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31 December 2010

Some Events of the year 2010: Part 6 – Books

Part 1: Organizations, legislation, litigation, political parties.
Part 2: Persons
Part 4: Visual media
Part 6: Books


35 pages of the lost third volume of memoirs by Earl Lind/Ralph Werther/Jennie June were found by Randall Sell and have been published on
    • Akhter Hussain Balouch. A study of sociology of trans-sexuals of Sindh. 2010.
    • Christine Bard. Une histoire politique du pantalon. Paris: Seuil, 2010.
    • Jameela Boardman. Jameela's Journey: From Jonathan to Jameela: The True Story of a Muslim Convert, Transsexual, Revolutionary Guards Design Engineer, Inventor and Spiritualist Physical Medium! Jameela Designs. 2010.
    • Kate Bornstein & S Bear Bergman. Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation. Seal Press, 2010. The sequel.
    • Aleshia Brevard. The Woman I was Born to Be. Blue Feather Books, 2010. The sequel.
    • Hervé Castanet. Tricheur de sexe : L'abbé de Choisy : une passion du travesti au Grand Siècle. Max Milo, 2010.
    • Alexandra Cerdan & Betty Payrade. Transsexuelle et convertie à l'islam. Alphée, 2010.
    • Susannah Cornwall,. Sex and Uncertainty in the Body of Christ: Intersex Conditions and Christian Theology. London: Equinox Pub. Ltd, 2010.
    • Sara-Jane Cromwell. Wrong Body, Wrong Life: Living with Gender Identity Disorder in Ireland. Metacom Publishing. 2010.
    • Morty Diamond. Gendered Hearts: Transgendered, Transsexual, and Gender Variant Writers on Sex, Love, and Relationships. Alyson Books. 2010.
    • Emma Donaghue. Inseparable: Desire Between Women in Literature. Knopf, 2010. See especially Chp 1: Travesties.
    • Rebecca De Havalland. His Name is Rebecca. Poolbeg Press, 2010.
    • Noach Dzmura (ed) Balancing on the Mechitza: Transgender in Jewish Community. North Atlantic Books, 2010.
    • Sarah Frantz. Women Constructing Men: Female Novelists and their Male Characters. Lexington Books. 2010.
    • Patricia Gherovici. Please Select Your Gender: From the Invention of Hysteria to the Democratizing of Transgenderism. Routledge, 2010.
    • Katja Görg. Transvestismus im Mittelalter: Die unterschiedlichen Reaktionen auf männlichen und weiblichen Transvestismus im Mittelalter. Grin 2010.
    • Sally Hines and Tam Sanger (ed). Transgender Identities: Towards a Social Analysis of Gender. Routledge, 2010.
    • KK Hofeling. Transsexual Transformed by the Power of God. Rosedog, 2010.
    • Franziska Hofman. Transsexualität und Sozialisation. Grin, 2010.
    • Ulrike Klöppel. XX0XY ungelöst: Hermaphroditismus, Sex und Gender in der deutschen Medizin. Eine historische Studie zur Intersexualität. Transcript, 2010.
    • Vek Lewis. Crossing Sex and Gender in Latin America. Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.
    • Elena Mancini. Magnus Hirschfeld and the Quest for Sexual Freedom: A History of the First International Sexual Freedom Movement. Palgrave Macmillan. 2010.
    • Isabella Marchiolo. Ladymen: Una Donna Racconta le Trans. Falzea Editore. 2010.
    • Ruth Morgan, Charl Marais & Joy Rosemary Wellbeloved (eds). Trans: Transgender Life Stories from South Africa. Jacana Media, 2010.
    • John Otis. Law of the Jungle: The Hunt for Colombian Guerrillas, American Hostages, and Buried Treasure. New York, NY: William Morrow, 2010. Commando Lenin becomes Jenny.
    • Hela Ouardi. L'androgyne en littérature. Editions Universitaires de Dijon, 2010.
    • Douglas Ousterhout. Facial Feminization Surgery: A Guide for the Transgendered Woman. Addicus Books, 2010.
    • Randa & Hazam Saghyieh. Mouzakarat Randa al-Trans (Memoirs of Randa the Trans). Beirut: Dar-Al Saqi, 2010.
    • Carol Royce. The Reality of My Life. AuthorHouse, 2010.
    • Gayle Salamon. Assuming a Body: Transgender and the Rhetorics of Materiality. Columbia University Press, 2010.
    • Uta Schirmer. Geschlecht anders gestalten: Drag Kinging, geschlechtliche Selbstverhältnisse und Wirklichkeiten. Transcript, 2010.
    • Joachim Schmidt. Drag Kings: Über das subversive Potenzial einer kulturellen Praktik. Grin, 2010
    • Johanna Schmidt. Migrating Genders: Westernisation, Migration, and Samoan Fa'afafine. Farnham, Surrey: Ashgate, 2010.
    • Barbara Schütze. Neo-Essentialismus in der Gender-Debatte: Transsexualismus als Schattendiskurs pädagogischer Geschlechterforschung. Transcript, 2010.
    • Eve Shapiro. Gender Circuits: Bodies and Identities in a Technological Age. Routledge, 2010.
    • Laurie J. Shrage (ed). You’ve Changed: Sex Reassignment and Personal Identity. OUP, 2009.
    • Aglaja Stirn, Aylin Thiel & Silvia Oddo. Body Integrity Identity Disorder: Störungsbild, Diagnostik, Therapieansätze. Psychologie Verlagsunion, 2010.
    • Diana T-Girl. T-Girl Diana – Blogtagebuch 2009: Das erste Lebensjahr einer transsexuallen Frau . Books on Demand Gmbh, 2010.
    • Diane Torr. SexDrag, and Male Roles: Investigating Gender as Performance. University of Michigan Press, 2010.
    • Lisette Vieweger. Die Darstellung von Geschlechtlichkeit im elisabethanischen England: Boy Actors. Grin, 2010.
    • Anne Vitale. The Gendered Self: Further Commentary on the Transsexual Phenomenon. Lulu, 2010.
    • Tony Walton (ed). Out of the Shadows, a history of the pioneering London gay groups and organisations, 1967–2000. London: Bona Street Press. 2010.
    • Rose White. Harry Benjamin Syndrome Review. CompletelyNovel. 2010.
    • Claire Ruth Winter. Understanding Transgender Diversity: A Sensible Explanation of Sexual and Gender Identities. CreateSpace, 2010.
    • Kathrin Zehnder. Zwitter beim Namen nennen: Intersexualität zwischen Pathologie, Selbstbestimmung und leiblicher Erfahrung. Transcript, 2010.
    • Tracey Yeadon-Lee. Female to Male Transsexuals: Transforming Bodies and Identities. Lambert Academic Publishing, 2010.
    • Eric Paradisi Un Baiser sous X . Fayard, 2010.
    • Kathleen Winter. Annabel. House of Ansi, 2010. An intersex child in Labrador. A finalist for the top three Canadian fiction Awards
    • Sylvie Chevalier. Morgane, De Lui a elle, une vie en transit. Racine, 2010.
    • Jean Marie Stein. Trans-Sexual: Transgressive Erotica for Mtfs, Ftms, Butches, Femmes, Tops, Bottoms, Leather Folk, Dyke Boys, Sissy Men, Drag Kings. Renaissance Ebooks, 2010.
    • Thom Vernon. The Drifts. Coach House Books, 2010. One of several peopls in a small town in Arkansas is Dol who cannot afford transition.
    • Hazel Edwards. F2M: The Boy Within. Ford Street, 2010. A young adult novel. Tomboy guitarist transitions.
    • Hadassah D Gavi Chayim. Shades of Gay.

29 December 2010

Some Events of the year 2010: Part 5 –News Media, Journals

Part 2: Persons
Part 4: Visual media
Part 5: News Media, Journals
Part 6: Books

News Media & Bookshops
Gays the Word Bookshop, which hosts meetings of Trans London, faced with 25% increase in rent from Camden Council.

The Sunday Life, Belfast, was censured by the Press Complaints Commission for using the word 'tranny'.

Mithly (=same as me), a new GLBT magazine in Morocco.

Original Plumbing for trans men.

Fucking Trans Women.
The Guardian
  • A series of articles by Juliet Jacques about her transition.
  • Profile of Bethany Black, stand-up comedian.
  • Carol Robson, whose Trans History site contains material stolen from this site, was interviewed.
  • David Waters finds that he had a half-sister was was adopted away. 25 years later they make contact, and the sister is now Stephen.
  • Stephen Whittle: "A brief history of transgender issues".
  • Mustafa Qadri. "Pakistan's hijras deserve acceptance".
  • CL Minou on Julie Bindel
The Daily Mail
The Los Angeles Times
  • Christopher Goffard on Christine Daniels. “Public triumph, private torment”.
  • Christopher Goffard on homeless in Los Angeles, includes a profile of trans woman Cathy.
The New York Times
The Toronto Star

Journal Articles and Theses

  • Ophelia Bradley. ’They Need Labels’: Contemporary Institutional And Popular Frameworks For Gender Variance. MA Thesis. Georgia State University. Discusses AGP, HSTS and HBS persons using their blog names rather than their person names.
  • Anne Lawrence. "Something Resembling Autogynephilia in Women: Comment on Mose (2009)". Journal of Homosexuality, 57,1, 2010.
  • Anne Lawrence. “A Validation of Blanchard’s Typology: Comment on Nuttbrock et al." Archives of Sexual Behavior. March 2010.
  • Charles Moser. "Blanchard's Autogynephilia Theory: A Critique". Journal of Homosexuality, 57,6, 2010.
  • Charles Moser. "A Rejoinder to Lawrence(2010): It helps if you Compare the Correct Items ". Journal of Homosexuality, 57,6, 2010.
  • Larry Nuttbrock. “The Limitations of Blanchard’s Typology: A Response to Lawrence. Archives of Sexual Behavior. June 2010.
  • Julia M. Serano. ‘The Case Against Autogynephilia.’ International Journal of Transgenderism, 12:3, 176-187. "If proponents of autogynephilia insist that every exception to the model is due to misreporting, then autogynephilia theory must be rejected on the grounds that it is unfalsifiable and therefore unscientific. If, on the other hand, we accept that these exceptions are legitimate, then it is clear that autogynephilia theory’s two-subtype taxonomy does not hold true."

27 December 2010

Some Events of the year 2010: Part 4–Visual media

Part 2: Persons
Part 4: Visual media
Part 6: Books


Anita Ayres appears pre and post in Caitlin Cronenberg’s book of nude photographs.

Carry Fonder, from Ann Arbor and in Mumbai, has modified a motor rickshaw in line with her ideas of hijras, but emphasized their male origins. Orientalism.

Malcolm Hutcheson's exhibition, Angelcopiers, recent photographs of Pakistani hijras, was held in Islamabad in May.

Jonathan Katz co-curated Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. House Republican Leader John Boehner and the Catholic League objected and achieved a partial censorship.

Rick Nahmias' book of photographs, Golden States of Grace, Prayers of the Disinherited, contains a few trans persons.

Taryn Pimento and Margo Foster photographed 110 dykes and trans women, and exhibited them at the Gladstone Hotel, Toronto.

Marc Quinn's sculptures based on Buck Angel, Allanah Starr and Thomas Beatie.

Tobaron Waxman, first trans artist to be exhibited in a major Jewish museum.


Alice Liu, top Taiwanese model, outed by ex-schoolmate.

Andrej Pejic, Bosnian male model being promoted for his androgynous looks.

Kenyan-Canadian Model Biko Beauttah voted best-dressed actress at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Lea T model in Givenchy ads.

Television & Radio

Becoming Miles. US NPR.

Chaanthupottu,India, dance and musical programmes, featuring about 40 transgenders selected from different parts of Kerala.

Conveyor Belt of Love, US ABC. One of the 30 men trying to impress any of five women is trans performance artist, Scott Schofield.

Coronation Street, UK ITV, Julie Hesmondhalgh as Hayley Patterson, a permanent trans character in the soap opera since 1998, married her longtime lover. First trans marriage in a soap opera.
Degrassi, US TeenNick, with Jordan Todosey as Adam.

Glee, US Fox, redid Rocky Horror but 'transsexual Transylvania' became 'sensational Transylvania', and Frank N. Furter was played by a woman.

Global Perspective, CA CBC: Middle C, soprano singer Tristan Whistan becomes male and his voice changes.

Happy Boys, China Hunan TV, featured Liu Zhu.

Hollyoaks, UK Channel 4, featured Victoria Allen as Jasmine who wants to become Jason.

Hjernevask (Brainwashing) Norway, in its last episode featured Viktor, born male in South America, adopted and raised female in Norway, changed back after 16.

Jersey Shore, US MTV, has a character hitting on a woman who might be a 'tranny'.

30 Rock, US NBC, features Will Forte as Paul, a female impersonator, and John Lutz as J.D. Lutz and also as J.D.'s mother.

Transform Me, US VH1, fashion makeover show featured trans as well as cis women.


See the trailers etc here, here and here.

The usual mixture: documentaries, camp, trash, high art, life and fantasy.

Anahita. With Saman Arastu. Iran 2010. Saman's first male role after transition, albeit only a cameo.

Baby Jane? William Clift (dir & scr), with Matthew Martin as Baby Jane and J. Conrad Frank as Blanche. US 95 mins 2009. A drag parody of the 1962 What Ever Happened to Baby Jane. IMDB.

Beautiful Darling: The Life and Times of Candy Darling . James Rasin (dir & scr). With Candy Darling, Penny Arcade, Jayne County, Holly Woodlawn, Jackie Curtis, Jane Fonda, Lou Reed, Valerie Solanis, Andy Warhol. US 85 mins 2010. IMDB.

La bocca del lupo. Pietro Marcello (dir & scr). From the novel by Remigio Zena. Italy 79 mins 2009. Mary and Enzo in love in prison and then in Genoa. Top Prize at the Turin Film Festival. 2 prizes at the Berlin Film Festival. IMDB. Mary was not trans in the novel.

Changing House. Z.A. Martohardjono (dir). With Rusty Mae Moore, Chelsea Godwin and Sylvia Rivera. US 18 mins 2009.

Diagnosing Difference. Annalise Ophelian (dir). With Susan Stryker, Dylan Scholinski and others. US 2010.

En el cuerpo equivocado (In the Wrong body). Marilyn Solaya (dir). With Mavi Sussel. Cuba 52 mins 2010. Mavi was the first Cuban to surgically transition.

The Extra Man. Shari Springer Berman & Robert Pulcini (dir & scr). From the novel by Jonathan Ames, with Paul Dano as Louis and Kevin Kline as Henry. US 2010. The trans content is toned down from the book. IMDB.

Her Name was Steven. David Timko (dir). With Susan Stanton. US CNN 2010.

Insects in the Backyard. Tanwarin Sukkapisit (dir). Thailand 2010. Both film and trailer banned by the Office of Cultural promotion. The director is katoey. A trans father whose son and daughter both become sex workers.

Lady Daddy. Seong-il Cheon (scr). With Lee Na-young as Ji-Hyeon. S. Korea 113 mins 2010. A trans-woman is disconcerted when a young boy claims that she is his father. IMDB.

Let Me In. Matt Reeves (dir & scr). With Chloe Moretz as Abby. UK/US 116 mins 2010. IMDB. Based on Låt den rätte komma in. Tomas Alfredson (dir) John Ajvide Lindqvist (novel & scr). With Lina Lanndersson as Eli. Sweden 115 mins 2008. IMDB. The remake tones down the fact that the vampire Eli/Abby was previously a boy, and the female actor is less plausible as a boy.

The Lies of Liberty. Robyn Garner (dir). Mongolia 2010. Available on YouTube Part1.

Meu Amigo Claudia. Dácio Pinheiro (dir). With Claudia Wonder. Brazil 86 mins 2009. IMDB.

Orchids: My Intersex Adventure. Phoebe Hart (dir). Australia 2010. IMDB.

Quanto Dura o Amor?/Paulista. Roberto Moreira (dir & scr). With Maria Spinelli as Suzana. Brazil 83 mins 2009. IMDB. A trans actress plays a trans lawyer in love. Best actress award from the Paulinea Film Festival.

Peacock. Michael Lander (dir). Scr: Michael Lander & Ryan O. Ray, with Cillian Murphy as John and Emma Skillpa, and Susan Sarandon as Fanny Crill. US 90 mins 2010. IMDB. A bank clerk and his mysterious wife whom no one has ever met.

Riot Acts: Flaunting Gender Deviance in Music Performance. Madsen Minax & Simon Strikeback (dir). With The Cliks, Novice Theory, Coyote Grace, The Degenerettes, Trannysaurus Sex and The Shondes. US 97 Mins 2010. IMDB.

Schoolboy To Showgirl: The Alexandra Billings Story. Alexandra Silets (scr). With Alexandra Billings, narrated by Cin Salach,. US 30 mins 2010.

The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister. James Kent (dir). Scr: Jane English with Maxine Peake as Anne Lister. UK BBC 90 mins 2010. IMDB. A central figure in the butch/trans border wars. Also read the section on Lister in Halberstam's Female Masculinity.

Stonewall Uprising. Kate Davis & David Heilbroner (dir). US 80 mins 2010. IMDB.

Switch: A Community in Transition. Brooks Nelson (dir). US 52 mins 2009. IMDB. Concentrates on the impact that Nelson's transition has on other people.

The Tempest. Julie Taymor (dir & scr). Play by William Shakespeare. With Helen Mirren as Prospera. US 110 mins 2010. IMDB. Gender reversal casting of the lead.

Teslimiyet (Other Angels). Emre Yalgin (dir & scr). Turkey 2010. 4 trans women in Istanbul.

The Thank You Girls. Charliebebs Gohetia (dir & scr) with Jeff Salonga as Allyson, Pidot Villocino as Mommy Paola, July Jimenez as Bernadette. Philippines 2008. Constantly losing in beauty contest in their city, five young travesties and their elder gay manager travel to the province hoping to win other contests.

Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives. Israel Luna (dir & scr) US 90 mins 2010. IMDB.

To Die Like a Man. João Pedro Rodrigues (dir) with Fernando Santos as Tonia Portugal/France 133 min 2009. IMDB. A trans woman tries to erase any past history of herself as a male. She dies tragically before this is accomplished and her male identity is engraved on her headstone.

Trans Francisco. Glenn Davis (dir). Tiffany Woods (producer), with Tiffany Woods. US 54 mins 2010. IMDB.

Trinidad. Jay Hodges & PJ Raval (dir). With Stanley Biber and Marci Bowers. US 2008. This is of course now somewhat dated in that Marci has left Trinidad.

El ultimo verano de la boyita. Julia Solomonoff (dir & scr). With Guadalupe Alonso as Jorgelina and Nicolás Treise as Mario. Argentina/Spain/France 93 mins 2009. IMDB. Jorgelina discovers that her friend Mario is intersex and helps him keep his secret.

XXWhy. B. Manjula (dir), with Sree Nandu. India 2008. A typeical transgender in Kerela.


Albert Nobbs. Rodrigo Garcia (scr). Glenn Close & John Banville (scr), based on the novella by George Moore. With Glenn Close as Albert Nobbs. Ireland 2011. IMDB. A trans man in 19th century Dublin.

A Graça e a Glória. With Carolina Ferraz. Brazil 2011. The Brazilian star plays a travestie.

Dalam Botol. Khir Rahman (dir). With Arja Lee as Ruby. Malaysia 90 mins 2011. Rubin becomes Ruby for her lover, but he then leaves her. IMDB.

Horrorween. Joe Estevez (dir). Scr: Ed Meyer, Mike Muscat, Judd Rubin, with Alice Cooper, Enza Anderson. US 2011. IMDB.

I Was a Tranny Werewolf. Lola Rock’N’Rolla (dir & scr), with The Lady Bunny, Mistress Formika. US 10 mins 2009. IMDB.

J. Edgar. Clint Eastwood (dir), Dustin Lance Black (scr). With Leonardo DiCaprio as J. Edgar Hoover and Armie Hammer as Clyde Tolson. US 2012. Early word is that there will no scenes of Hoover in drag. IMDB.
Narthaki. Vijayapadma (dir). With Kalki Subramanaian and Punnagai Poo Geetha. India 2011.


The Ah kua show, based on Leani Lo's autobiography, Singapore and then the New York International Fringe Festival.

Memoirs of a Hermaphrodite. Denise Evans (dir), Sarah Leaver (scr) with Sarah Leaver as Herculin Barbin. Oval House Theatre, London, and then the Malborough Theatre, Brighton.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert- the musical, directed by Simon Philips, in Toronto,

The Prodigal. Sheila O'Bannon (scr). How the O'Bannon family used love to accept their daughter. A musical. The Kentucky Center, Louisville, Kentucky.

The Silicone Diaries with Nina Arsenault, directed by Brendan Healy, at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto.

Waiting for Godot – A Tale of Two Trans Women, by Samuel Becket, directed by Kimmy Kiew, at The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC). Becket and his estate have always objected to this play being performed by women!

26 December 2010

Some Events of the year 2010: Part 3 – Internet, Sports, Medicine, Celebrities, Deaths

Part 2: Persons
Part 3: Internet, Sports, Medicine, Celebrities, Deaths
Part 4: Visual media
Part 6: Books


Confissões agridoces, previously a biography site, has become an advice site.

Dominic Scaia banned from Facebook in January after posting post-op chest photos. Facebook quickly backed down.

Yahoo group for mtf-ftm couples.

HBS International put a page on in January. It lasted less than a day.

Jennifer Usher threatened to sue transboutique for reproducing her logo.

Tran-Fried Fluff (HBS) blog was discontinued.

JoanneProctor HBS blog was discontinued, as was the New Zealand HBS site.

Jack Molay renamed his blog to Cross-dreamers.

Cassandra Speaks (HBS) blog was discontinued.

Diane Kearny’s HBS International site was discontinued.

TransBoutique was apparently discontinued in July but revived in December.

TransChristians was discontinued with the unfortunate death of Ephilei, its author.

Josef Kirchner complains about the article on this site, but only cites the comments by third parties.

Alice Novic. "Autogynephilia: An Illuminating, Gut-Wrenching Conversation with Ray Blanchard, Ph.D.". Crossdreamers. Oct 22, 2010. "Am I angry with Ray Blanchard? A little bit, for being such an old stick in the mud, because I think he could change his term for us without compromising his principles. He is no transgender activist, not even one bit. He has not given us useful slogans stamped with seal of science that we can take to our wives and our congressmen. But he is a scientist who has devoted a large chunk of his career to the rigorous study of us, a rather small, not terribly well funded group of people. And for that I am thankful, very thankful."

Intersex News Blogspot was discontinued in August. But see

Tracie O'Keefe declared 26 April as Sex/Gender Diversity Day. She also took a leaf out of the HBS book and condemned the usage of 'transgendered', using the same historically wrong claim that the word belongs to Virginia Prince. She proposed 'Gender Diverse' for the meaning that 'transgendered' usually has.

Before she took it down, Kay Brown's Transsexual, Transgender, and Intersex History was at Late in 2010 the menu portions of Kay's site have appeared at, but only the menu portions. Attempted click-throughs to the actual items do not work.

Renee Baker put up a one-country trans history blog without the courtesy of saying that it was limited to one country. She then apparently grew bored with the idea and discontinued. She puts Harry Benjamin and Janice Raymond together as a 'notable cisgender individuals'.

The Magazine Project was launched in October as a magazine for all LGBT women. In November it published two vehemently anti-trans articles, one by dirtywhiteboi and one by Bev Jo, and has published no pro-trans articles. It December it revised its remit and is now "an inclusive space for female-born lesbians only as we found it increasingly difficult to manage open discussions between female-born lesbians and trans groups".

Somebody in Indiana has visited Gender Variant Who's Who 91 times and always reads the review of Rose White's book and nothing else.

iPhone apps included Peekaboo Tranny (adds a Tranny to any photograph that you take) and an anti-gay marriage denunciation (now removed)


Bobbie Dittmeir, sportswriter.

Caster Semenya was permitted to return to international competitions in July, but was unable to participate in the Commonwealth Games due to injury.

Chris Tina Foxx, bodybuilder, transitioned.

Diane Neil, rugby player and landscape gardener, transitioned.

Kristen Worley, who had spoken out for Caster Semenya, visited India and spoke out for Santhi Soundarajam.

Kye Allums continues to play basketball for women's team until he starts testosterone.

Leyla Çalışkan, Turkish basketball scout and trainer.

Mikki Nicholson won the British National Scrabble championship.

Patti Dawn Swannsson, sportswriter.

US: Ladies Professional Golf Association voted to remove their 'female at birth' rule in the face of a lawsuit by Lana Lawless.

Doctors & Sexologists & Social Workers & Family

Draft version of DSM-5 published. Responses: OII. WPATH. Kelley Winters.

Aubrey Levin was arrested for sexually abusing a patient.

Bernard & Terry Reed of GIRES were given OBEs in the Queen's Birthday Honours list.

British Medical Association condemned reparative therapy.

Humboldt County, California, now has a transgender clinic.

Plastic surgeon, Mahmoud Eteifi, in Asyut, Egypt, was arrested for gender surgery on Norah Salah Salem without approval from the Ministry of Health.

Marci Bowers relocated her practice to San Mateo, California, following differences with the Mt San Rafael hospital in Trinidad, Colorado.

Pierre Brassard of Montreal became an associate of Satori World medical in San Diego.

Stan Lansdell, a social worker in Bradford, was struck off for shouting homophobic abuse at a 13-year-old trans girl.

Dr Dix P. Poppas has performed partial clitorectomies on young girls and then used a vibrator to test their remaining sensation.

Dr Maria New (previously associated with ISNA spinoff NATFI) prescribed dexamethasone to pregant women concerned that their child might be CAH, specifically to stop the daughter becoming lesbian.

**** Drs Poppas & New are proceeding in accordance with the guidelines associated with the Alice Dreger terminology of Disorders of Sex Development.

Medicine & Genetics

Lu’s Pharmacy in Vancouver ended its women-born-women policy, but even so did not have enough custom and closed in June.

Richard Albin who discovered PSA, said that it is pointless for all men and trans women over 50 to have frequent PSA tests for prostate cancer.

NHS West Kent ceased referrals for transgender persons, couple seeking IVF and gastric band surgery.

Research into pain: "Research with transsexuals fits better with scientists' understanding of hormones and pain. Among male-to-female transsexuals who take estrogen to enhance female sex characteristics, some studies have found that one-third develop chronic pain; among female-to-male transsexuals who take testosterone to enhance male characteristics, chronic pain improves."

BPA found on money and receipts.

The Estrogen Dilemma for cis women.

Are 25% of US cops doing T?

Oliver James. "Why genes are leftwing: The right loves genetic explanations for poverty or mental illness. But science fingers society". If genes cannot explain ADHD, why assume that they can explain gender variance.

Anne Moir who coined 'brain sex', says that brain sex is often other than body sex even in cis individuals.

Cordelia Fine. Delusions of Gender: how our minds, society, and neurosexism create difference. 2010 "Many of the studies that claim to highlight differences between the brains of males and females are spurious. They are based on tests carried out on only a small number of individuals and their results are often not repeated by other scientists. However, their results are published and are accepted by teachers and others as proof of basic differences between boys and girls. All sorts of ridiculous conclusions about very important issues are then made. Already sexism disguised in neuroscientific finery is changing the way children are taught." Article in Guardian. Review by Ben Barres.

Rebecca M. Jordan-Young. Brain Storm: The Flaws in the Science of Sex Differences. 2010. Review in LA Times.


There was a tissy in Hong Kong when word went round that one of the top three in the Miss Hong Kong pageant was trans.

Bradley Manning, the US soldier accused of leaking documents to Wikileaks, was speculated to be transgender.

Chaz Bono completed transition.

Chingy, rap star, was involved with trans rapper Foxxjazell two years ago, and now with Sidney Starr.

David Letterman mentioned Amanda Simpson's federal appointment, and his announcer feigned trans panic.

Eric Green, NFL player, sued for forcible sodomy.

Gareth Williams, the GCHQ/MI6 intelligence officer whose body was found in a locked holdall in his flat, had a £15,000collection of female clothing and wigs. Police are still undecided whether or not he was transvestite, and whether or not he was into bondage.

Actor James Franco did drag for the cover of Candy Magazine.

Susan Sarandon vomited on by drag performer, Rose Wood.

Stephen, son of Warren Beatty and Annette Bening is reported as trans.

Cis Obituaries

Roy Ward Baker (1916 – 2010) director of Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde.

Mary Daly (1928 – 2010) transphobic feminist theologian at Boston College who mentored Janice Raymond.

Sava Perovic (1938 - 2010), Serbian sex change surgeon.

Teddy Pendergrass (1950 – 2010) soul singer who in 1982 crashed his car and crippled himself. His passenger, Tenika Watson walked away.

Tom Murray (19? - 2010), director of Almost Myself, died of a heart attack.

Michael Portantino (1958- 2010) publisher of recently closed San Diego Gay and Lesbian Times. An apparent suicide jump from a 7-story hotel.

Killed by a trans person:

Peaches Burton, Philadelphia, was charged with killing a trick and set fire to the hotel room.

Akira Jackson, youth program specialist for T-LISH, Transgender Ladies Initiating Sisterhood, at the Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center in San Francisco, charged with the killing of her boyfriend.

Trans Obituaries – other than being murdered

Presumably 200 or so trans persons died in the Haiti earthquake, but have not been identified as such in the press.

Renata Monet (1948 – 2010) killed her pastor, Karen Johnson, of the Unity Church of Christianity, and then killed herself.

Cláudia Wonder (1954 – 2010) performer, singer, writer, activist of cryptococcosis .

Maxwell Anderson (1956 – 2010) trans activist involved with Southern Comfort.

Stella Nova (1960 – 2010) punk musician, died of cancer.

Flo McGarrell (1973 – 2010) sculptor died in Haiti earthquake.

Arena (1974 -2010) Argentinian travesti died of flu in Paris.

Ephilei (1983-2010) author of Transchristians and Answering-Islam died in a car accident.

Roz Houston (? - 2010), Tasmanian activist, died after a long illness.

Murdered Trans Persons

Over 200 murders of trans persons were recorded in 2010, and many more died without being recorded. These are but a small sample.

Wong (1945 – 2010) Johor Baharu, Malaysia.

Sonia Burgess (1947 – 2010) Outstanding immigration lawyer, was pushed under a tube train.

Myra Ical (1958 – 2010) Montrose, Texas.

Angga (? – 2010) East Jakarta, died after being injected with a litre of silicone.

Derya Y. (1974 – 2010) Antalya, Turkey.

Amanda Gonzales-Andujar (1980 – 2010) New York.

Roberto Gonzales Onrubia (? – 2010) Madrid, tortured, humiliated and murdered by two homeless women whom he had invited to stay at his home.

Victoria White (1982 – 2010) New Jersey.

Mahsa (1986 – 2010) Tehran, murdered by her brothers. Her father forgave the brothers.

Stacey Blahnik (1979 - 2010) house mother, Philadelphia.

Ray Jones (2009 – 2010) hit by his mother's boyfriend for acting like a girl.

Here is the best list of names for November 2009-November 2010

There is a Wikipedia page called List of unlawfully killed transgender people which lists fewer than 6 trans people being killed each year, and with only one exception they are all in the US – which would make the US the most dangerous country in the world. That is of course nonsense. We are being killed in the 100s and in almost every country in the world.

25 December 2010

Some Events of the year 2010: Part 2– Persons

Part 2: Persons
Part 4: Visual media
Part 6: Books

Public & Private Events

19 young men in Sudan were sentenced to 30 lashes and fined after a police raid found them in female clothing and makeup. They were flogged in public.

The mummy of a 4th century CE Egyptian child who died of a brain haemorrhage, currently located at Saffron Walden Museum in Essex, has been determined to be a male-bodied girl.

Christine Ehlers, Johannesburg, Labour Court rules that she must be reinstated in her job.

Denise Abbah, a cis woman, a mother of five, was charged with robbery in 2003 and thrown in a men's jail because of a clerical error. When she objected that she was a woman, they said that she was a transsexual. She was frequently raped, front and back, for seven months before being acquitted. In 2010 she sued for compensation and was obliged to take a sex test.

Fadwaan Murphy, South African gangster, outed as intersex.

Jennifer Kristen, of South Africa, has spent R80,000 but Department of Home Affairs will not recognize her as a woman.

Lindsay, out trans woman in Kenya.

Norah Salah Salem, who had applied without success for approval from the Ministry of Health for gender surgery, resorted to underground plastic surgeon, Mahmoud Eteifi, in Asyut, Egypt. Dr Eteifi was arrested.

Sally Mursi. Al-Azhar University is still refusing to admit Sally in the school of medicine. The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights will have to take the case to the African Court on Human Rights.

Patricia working as a teacher in Swaziland.

Tiwonge Chimbalanga and her lover in Malawi were arrested for homosexuality, and then released after international protests. Tiwonge was first reported as a gay man, then as a trans woman, then as a traditional Malawian gender role, than as intersex.
Alexandra Reyes granted asylum in US.

Alexis Reich (John Mark Karr), who was arrested in Thailand after confessing to the murder of JonBenet Ramsey but released after his DNA did not match, completed transition.

Amanda Simpson appointed senior technical adviser to the U.S. Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Security.

Amy Weston, astronomer.

Autumn Sandeen and other US veterans handcuffed themselves to white house fence to protest Don't Ask Don't Tell policy.

Antonia Lara, Idaho, complained about abuse during a short stay in prison, thus outed herself and lost her job.

Bastian Phelan, started a zine, Ladybeard.

Ms Bob Davis, at City College of San Francisco, appointed interim dean.

Brittany Novotny ran for state representative in Oklahoma.

Candis Cayne was Grand Marshall at Vancouver Pride.

Catherine Carlson, Idaho, transitioned in 1980. In 2007 the police insisted on putting her long unused male name on a traffic citation. This has now escalated to charges involving bombs.

Dana Beyer ran in the Democratic Primary for the Maryland House of Delegates.

Deena Kaye Myers, convicted of robbery in Richmond, Virginia, is in a male prison despite medically assigned female at birth.

Diana Taylor, New Jersey, arrested to prove a bet, charged with littering when she complained.

Donna Milo ran in the primary for US House of Representatives as a Republican opposed to equal marriages, and got 22% of the vote.

Eden Lane competed to host a show on the Oprah network.

Elena Kelly, reverend.

Erin Vaught suffered transphobic abuse and was refused treatment despite coughing up blood at a hospital in Muncie, Indiana.

Fernanda Benvenutty ran as a candidato a Deputado Estadual da Paraíba.

Hadassah D Gavi Chayim changed her name once for religious reasons. North Carolina allows only one change per lifetime.

Inga Langdon, experimental film maker in 1970s returns for a retrospective.

Activist Jacqueline Jesus completed her PhD

Jennifer Leitham a featured artist at Toronto Pride.

Juin Baize, 16, not allowed to attend school.

Frank Spisak had his death sentence re-instated.

Joey Hateley, Ecuador, a trans man was able to marry a cis man only because he is still legally female.

Kyle Inselmanm, BFA student at University of Colorado in Boulder, won a Point Foundation scholarship.

Lord Jesus Christ III banned from the local library.

Mackenzie Valentine of New York awarded $55,000 after abuse and being fired.

Maria Spinelli, a rarity in the movies: a trans woman plays a trans woman.

Melania Cortez from Columbia won the Miss International Queen competition.

Nicole Morales, spiritual cleanser, arrested for molesting boys.

Nikki Araguz, widowed when her fightfighter husband died on the job, had her gender challenged by her
ex-husband's ex-wife and his mother in 2 lawsuits claiming her widow's benefits.

Oak Reed, rejected by his school administration as homecoming king, embraced by fellow students.

Patti Dawn Swannsson, Winnipeg sports writer has completed transition.

Phyllis Frye appointed a judge in Houston. She is Nikki Araguz's lawyer.

Rachel Amratiel, convicted on weapons charges, imprisoned.

Robyn Deane, ex-brother-in-law of Virginia's homophobic governor, came out.

Reuben Zellman ordained as a rabbi.

Rody Humano , Argentinian councillor married her long-time lover.

Rupert Raj, long time activist, mainly in Toronto, was awarded the Steinert & Ferreiro Award at Community One Foundation’s 30th Anniversary Celebration.

Russell Williams, Colonel in command at Canadian Forces Base Trenton, convicted of two murders, sexual assault and 84 counts of breaking and entering. He photographed himself in the underwear of his female victims.

Scott Moore has a public pregnancy.

Shauna Taylor, Canadian inmate, refused a sex change.

Susan McIntyre, housekeeper at Iowa Newman Center fired by Bishop after quietly offering counseling services.

Tamara Adrian Hernandez, law professor in Caracas, having been refused by the Supreme Court re her identity papers for over 6 years, proposed herself to the National Assembly as a member of the Supreme Court.

Theresa Sparks ran for San Francisco supervisor.

Sabrina Hill, an intersex woman, was able to marry Therese Bur in Texas because her birth certificate says that she was a boy.

Tania Luna, actress, 1st Argentinian to change name and gender on the identity card before surgery.

Thomas Beatie gives birth to 3rd child.

Tyjanae Moore was arrested after using a female toilet in a library in Houston.

Tyler McCormick, wheelchair bound, wins Mr Rio Grande Leather and International Mr Leather at the 32nd competition in Chicago.

Vandy Glenn, fired from her job as legislative editor in US Georgia, won a ruling that it was sex discrimination. More.

Victoria Kolakowski elected judge in Alameda, California.
Japanese trans man who had a child with his wife, using his brother's sperm, has been informed by the authorities that the child has been registered as illegitimate.

Three Japanese men and their Filipino wives were arrested in that the wives, trans women used the ID of other women to obtain visas and alien registration cards.

Five Turkish trans sex workers were forced out of their car by police, beaten up, and are facing three years for "resisting police". Case later dismissed, and police reprimanded.

Beoung Kak 2, outside Phnom Penh is becoming a town for gays and trans.

Ahmed, Gaza, transitioned.

Alter Hofan, with Klinefelters, was registered as female when his male genitalia did not develop when he was a baby, but he grew up male. He has been arrested in Jakarta after his mother-in-law complained to the police. He was put in a female jail and charged with falsifying his birth certificate. The Indonesian Bishops Council (KWI) condemned his marriage. Alter is facing seven years in prison.

G continues as an orthodox woman.

Huang Wei in Shenzhen, after botched surgery still cannot get her ID card changed.

Jin Xing, dancer, did an Australian tour.

Laxmi Tripathi was ejected from a party at Bombay Gymkhana. Maharashtra State Human Rights Commission issued summons to the club to explain why.

Liching, popular television host in Taiwan, who transitioned in 1981, and married a younger man in 2002, and wrote an autobiography admitting being intersex, was claimed to be a man in a medical journal by the doctor who helped her in 1981, which in turn was picked up by the popular press.

Maemunah, 15, of Semarang, Java, has been recognized as male despite being listed as a girl on his birth certificate.

Mahtab Mirghaderi, Iranian, fled to Turkey with her boyfriend in 2007. They married in Turkey. In 2009 they were rejected as refugees, and ordered back to Iran. They are hoping to emigrate to Canada.

Priyanka, radio jockey, Bangalore.

Rani was arrested in Peshawar at her wedding to become the third wife of fertiliser dealer Malik Khan. Khan had paid her family 380,000 rupees.

Rose Venkatesan, TV host, visited Thailand for surgery with Dr Thep Vechavisit.

Saman Arastu, Iranian actor returned to films in male role.

Sarah Gill, a student at the Jinnah Medical and Dental College in Karachi, outed herself and put future parental funding for her studies at risk.

Sarwait Patarachokchai, a Thai living in Germany, in love with a Kashmiri, transferred Rs 15 lakh, and was then dumped.

Selvi, Tamil Nadu, a sports doctor.

Veena S, a Dalit, vice-president of Karnataka Sex Workers Union, ran in the BBMP elections.
Spanish trans girl has surgery at 16.

Scottish Parliament apologizes to trans woman after she was searched by a male guard.

Two Indonesian trans women rescued from sex slavery in Moscow.

Andrea and Balazs, Hungary, marriage of a trans man and a trans woman.

Ania, Poland, a trans woman was able to marry a cis woman only because she is still legally male.

Flight Lieutenant Ayla Holdom of the RAF is in transition.

Carmen de Mairena, Barcelona ran as number two in the candidate list in Barcelona for the Coordinadora Reusenca Independent, CORI, at the regional elections on November 28.

Christina Timbrell, who had been denied a pension on the female schedule because she was still married to her wife, went to an appeal court and has been awarded five-year’s back pay.

Christine Burns first trans patron of LGBT History Month.

Delphine Ravisé-Giard initially accepted as female by the French Air Force, had her female identity revoked by a court in Nancy on the grounds that her change is not irreversible.

Emily de Salvo accepted at the Tito Schipa Conservatory in Bari as a singing student.

Emma Holbrook, college media technician, transitioned at work.

Jan Krause of Cheshire, convicted of harassing her neighbours for six years, escaped jail because of the problem of where to put her.

Jan Morris recalled her reporting of the Hillary ascent of Everest at the Royal Geographical Society.

Jane Fae, journalist, started transition and was featured in Daily Mail. She now regularly reports on trans news for Pink News.

Joanne Cassar, Malta, who completed legal and surgical transition in 2006, has had to go through court cases and appeals in an attempt to marry.

John Henry Newman (1801 - 90) was beatified during the Pope's visit to the UK.

Katrina Harte of North Tyneside was told told by her local pub not to use the ladies, and stopped going there.

Fatine Bahai, now Mrs Young, finally won her claim for asylum in the UK.

Fredrick Federley, Centre Party member of Swedish Parliament, who accepted an all-expenses paid trip to Gran Canaria, said that it was his drag alter, Ursula who accepted the trip.

Jasmine Goode starts transition while in prison.

Laura Voyce of Merseyside, convicted of downloading indecent images of children, was spared jail because of the difficulty of finding somewhere to send her.

Luana Ricci helped Emily De Salvo in her audition for the Bari Tito Schipa Conservatory by providing piano accompaniment, and was the organist for the ordination of female priest Maria Vittoria Longhitano.

Lydia Foy, Ireland, after a 13 year struggle to change the gender on her birth certificate, will be able to do so.

Marianne Jonson was caught doing welfare fraud.

Marja-Sisko Aalto, Finnish Lutheran priest returned to work, and almost 600 parishioners left.

Miriam Rivera, previously featured on reality show, There’s Something About Miriam, now working as ₤300 a hour escort.

Nina Kanagasingham has been charged with the murder of Sonia Burgess.

Olivier Chaumont transitioned and became the first female member of the Grand Orient of France (Masonic).

Patty Escoffier was refused gender surgery in France, so moved to UK and was accepted for gender surgery.

Rachel Millington, who was fired for starting transition, brought her case to an employment tribunal in Nottingham. The management suggested that Rachel should apologize to co-workers for the distress that she had caused them.

Ria Cooper, UK, has surgery at 16.

Stephen Owens, of Bolton, given for further jail term for abusing young girls while cross-dressed.

Sophie Harrison, ex-paratrooper, in transition.

Tai Wakefield, murderer, 36 years in prison, transitioned 10 years ago, has civil union.

Thomas Dahner passes all other tests to become a policeman in Hessen, but is rejected because does not have a functioning testicle.
Malaysian trans woman refused female papers in Malaysia, accepted as refugee in Australia.

Adele Bailey of Melbourne was murdered in 1978. In 2010 new evidence was given to the Office of Police Integrity.

Captain Bridget Clinch will have her operation paid for by ADF.

Conor Montgomery, singer, complained to Human Rights Commission in that not able to change birth certificate .

Dione Kaeo-Tomaselli, a female intersex person, was kept two months in Hawai'i's largest men's prison.

Georgina Beyer working selling jewelry.

Jade Starr, ex-death-metal musician now singer with a lesbian & trans band.

Kim Coco Iwamoto was re-elected to the Hawai'i Board of Education