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22 June 2022

Three other trans persons who transitioned under the aegis of Magnus Hirschfeld

Hertha Haase

This photograph was published in the Berliner Morgenpost 28th March 1930.

Some said that she was the best Damenschneider (dressmaker) in Berlin

She had completion surgery in 1932 under the auspices of the SDP (Sozialdemokratische Partei). This Magnus always considered his greatest triumph, to finally get government sponsership.


Elsa Gidlow Residence – NYC LGBT Historic Sites Project

In the 1920s, the Canadian poet Elsa Gidlow visited Berlin, and visited the Institute.

“We talked with Hirschfeld for a while. He exhibited one of his ‘cases’ to us: a snub-nosed young man of twenty-two or so with large, dirty hands. He was dressed in woolen knickers, heavy shoes and stockings and a coarse lumberjack shirt. 'This young lady': said Hirschfeld, 'is Charlotte. She is a radio operator. She wants me to use my influence with the authorities to have her name changed to Peter!' ”

++‘knickers’ would be knickerbockers or plus fours and not panties; stockings would be long socks suitably associated with knickerbockers.

  • Elsa Gidlow. *Elsa: I Come with My Songs: The Autobiography of Elsa Gidlow. Booklegger Press, 1985: 226.

Lotte Engleman

A Dutch pianist.

"So, in 1921, back to Germany Charlotte [Charlaque] went, working Hirschfeld's reception desk and assisting patients with clothing needs and living arrangements. Due to this, she met many others similar to her, including Lili Elbe and Lotte Engleman."

  • Gwendolyn Ann Smith. “History Lesson”. Transgender Tapestry, 89 Spring 2000: 30.

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