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29 May 2011

Martine O'Leary (193? - ) gay activist.

Martine was a radical drag queen at Leeds in the early 1970s. She was mentioned in The Guardian report on The First National TV.TS Conference in 1974 where she was described as
"a radical drag queen at Leeds, says that he buys old dresses from Oxfam shops, wears neither make-up nor substitute breasts, and tries to shake people out of their preconception of what a man is, a woman is, or more important, what he is."
She also published a 16-page pamphlet that was published by the London School of Economics Gay Culture Society the same year entitled, Gay Liberation, reformism and revolution.

*Not the Montréal choreographer.
  • M. Parkin. "Mixed Feelings". The Guardian, 4 March 1994. Reprinted as Appendix F(i) of The First National TV.TS Conference Report, Leeds, 1974: 36
  • Martine O'Leary. Gay Liberation, reformism and revolution. LSE-Gay Culture Society. Isophile Pamphlets, 16pp 1974.
  • Richard Ekins & Dave King. The Transgender Phenomenon. London: Thousand Oaks; California: Sage. 2006: 3

A forgotten pioneer.  I wonder what happened to her?


  1. I organized the conference in 1974. It was held in the students' union of Leeds University and attracted more than 100 people


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