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29 November 2010

William Stoffler (192?–?) stock broker, showgirl.

In the late 1940s, William Stoffler was a San Francisco stockbroker. Noted for his good looks, he was married to Helen, who was very suspicious.

Unknown to his wife, Stoffler was a transvestite performer and a dancer at Finocchio's, from where his female persona was dating millionaire Howard Hughes (See also Pussy Katt). Helen followed her husband one night and found out about his private life.

She filed for divorce, her private detective discovered Hughes' involvement, and she was to cite him in her divorce petition.. A minion of Hughes made considerable payments to both parties to keep his name unmentioned. Hughes also discontinued the affair.
  • Darwin Porter. Howard Hughes, Hell’s Angel: America’s Notorious Bisexual Billionaire, The Secret Life of the U.S. Emperor. New York: Blood Moon Productions 2005: 733-4.

27 November 2010

Harry Lloyd (1836 – 1910) translator, newsagent.

Mary Le Roy, the daughter of a French army officer, lived with her widowed mother in Brussels, and then moved to England in the 1860s.

In the 1870s she was in the freethinking circle associated with Charles Bradlaugh, Austin Holyoake and John Stuart Mill. For three years she was a governess to Mrs Holyoake's children. She wore her hair short and was regarded as a 'new woman'. She lectured at the Freethinkers' Hall and earned her living by teaching French, German and Flemish, and by translating. She then started a passionate affair with another woman freethinker, and they lived together in Hackney.

Later as Harry Lloyd Le Roy became the husband of Eliza Condoit who gave birth out of wedlock in 1884.  They lived in Enfield. Lloyd worked giving language lessons, and also as an auctioneer in Edmonton, and then as the manager of a boarding house. When Eliza died in 1890, Harry was a newsagent. He raised their daughter, Elizabeth, alone.

In later years he delivered bills for local merchants, and sold refreshments in the local small-arms factory. They called him Joe Chamberlain as he wore a monocle in the style of the prominent politician of that name. Elizabeth became an elementary school teacher.

In 1910 Harry fell ill, and Elizabeth called the local doctor to the house. The doctor claimed that he had never seen a more feminine expression on a man's face. The subsequent physical examination and Harry's death established that Harry was female-bodied, to Elizabeth's total astonishment. There was an inquest, which returned a verdict of death from pleurisy, and the newspapers picked up the story.

*Not the Hollywood comedian
  • The News of the World. 26 June 1910:6.
  • People. 26 June 1910: 12.
  • "Woman Assumes Role of Husband and Father". The Washington Times, July 8, 1910.  Online.
  • Alison Oram. Her Husband was a Woman!: Women's gender-crossing in modern British popular culture. Routledge, 2007: 27-8, 41-2.

25 November 2010

Angel dela Vega (1977–) seer, actress.

The seventh of eight children raised by market-stall traders in Agoo, La Union, Philippines, Judiel Nieva was known as a child to have special powers, and was consulted as a healer.

At age 10 Judiel, first at home and then at a spring in the hills above Agoo, began receiving apparitions of the Virgin Mary, every Saturday and on Her Feast Days. This climaxed in 1993 when an estimated million persons gathered to witness the visitation, which included the aroma of roses and a dancing sun. Cardinal Sin officiated mass on the apparition site.

However Judiel also received death threats, and accusations were made that the Nieva family were spending donations, supposedly for building a church, on personal consumption. The Virgin Mary left and began to appear to Allan Rudio in Murphy, Cubao, instead. In 1995, by which time Judiel had been seen cross-dressed, the Catholic Church condemned the Agoo Apparitions as Constat de Non Supernaturalitate.

Judiel grew up to be Angel dela Vega. In 2002 she was in a car accident. In 2003 she was an actress in the film Siklo, playing a woman who has an affair with her neighbour.

22 November 2010

Kalki Subramaniam (197? - ) activist.

Kalki was raised in Pollachi, Tamil Nadu,with two sisters, their father a trucking executive. Kalki was sent to a boys' high school and felt out of place. While bunking classes, Kalki aged 14 met Apsara, who was already out as Thirunangai (daughter of god) and involved in a Thirunangai family, and Kalki became her Chela.

After a psychiatrist confirmed what Kalki said about herself, she was accepted by her family as trans and was able to complete her education. She was able to get a prescription for female hormones by contacting Thai doctors online. She did a BA in English and a Master's in Journalism and Mass Communications. While at university she published a monthly magazine, Sahodari (Sister) for trans women. After graduation she worked for a multinational company while she saved up for surgery, which she was able to obtain in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu.

Afterwards she quit and founded an organization called Sahodari. Now located in Chennai, she has campaigned for over a decade, meeting with the state government and other influential persons.

As a result, Tamil Nadu created a Transgender Welfare Board in 2008, has arranged reserved positions at university level for trans persons, free housing, a panel of doctors to treat trans persons, and free gender surgery. Trans persons have a special identity card to access the services. Tamil Nadu with good reason claims to provide the best services for trans persons in India.

Kalki has also set up a matrimonial website for trans persons, and made short documentary films. In 2009 she was awarded the 'Lifetime Achievement Award' by the Lioness Club of Chennai, and also chosen by 'Ananda Vikatan' Tamil magazine as the 'Top Ten Nambikkaikal' (Youth hopes) for the year.

19 November 2010

the word ‘Androphilic’

Androphilic means ‘loving men’.
There are two usages:
  1. Loving men rather than women.   That is, not bisexual or gynephilic.
  2. Loving men rather than boys.
(I find in googling that there is a third usage, where ‘androphilic’ is used to mean humans rather than other animals.  This is outrageously wrong.  In Greek, ‘anthropos’ means homo sapiens, ‘andro-’ means the male gender within anthropos.)
 Let us take the second usage first. 

Rather than boys
Magnus Hirschfield seems to have been the first to use both androphilie and gynaekophilie.  He offered the last three of a four part classification of male homosexuality:
  1. pedophilia – the preference for males younger than puberty
  2. ephebophilia - the preference for males from puberty to the early twenties
  3. androphilia - the preference for males from in their twenties to in their fifties
  4. gerontophilia - the preference for older males.
Each of these terms, although used initially in a homosexual context, is now used of women and trans persons who are attracted to males.
Wayne Dynes, who totally ignores the first usage whether by trans persons or by cis women, but is frequently cited, says:
“This rarely used term serves to focus attention on those homosexuals who are exclusively interested in adult partners rather than adolescents and children.”
Jack Malebranche (also known as Jack Donovan) has taken the gay usage further.  In his book Androphilia, A Manifesto: Rejecting the Gay Identity, Reclaiming Masculinity,  he uses androphilia for masculine homosexual men attracted to masculine homosexual men.  He rejects the term ‘gay’ as contaminated by effeminacy, anti-male feminism and gender non-conformity.

Rather than women
In the psychoanalytic tradition trans persons were referred to by their birth gender even after surgery and legal gender changes.  Thus heterosexual trans women are regarded as homosexual men.  This tradition has been continued by Blanchard and Bailey.  Obviously this usage is not popular with trans people.
Even amongst those who were ignorant of psychoanalytic usage, it was a common observation that the word ‘homosexual’ was confusing when speaking about a trans person.  Homosexual before or after transition?  Those with some knowledge of Greek derived words would suggest ‘androphilic’ and ‘gynephilic’.  I cannot cite an early print usage but from my own memory I can say that the words were being used as early as the 1970s.
John Money uses the terms in his books as early as 1980.
Ray Blanchard, who never was in touch with the usages of trans persons, wrote the following in 2004:
“I therefore reluctantly concluded that I had no alternative but to invent a new word. My colleagues and I at the Clarke Institute were accustomed—again, under the influence of Kurt Freund—to referring to the erotic preference for adult women as gynephilia rather than heterosexuality, because the former denotes both the gender and the age of an individual’s preferred partners, whereas the latter denotes only the gender. It was thus a small step for me to prefix gynephilia with auto to produce autogynephilia.”
And we are waiting for him to go to the next step and bring in the word ‘androphilia’.  But he never does.  He insists on writing ‘homosexual transsexual’.  Many have introduced the word ‘androphilia’ in paraphrases of Blanchard’s position, and the word has been suggested to him, but he sticks with ‘homosexual transsexual’. 
On the sits there is an unsigned ‘Terms and Meanings’ page.  Unlike Blanchard himself, this page actually argues against the usage of ‘androphilia”:
“Androphile/Androphilic Transsexual: A way to refer to HSTS transkids that politically active AGP transsexuals find more to their tastes since it denotes sexual orientation without implying gender. It is a needlessly technical term that is in fact less accurate as it does not represent the etiology of HSTS and since many AGPs develop a pseudo-androphilia it confuses what the condition actually is. Androphile or related terms are not the preferred term for these reasons.”
In Alice Novic’s Interview with Blanchard just last month, she reports
“He even explained to me that people in his lab for a while have referred to male heterosexuality as gynephilia, so he was really just building on this term.”  
This is the same position as he put out in 2004.  He is still totally ignoring all those who say, why not use the word ‘androphilia’.    Note that he does not reject the word as does  He just refuses to acknowledge that the rest of us are using it.
Two recent examples where homosexual/heterosexual are used of trans persons with resulting confusion:
  1. The TransPulse study of Trans People in Ontario.
  2. National Transgender Discrimination Survey.  See p21.


Philological note: The Greek word for ‘woman’ is gyne in the nominative form, but the root or stem, on which compound terms should be based, is gynaiko- or gyneco-. Therefore the correct formation in English would be gynecophilia; gynephilia and John Money’s gynophilia are malformations coined by social scientists ignorant of Greek. However, such words are now accepted as they have become established usage.

17 November 2010

Jack Donovan (1974 – ) artist, priest, androphile activist.

Jack Donovan was originally from Pennsylvania. He was a New York go-go dancer during the 1990s club-kid scene, and has been an artist.  He has lived in various US cities, and has settled in Portland, Oregon.

As Jack Malebranche, he was an ordained priest and media representative for the Church of Satan for many years.  He resigned this position, on good terms, in 2009.

As Malebranche he wrote the provocative book, Androphilia, A Manifesto: Rejecting the Gay Identity, Reclaiming Masculinity, in which he proposed masculine, indeed masculist, homosexuality and separation from the gay scene and stereotypes.  He uses the word ‘androphilia’ in a special way, such that most gay men are not encompassed by it, and we should also mention that most gay men  would not identify with his portrayal of 'gay'.
“The word gay has never described mere homosexuality. Gay is a subculture, a slur, a set of gestures, a slang, a look, a posture, a parade, a rainbow flag, a film genre, a taste in music, a hairstyle, a marketing demographic, a bumper sticker, a political agenda and philosophical viewpoint. Gay is a pre-packaged, superficial persona—a lifestyle. It’s a sexual identity that has almost nothing to do with sexuality.”
He in fact develops 'androphilia' as a gender variation although he does not use such a concept. In particular he does not explain how male androphilia is different from male autoandrophilia or male homeovestity.
Returning to his original name of Jack Donovan, he has been active on and the anti-feminist/men's rights blog, Spearhead.  With Nathan Miller he wrote Blood-Brotherhood And Other Rites of Male Alliance in which he distances himself from gay marriage, which he says carries too much historical baggage, and proposes alternate models for male-male coupling. 

As an over-gendered man, one would presume that he had no interest in trans people.  However he has written several essays particularly on trans women.  His concepts of trans women are pretty stereotyped and would seem if anything to derive from his time as a go-go dancer, much as Bailey's concept of HSTS trans women is also derived from hanging around gay bars.
“Well, actual transsexual males are a whole different ball of wax–they tend to be really scrappy. Despite the fact that they imagine themselves to be women, a lot of them would not think twice about throwing hands. They’re a very confused and angry bunch, in my experience.” (Oct 2009)
“generally drag queens, trannies and transsexuals in all stages of transition were not well. They were often addicted to drugs, had been diagnosed with mental disorders or chemical imbalances, and many had at one point routinely engaged in prostitution. …
Female transsexuality is a different ballgame; it seems to be almost entirely a feminist tom-boy fantasy and it is difficult to separate from feminist politics. At some point I will write something titled ‘Chaz Bono is Still a Fat Chick’, but today is not that day.  …
If a man takes hormones to look more like a woman, or a woman takes hormones to look more like a man, we accept it and legally recognize the switch.  If a man takes hormones to enhance his own natural masculinity, we call it immoral and we’ve made it illegal. We call him a cheater and threaten to put an asterisk beside his name. Why is it so much more acceptable to use drugs to alter your sex than it is to embrace and enhance what you were born with? From the perspective of mental health, isn’t that counterintuitive? …
It is worth noting, too, that many of these individuals occasionally engage in deceptive behavior, ‘hiding’ their birth sex from potential sexual partners. It’s not just a comedy cliché. It happens, and it’s ethically reprehensible. (Dec 2009).
“a large number if not a majority of male-to-female transsexuals were mentally unstable, and that feminists and cultural Marxists were doing these men harm by convincing them that they should try to become something that they could never truly be: women.” (May 2010).

There is much in common between the HBS people and Jack Donovan.   Both advocate heteronormativity, and both are dismayed by the variety and difference found among both gays and trans people.

15 November 2010

Michael Johnson (191?–?) baker, soldier.

Michael Johnson worked as a baker in London and Leeds during the Second World War. He got on well with his co-workers who called him 'Ginger'. In 1942 he needed to change the address on his wartime Identity Card. The registration clerk in Leeds noticed that the name had been altered from Muriel to Michael, and alerted the authorities.

Johnson explained to the magistrate that as a woman the expected earnings were £2/10/- a week, but as a man they were £5/10/-. Asked how she had managed to 'conceal' her sex, Muriel smiled and replied: "I really don't know". She had joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service (the forerunner of the Women's Royal Army Corps), and this helped her to get off with a warning.

However Michael Johnson was arrested again in 1951 after applying to join the Territorial Army where he had attended drill parades and rifle practice. In addition two young women had complained to to police that he had been engaged to them. He was denounced in The News of the World as a 'menace'.

After that it seems that he kept out of the newspapers.
  • The News of the World. 31 May 1942:7
  • The News of the World. 4 March 1952:2.
  • Alison Oram. Her Husband was a Woman!: Women's gender-crossing in modern British popular culture. Routledge, 2007: 134, 138-9.

11 November 2010

A railwayman's wife.

In John Berger's portrait, with photographs by by Jean Mohr, of John Sassall, an English country doctor in the Forest of Dean, western Gloucestershire, in the 1960s, we are told how one day he visits a retired couple who have lived in the area for thirty years.

A quiet couple who went down the pub once a week but kept themselves to themselves. He had previously worked on the railway, and she had been a maid.

The doctor had been called because she was bleeding from below. The doctor is surprised to find male organs when he examines her, but as they are irrelevant to the condition, nothing is said of them. The trouble is severe piles.
  • John Berger and Jean Mohr. A Fortunate Man; the Story of a Country Doctor. Writers and Readers Publishing Cooperative 1967:56.


We  don't know the name of this trans woman who has such a brief appearance in a book about somebody else.  However apparently she had lived successfully as female from at latest the early 1930s. and almost certainly without female hormones.  A successful pioneer, more so than many whose names we know.

    09 November 2010

    Ruth Rhiannan Barrett (1954–) priestess, folksinger.

    Ruth Barrett was raised in Los Angeles by Reconstructionist Jewish parents. She read Robert Graves' The White Goddess while still at school, and later became a folk musician. She studied folklore at the University of California, Santa Cruz, 1975-6, and joined a goddess spirituality group. 

    In 1976 she met Zsuzsanna Budapest and was initiated into the Susan B. Anthony #1 Coven the next St Bridget's Day. She and her husband had a daughter the next year. She founded the feminist newspaper, Themis (later Thesmophoria). When Budapest moved to San Francisco, Barrett became the High priestess of the Susan B. Anthony #1 Coven, but later moved to the Moon Birch Coven. 

    By 1985 she was lesbian, and divorced her husband. In 1988 she left Moon Birch and founded the Circle of Aradia, which became the first consecrated circle of the Reformed Congregation of the Goddess in 1993. In 1997 Ruth was honored for her contributions in the area of spirituality from the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center. Ruth met her wife at an RCG conference and in 2000 they moved to Wisconsin, where they founded the Temple of Diana which continues the Dianic Wicca tradition articulated by Zsuzsanna Budapest. Ruth is still a singer and plays the dulcimer. 

    The Dianic tradition is deviant within Wicca in rejecting trans women as members. As Ruth says in her description of the Dianic Traditions:
    "Dianics support all people in finding their path to the Goddess. However, we do not recognize hormonally or surgically altered men as women, and therefore exclude these men, or men who self-define as women, from our tradition. Women's Mysteries cannot be understood nor experienced through chemical or surgical alterations to our human bodies(2008)."
      Barrett presumably named her paper, Thesmophoria, in that the ancient Greek festival was for women only, actually married women only.  However there is an extant play by Aristophanes called Thesmophoriazusae (= women celebrating the Thesmophoria) which is a play of gender reversals where men dress as women and the women appear to be the equal of men.  This makes Barrett’s position ironic at best.

      There were demonstrations when Julie Bindel was honoured by Stonewall despite her transphobia.  Were there similar demonstrations at the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center in 1997?

      Two of the comments on my article about Janice Raymond nominate Zsuzsanna Budapest as equally transphobic.  Budapest would appear to be one of those movement leaders who are careful about their public negativities and leave it to their followers to take the flak.  At least I cannot find any comments about trans women using the Amazon Look Inside feature on Budapest’s books.

      The RCG has added International to its name, but all its circles seem to be in one country only.

      07 November 2010

      Neil Cargile (1928 – 1995) pilot, dredging entrepreneur.

      Neil was raised on a large estate outside Nashville, Tennessee. At 12 he made motor scooters out of washing machine engines. At 16 he built an airplane in his backyard from spare parts. He was a dare-devil pilot. He worked as a crop duster pilot while in college. He got into the business of dredging, often in remote parts of the world. 

      In 1970 his 14-year-old son died of a burst aneurysm while in a swimming pool.

      Neil first did public drag in the mid 1970s at the Palm Bay Club in Miami. Female friends encouraged him to go as Dolly Parton, and he won first prize. He continued to do drag at costume parties but not in Nashville at first, but then there as well. 

      He held a vice-versa party at his home where all invited were expected to cross-dress. He was between marriages at that time. In 1979, in a costume party at the Science Museum, he came as 'Neil Cargile in a dress'. He made no attempt to pass, he mixed male and female clothing, and enjoyed the attention. He enjoyed his new nickname: High-Heel Neil. He referred to his female self as SheNeil, pronounced 'chenille'. 

      In 1979 a passenger on his plane was decapitated at New Orleans when he walked into the propeller after disembarking. In 1990 Neil lost a propeller blade, but was able to land on the grassy median of the Interstate 24 causing severe disruption and slightly damaging a van, but without any injuries. 

      In 1994 he won a trophy at the Easter-Bonnet contest at the Palm Beach Polo and and Country Club. Also that year he was arrested for drunken driving. He was in a red dress with his girlfriend after a night at a dance club. In New York he was interviewed by John Berendt, and together they went to Lee Brewster's emporium. 

      The next year, Neil died at age 67 after contracting malaria while supervising a dredging project in Guyana.

      05 November 2010

      Karen Ulane (1941 – 1989) pilot, florist.

      Kenneth Ulane was born in Chicago. He learned to fly in 1959, and became a Licensed Pilot in 1964. From 1964-8 he flew a record number of combat mission for the US Army in Vietnam, for which he received a Air Medal with Eight Clusters. After leaving the army, he flew over 8,000 hours in Boeing 727s for Eastern Airlines, progressing from second to first officer, and served as a flight instructor. He also married and had a son.

      Ulane was diagnosed as transsexual in 1979, and completed transition in 1980. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recertified Karen as a pilot. However Eastern fired her in 1981 citing possible safety hazards in stressful situations.

      Karen sued in 1983. Richard Green argued for the plaintiff that she was a woman and under considerable less stress after reassignment. The psychiatrist for the defense argued that she was not a transsexual, but an operated transvestite. The Federal District Judge held that Ulane had been discriminated against as a woman, and ordered reinstatement and $158,590 in back pay and legal expenses, saying the 1964 Federal anti-discrimination law protects transsexuals. However, the Appeals Court in 1984 overruled. Ulane v. Eastern Airlines became the federal legal precedent for transsexual legal status under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, that is it denied Title VII sex discrimination protection by narrowly interpreting "sex" discrimination as discrimination “against women". Ulane was discriminated against as a transsexual, not as a woman, and so was not covered under Title VII.
      “Since Ulane was not discriminated against as a female, and since Title VII is not so expansive in scope as to prohibit discrimination against transsexuals, we reverse the order of the trial court and remand for entry of judgment in favor of Eastern on Count I and dismissal of Count II.”
      The Supreme Court let that decision stand. Eastern then settled out-of-court for a larger amount but no reinstatement.

      Karen opened a flower shop and an aviation equipment business in Aurora, Illinois. She and two passengers died in 1989 in the crash of a twin-propeller DC-3 in a field near Aurora.

      Eastern Airlines went bankrupt in 1991.

      03 November 2010

      Christine Goodwin (1937 – 2014) bus driver.

      Goodwin had dressed female since childhood. He married and fathered four children. He worked as a bus driver. He had aversion therapy in 1963, but later was accepted on the program for transsexuals at Charing Cross Hospital, London in 1985.

      She started hormones, had vocal cord surgery, and started living full time as female. She had genital surgery paid by the National Health in 1990. However, like all transsexuals in the UK at that time, she was unable to marry as a woman, suffered embarrassment and harassment at new employment when her National Insurance Card and birth certificate revealed her previous gender, was unable to draw a pension at the female age of 60 and was obliged to continue National Insurance payment until age 65.

      She sued the UK government, and then appealed to the European Court of Human Rights. At that time the only other European countries that did not recognize a sex change as legally valid were Andorra, Albania and Ireland. The European Court in 2002 ruled in her favour, overturning its previous rulings in the case of Mark Rees and Caroline Cossey, and awarded £14,685 costs and expenses.

      This victory was a major push to the Government’s passing the Gender Recognition Act of 2004.

      She died after a long illness at age 77.  

      *Not the painter, Christina Goodwin.

      01 November 2010

      Rupert Raj (1952 - ) activist, counsellor.

      ++ Updated April  & September 2014

      Amal Chandra Ghosh born 1918, MSc Calcutta, 1947, PhD McGill, 1961, was a physics lecturer at Carleton University, Ottawa.  He had met his Polish wife in Stockholm where he was working at the Nobel Institute for Physics.   They had moved to Ottawa after the birth of their first son, and had four other children. Both Mr and Mrs Ghosh were killed in a car accident in 1968.

      Their second child was just starting to talk about gender. At age 18 Nicholas started transition with an appointment with Charles Ihlenfeld, in Harry Benjamin’s office in New York, who gave him a prescription for testosterone, and his first injection. His elder brother went along to give consent as Rupert was still then under 21 (as required by New York law). He had his top surgery the next year with Dr David Wesser, also in New York. He had his hysterectomy in Calgary in 1978.

      Nicholas Ghosh moved to Toronto in 1979. He founded The Foundation for the Advancement of Canadian Transsexuals (FACT) which was later taken over in a contentious manner by Susan Huxford, and also the Metamorphosis Medical Research Foundation for trans men. He was a frequent correspondent with Lou Sullivan in the 1980s, and Sullivan contributed to his publication, Metamorphosis.  Increasingly Ghosh used the name Rupert Raj for his activism.

      Rupert worked for several years for the Aids Committee of Toronto. He married a trans woman in the late 1980s. For most of the 1990s, he was burned out as an activist, and worked at an office job.  However, he gained a Masters in Counselling  from the Adler School of Professional Psychology, 2001, and became employed at the Sherbourne Health Centre in Toronto, which acts as an alternative to the CAMH GIC. 

      Rupert has also worked with queer South Asians, and has appeared in the videos: Rupert Remembers, 1999, and episodes of Skin Deep, 2000/1. He was honoured with a Toronto Pride Award in 2007, in 2010 was awarded the Steinert & Ferreiro Award at Community One Foundation’s 30th Anniversary Celebration and in 2013 was inducted into the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives. The Wikipedia article on Rupert was deleted in 2012.

      He finally had metoidioplasty at age 60.  He was the secondary editor of  Trans Activism in Canada: A Reader, 2014, $69.95 (review) is working on his memoirs and has recently married a second time.
      CGLA    PsychologyToday