia Georgovassili as Anthi. Greece 104 mins 2009. IMDB. In the 1650s, a wounded deserter escapes with a nun who turns out to be a boy. Best actress award at the Seville Film Festival. Trailer.

Narthaki. Vijayapadma (dir). With Kalki Subramanaian and Punnagai Poo Geetha. India 115 mins 2011. IMDB. In India given an A(adults only) certificate to shield children from existence of trans persons. A trans woman goes through trauma, but survives. Trailer.

Out on the Street. Amy Seigel & Alex Abramovich (dir) with M. Callaghan. Canada 11 mins 2010. IMDB.

Pay it no Mind: Marsha P Johnson. Michael Musto (dir) with Marsha P Johnson. US 2011. Trailer.

La piel que habito (The Skin That I Live In). Pedro Almodovar(dir & scr ) based on the novel Tarantula by Thierry Jonquet, with Antonio Banderas as Robert Ledgard, Elena Anava as Vincente/Vera Cruz. Spain 117 mins 2011. IMDB. A very stylish film of forced-feminization and revenge. Trailer. Review with spoilers.

Regretters. Marcus Lindeen (dir & scr), with Orlando Fagin & Mikael Johansson. Sweden 58 mins 2010. IMDB. Two men who changed back after surgery and living as women. Trailer.

Renée. Eric Drath (dir). With Renée Richards. US 79 mins 2011. IMDB. Trailer.

Rum Diary. Bruce Robinson (dir). Scr: Bruce Robinson, based on the novel by Hunter S. Thompson, with Johnny Depp as Kemp, and Karimah Westbrook as the hermaphroditic Papa Nebo. US 120 mins 2011. IMDB   Trailer.

Sally’s Story. Mark Andersson (dir) with Sally Goldner . Australia 21 mins 2011. IMDB. The story of the winner of the 2011 Bruce McGuinness award. Trailer.

Shock Head Soul. Simon Pummell (dir & scr) with Hugo Koolschijn as Daniel Paul Schreber. NL/UK 86 mins 2011. IMDB. The madness and gender changes of Daniel Schreber.

The Sons of Tennessee Williams. Tim Wolff (dir). US 75 mins 2010. IMDB. Drag balls and Mardi Gras crews in 1950s New Orleans. Trailer.

Tomboy. Celine Sciamma (dir & scr) with Zoe Heran as Laure/Michael. France 84 mins 2011. IMDB. A 10-year-old girl, settling into her new neighborhood outside Paris, is taken for a boy and lives up to this new. Trailer.

Translatinas. Luis Felipe Degregori (dir). Peru 2010. Trailer.

Transmen. Tiffany Gibson (dir). US 2011. Three transmen in Tennessee. Trailer.

What’s the Name of the Dame. Allan Neuwirth (dir), with Hedda Lettuce, Sade Pendarvis, Yolanda. US 84 mins 2009. IMDB. A camp version of Abba tunes. Trailer.


I Am Divine. Jeffrey Schwarz (dir) with Divine, John Waters, Holly Woodlawn,. US 2012. IMDB. Trailer.

K-11. Jules Mann-Stewart (dir & scr), With Kate del Castillo as Mousey. US 2012. IMDB. Prison drama.

27 December 2011

Some Events of the year 2011. Part 7: Art, Fashion, Music

Some events of 2010.  Some events of 2009.  Some Events of 2008.

Part 1:  Organizations, Legislation, litigation.
Part 2:  Persons.
Part 3:  Spouses and Family, Trans Kids, Political, Celebrities, Sports.
Part 4:  Nemeses, Internet.
Part 5:  Doctors, Medicine, Genetics.
Part 6:  Deaths
Part 7:  Art, Fashion, Music
Part 8:  Theatre & Cinema
Part 9:  News Media, Journals
Part 10:  Books.


Josh Lahrer, New York, NY, Becoming Visible, portraits of Homeless transgender teens.

Living My Life exhibition celebrating the trans community on display in Sheffield.

Nina Arsenault photographed by Bruce Labruce in 2006. Donated to Buddies in Bad Times annual art auction and sold for $1700.

Stop-Aids calendar featuring trans women

Trans/Tender. Exhibition at Sydney's Damien Minton Gallery Annex of photographs by Patrick Jones of trans prostitutes in Dili, East Timor.

Christopher Makos. Warhol and the Diva at The Lowry in Salford. The drag photographs.

“Woman Soul” at the Alliance Française de Manille, Makati City, Philippines. Photographs by Romaine Rivierre, text by Sebastien Farcis.

Robert Crumb’s rejected New Yorker cover on marriage.



The End of Pantyhose? For the last 15 years, sales have been going down, down, down, the victim of leg tanner, open-toed shoes, more casual dress codes, and the general fickleness of fashion. Slate, Nov 8, 2011.

Andrej Pejić, androgynous model, walked both the men’s and women’s shows for Jean-Paul Gaultier, was on both Schön! and Dossier Journal covers, number 18 in top 50 male models, and 98 in FHM 100 Sexiest Women.

Claudia Charriez beaten by her NY firefighter boyfriend.

Isis King, having completed transition, returns to America’s Next Top Model.

Lea T, a year of success.

Malika, 28, Chennai. First Indian to participate in the Tiffany Show Pattaya.

Nikkiey Chawla, 26, India, has walked at Milan, and is in an episode of UTV Bindass’s show Emotional Atyachaar.

Valentijn de Hingh. Followed by a documentary team from age 8-17. Then a model, then rejected because too tall. Now modelling again.
Allison Annalora is now a singer.

Big Freedia, Bounce dj.

Interview with CN Lester and En Travesti Ensemble.

Bell Nuntita, big star in Thailand played in Singapore.

Coyote Grace with Joe Stevens.

Life of Agony singer Keith Caputo announces start of transition.

Kim Petras released first EP.

Paige Elliot Phoenix was on The X Factor.

Piyah Martell/Honey B Diva internet sensation.

Sharon Cohen(Dana International) reached the semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest with her song “Ding Dong”.

Schmekel. An all trans male Jewish punk band. New album is Queer on Rye.

Tona Brown performed at the Out Music Awards in New York.

26 December 2011

Some Events of the year 2011. Part 6: Deaths

Some events of 2010.  Some events of 2009.  Some Events of 2008.

Part 1:  Organizations, Legislation, litigation.
Part 2:  Persons.
Part 3:  Spouses and Family, Trans Kids, Political, Celebrities, Sports.
Part 4:  Nemeses, Internet.
Part 5:  Doctors, Medicine, Genetics.
Part 6:  Deaths
Part 7:  Art, Fashion, Music
Part 8: Theatre & Cinema
Part 9:  News Media, Journals
Part 10:  Books.

++ added later

Cis Obituaries

Sidney Lumet (1924 – 2011) directed Dog Day Afternoon, Q & A.

Dolores Fuller (1923 - 2011) girlfriend of Ed Wood in life and in Glen or Glenda.

++ Joanna Russ (1937 - 2011) author of The Female Man

Killed by a trans person:

Padge Victoria Windslowe a.k.a. Lillian Languri aka Black Madam killed a UK woman in a hotel room near the Philadelphia airport. The young woman, Claudia Aderotimi, died February 8, shortly after becoming short of breath. Police believe the "Black Madam" may have "nicked a vein and put the substance into the bloodstream." Padge/Lillian has since been on the run.

Asia Santana, Pennsylvania, killed her boyfriend during an argument after he infected her with HIV. She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 14-28 years

Alicia Simmons, of Philadelphia, an associate of Peaches Burton (see 2010) killed her boyfriend.

Trans Obituaries – other than being murdered

Aleta Elysia Turner (1922 – 2011) photographer, model builder, of complications from diabetes.

Vicki Marlane (1934 – 2011) performer, after medical problems.

Rose Jackson (1935 – 2011) window dresser, costume maker, performer, club owner.

Carmen Rupe (1935 – 2011) performer, mayoral candidate, after medical problems.

Julie Ann Johnson (1942 – 2011) Chicago activist & train buff, of cancer.

Kathryn Leigh McGuire (1942 – 2011) socialite, performer, electoral candidate.

Catherine Jones (1944 – 2011) major US artist, from emphysema and bronchitis.

Roberta Franciolini (1945 - 2011) co-founder of Movimento Identità Transsexual.

Joanne Proctor (1949 – 2011) HBS advocate, after medical problems.

Frank Spisak (1951 – 2011) executed in Ohio after 27 years on death row.

Dana Turner (1954 – 2011) lawyer, performer.

Miranda Jean Henke (1957 – 2011) president of the Gender Identity Center in Colorado, in a driving accident.

Chloe Dzubilo (1961 -2011) activist, artist, over-medicated and fell onto subway lines.

Chris Dale/Crystal (1961 – 2011) mountaineer, died of cancer.

Paris Dupree (19? – 2011) founder of Paris is Burning Ball and in film of same name.

++ Brigit Brat (1964 - 2011) musician, sex worker.

Tracy Bumpus (1966 – 2011) activist.

Lois Bates (1970 - 2011) Chicago trans and HIV activist, of health problems.

Aleesha Farhana (1986 – 2011) having failed to change her legal gender, died of cardiogenic shock.

13 killed, 40 injured, in fire at trans convention in New Delhi, on TDOR day.

Murdered Trans persons

221 murders of trans persons were recorded in 2011, and many more died without being recorded. These are but a small sample.

Sonia Masi, trans leader in Gujarat, assassinated in Ahmedabad.
Camila Guzman (1973 – 2011) killed by her boyfriend.
Cassidy Vickers (1979 – 2011) shot on the street in Los Angeles.
Priscila Aguila (1989 – 2011) shot 7 times on CCTV, Brazil.
Lashai McLean (1988 - 2011) shot while walking on the street in Washington, DC.
Shakira Harahap (? – 2011) shot in the street in Jakarta.
Naomi Adames (1984 –2011) murdered at home, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
Michelle Hilliard (1992 – 2011) Detroit
Luisa Nicol (1993 – 2011) murdered in a hotel in Caracas by a gang that exploits gays and trans.

Reports on some locations:

Honduras 6 trans women were tortured and murdered in just 60 days.
Puerto Rico – 3 murders in a single week; 18 since 2009.
USA – report of the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Projects.
Brazil – murders up 31%.
Washington, DC.
UK --crimes against transgender people rose by 14 per cent during 2010.

Here is the best list of names for November 2010-November 2011
Note the increase: 162 in 2009
                                 179 in 2010
                                 221 in 2011

the majority from Brazil (97), Mexico (23), Colombia (19), and Venezuela (14) followed by Argentina (9), Honduras (9), and the USA (9). In Asia most reported cases have been found in Pakistan (6), and the Philippines (5), and Turkey (5).

Here is an interactive map of all murders of trans people since January 2008.

The outrageously bad Wikipedia page called List of unlawfully killed transgender people lists a total of 1 trans person being killed in 2010, and none in 2011.