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21 August 2023

Arrested in Southend, 1922

We know only the male name under which she was arrested.  She was not bothering anyone, except the nosy policeman with nothing better to do. No evidence of 'loitering for the purpose of committing a felony' was presented.

We know nothing of her at a later date. 

 This is from the Lancashire Evening Post, 11 January 1922 p6.  I looked but failed to find an equivalent article in a Southend newspaper or even a London paper (only 42 miles away).

15 August 2023

Patient of Austin Flint (1874 - ?) ladies' maid

This article is superceded.  The person is most often referred to as Stella Angel, and a more detailed account is now available.  Stella Angel (1870 - ?) tailoress


While this person is commented on in medical and academic literature, we have no name for her, neither her name for herself nor a pseudonym assigned by a doctor. 

While still a teenager, she had obtained a position with a family in Boston as a ladies’ maid, where she attended the mistress in her bath. She slept in a common bed with the other young female servants as was the custom at the time. Her non-standard body was not discovered. 

In 1895 she was in New York, and when in Central Park was read, and arrested for 'masquerading'. She was sent to Bellevue hospital and placed in what would later be called the Psychopathic Ward, where she was compelled to wear masculine clothes. Austin Flint, the noted Professor Emeritus of Physiology visited Bellevue and examined her. He found a scanty beard, the manner of “a silly girl”, a feminine voice and a good singing voice. He noted her disinterest in sex with either men or women. Flint returned the next day intending to make a laryngoscopic examination, but found that she had been discharged and sent to her home “in the West”.

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It is not clear why Rupp in a "history of same-sex love" included an asexual trans woman.  Of course as a temporarily incarcerated person who knew that "homosexuality" was then illegal, she might have edited her answers to Flint's questions, but Rupp does not discuss that.

11 August 2023

Edward Podolsky (1902-1965) doctor and writer

Edward Podolsky, born and raised in New York, was a doctor who also wrote books. In his early years he wrote science fiction, and then essays about science fiction.

His first medical book in 1934, Young women past forty; a modern sex and health primer of the critical years, was advice for the middle-aged woman. He then did advice books: The Doctor Prescribes Colors and The Doctor Prescribes Music. And in 1942 The Modern Sex Manual

Podolsky married in 1944 at the age of 42. In 1946 he wrote Post-War Sex Problems and How to Solve Them for returning service men and their brides, and also revised the English translation of Hirschfeld’s The Sexual History of the World War, 4th edition. He followed that with Red Miracle: The Story of Soviet Medicine in 1947.

In 1953 he published his Encyclopedia of Aberrations: A Psychiatric Handbook.  The Encyclopedia was reviewed by Heine Kohut: “The gravest fault, however, lies not in the alphabetical order of the material but in the use of original papers, culled, apparently in their entirety, from various contemporary publications. While these articles were, of course, chosen with an eye to being sufficiently general, they were yet not planned by their authors to constitute the kind of authoritative summary that the reader of an encyclopedia has the right to expect, at least in approximation.”

The article on “Transvestism” is not signed and is presumably by Podolsky. It summarizes the work and typologies of the sexologists  Krafft-Ebing, Hirschfeld, Moll, Fenichel and others. 

Podolsky was interested in the psychology of murder. In 1954 he published “Mind of the Murderer”, and then in the Medico-Legal Journal in the Decembers of 1959, 1962 and 1965 he published “The Manic Murderer”, “The Epileptic Murderer” and “The Lust Murderer”.

He also wrote for Sexology: Sex Science Illustrated and for One: The Homosexual Magazine.

In 1960 Podolsky connected with Carlson Wade. Their first joint work was Erotic Symbolism; A Study of Fetichism in Relation to Sex. 

This was followed the same year by Transvestism Today; The Phenomena of Men Who Dress as Women. The title page is misleading in that Podolsky is listed as the first author, and his photograph only is on the inside back flap. However he contributed only the Introduction, and a comparison with his “Transvestism” article in his 1953 Encyclopedia of Aberrations shows it to be a minor rewrite of the same. Dr Gutheil has been added but not Harry Benjamin, despite the 1953 symposium at the New York Academy of Medicine that featured both Benjamin and Gutheil.

In 1962 Podolsky and Wade with Epic Publishing Company brought out a six-volume Sexual Behavior Series: Lesbianism, Exhibitionism, Nymphomania, Voyeurism, Transvestism and Fetishism.

In 1967 they published Abnormal Sex Activity, with K.D.S. of Cleveland, and Sexual Masochism: The Sexual Pleasure of Pain and Sexual Sadism: The Sexual Urge of Love and Pain with Stewart Gordon Publications.

Edward Podolsky died in 1965 age 63.

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By Others:

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    • “Vintage Publications Attempt to Diagnose Transvestism, Masturbation & Other Sexual ‘Deviations’ “. Dangerous Minds, 01.06.2017. Online.

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08 August 2023

Carlson Wade (1928 – 1993) pulp sexologist, nutritionist

Original version 25 October 2010.

Today mainly remembered for his many books on diet and health, Carlson Wade published a whole series of cheap paperbacks on many aspects of sex and gender in the 1950s and 1960s, several of them co-authored by Edward Podolsky MD. 

Wade wrote essays in the early 1960s for girlie magazines such as Leg Show and Striparama, both owned by Leonard Burtman’s Selbee Associates. These are not recorded in databases such as WorldCat, but some of them can be found on Ebay, Fetish Nostalgia etc.

In 1960 Wade with Edward Podolsky published Transvestism Today; The Phenomena of Men Who Dress As Women. Podolsky is listed as the first author, and his photograph only is on the inside back cover, but he wrote only the Introduction. A warning on the back page stated: 
“The sale of this book is strictly limited to members of the medical community, psychoanalysts and students in the field of psychology or social studies”.

 It was reviewed in Siobhan Fredericks’s Turnabout #3, page 26-7:

Subtitled "The Phenomena of Men Who Dress as Women" to give it some measure of scientific appearance, this absurd little volume attempts to mix the erotic with the studious and ends up as virtually meaningless.

Obviously an attempt to cash in on the success enjoyed by Dr. Cauldwell's book [Transvestism … men in female dress, 1956, 3rd edition 1963], Transvestism Today is about ninety-eight percent written by Carlson Wade, a noted dilettante in the fetishistic fiction field, and Dr. Podolsky may have contributed the remaining two percent. The only worthwhile parts of the book are a rather brief introduction by Dr. Podolsky and a few chapters suspiciously close to the Cauldwell book in content and arrangement of information. A chapter on the professional female impersonator may have been cribbed to a great extent from Femme Mimics by E. Carlton Winford [online at Queer music Heritage], which appeared about ten years ago and is now distributed by Nutrix.

The last half of the book consists of the most banal and imbecilic case histories ever fashioned out of the whole cloth. Even if they had been written by TVs, which is unlikely since they bear the mediocre stamp of Carlson Wade's writing, they bear no relationship to the realities of any transvestite's existence.

Consider some of the chapter headings: "Bloomers Are My Life" by "Flossie" who is probably the world's most effeminate lumberjack; "I Am a Rock 'N' Roll Transvestite" by "Billie" who is probably the world's most effeminate street-gang leader; and "Are Cross-Dressers Afraid of Sex" by "Anonymous" who is terribly confused about everything. Were this level of imbecilic hilarity -to be sustained throughout the book, Transvestism Today might be worth reading. But no luck. The author apparently takes himself too seriously to let us have even that small pleasure.

What I cannot understand is why Dr. Podolsky or any physician would allow his name and his reputation to be connected with such a shabby enterprise.”

In 1962 Reverse Sex, the English translation by Jules Block of Coccinelle est lui, a biography of the Le Carrousel star Coccinelle by her second husband, Mario A Costa, was issued by the British firm Challenge Publications Ltd. It was 192 pages and sold for 7/6 (38.5p) in the UK and $1.05 in the US.

A few months later, Epic Publishing of New York issued She Male by Carlson Wade. It was 192 pages and sold for $5.

Both books were reviewed in Siobhan Fredericks’s Turnabout #5, page 28-9:

“Aside from the fact that both these books are about Coccinelle, the famed Parisian sex-changee, a remarkable number of similarities occur. Witness, for instance, the first paragraph of the first chapter of Reverse Sex:

‘I caught sight of her for the first time at the Crazy Horse Saloon in the Avenue Georges Cinq, I was behind the scenes at the cabaret, chatting with Mac Ronay, the amazing mimic, when suddenly she appeared, attracting every eye, impeccably dressed, dazzlingly elegant, and overwhelmingly beautiful.'

And then compare it with the first paragraph of the first chapter of Carlson Wade's She-Male:

'When I first saw her, I was seated in a corner table at the famed Crazy Horse Saloon in the Avenue Georges Cinq, the main artery running through the sensuous Montmarte district of Paris. I was chatting with Mac Ronay, the internationally famous pantomime, gathering material for a series of articles on Paris night life, when she suddenly appeared. The entire house was hushed when the patrons caught sight of her. She was a vision of perfume, fur, and dazzling glitter.'

The similarities, of course, do not end with the book's first paragraph. They run through the entire book, with paragraph after paragraph, chapter after chapter, coinciding as to content – if not exactly word for word.

With a few exceptions, the photos contained in both books are identical. In the Carlson Wade version, a few photos from the comprehensive files of the Epic Publishing Co. (which appears identical with Selbee Associates and Kaysee Sales as a business entity [publishers of Female Mimics]) have been added to the 64 in Reverse Sex with some deletions of photos from the latter book. …

As to the comparative quality of the two books, Reverse Sex is obviously superior to She-Male, because the writing itself is free from the pretentious turgidity which characterizes Carlson Wade's style. As an added attraction, Reverse Sex costs only a little more than one-seventh of the price of She-Male, when it is purchased direct from the publisher, The address of Challenge Publications, by the way, is 10 Old Compton Street, London W. 1, England.  An international bank draft of, say, $1.50 would very likely tempt Challenge to mail the book to any TURNABOUT reader who has yet to add either version to his library. When you buy Reverse Sex, you get a bargain. When you buy She-Male, you get a cheap imitation pirated from the original.”


In 1963 Leonard Burtman’s Selbee Associates launched Female Mimics. Wade contributed a cover story, an interview with performer Kim August. The issue also carried advertisements for several of Wade’s books. The second issue had an 8-page summary of Wade’s She-Male with lots of photos and 2 plugs for the book. 

The fourth issue had “Men in Skirts” which jumps from Greek mythology to Roman emperors to mumming to Shakespeare to Elizabeth Tudor was a boy to Philippe of Orleans to de Choisy to d’Eon to 20th century performers.

In 1964 Novel Books of Chicago took two stories that had run in its sister publication. the National Insider, the previous year: “I want to be a Woman” by the still young Gayle Sherman, and “From Woman to Man” by the British trans man John Collier. Wade added an essay, in which he summarizes early writers. His case studies are taken from George Henry’s All the Sexes, the psychoanalyst Helene Deutsch and Krafft-Ebing's account of Sandor Vay. He concludes: “One cannot emphasize enough the vital truth: the trans-sexualist is frequently compelled to seek a sex change, obsessed with this desire because of a biological compulsion over which he has NO control!”. He then mentions Coccinelle and puts in a plug for his biography of her.

The next year Novel Books repeated the formula with short autobiographies from National Insider by Abby Sinclair and Latina Seville (who regretted her change). Wade with George Griffith contributed a historical survey that was mainly about eunuchs and castratos.

In the mid 1960s, Wade published several books using the pseudonym Ken Worthy, mainly on homosexuality. In 1965’s The New Homosexual Revolution he expressed the opinion “As the ranks of the homosexual is constantly swelling by greater and greater acceptance of this condition as an ‘illness,’ the ranks of the male prostitute is also swelled”.

In 1967 Wade returned to Female Mimics with a 2-part account, “The Golden Age of Female Impersonation” repeating much if what he had written in "Men in Skirts".

Into the 1970s and later Carlson Wade became mainly a nutritionist writing a large number of self-help health books. His first nutrition book had been The Key to Nutrition in 1961.

In 1976 he published Great Hoaxes and Famous Impostors, a book of short biographies of persons who were not what they appeared to be. Unlike other such books he nicely does not include any trans persons as frauds.

Ironically for an author of nutrition and health books, Carlson Wade died in 1993 at age 65.

There have been claims from Bob Blackburn, the executor of Ed Wood’s estate (on behalf of his second wife Kathy O’Hara) that Wood was actually Carlson Wade and had written the 1958 novel Conquering GoddessMen in Skirts and The Homosexual Generation.  Almost nobody accepts this suggestion.

Both Ed Wood and Kim Christy also worked for Leonard Burtman’s magazines.

The review in Turnabout says that She-Male cost $7, but the advertisements for it in Female Mimics say $5.

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Partial bibliography of other works

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Health and Nutrition:

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