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This and That - my replacement after withdrawing from Twitter

21 October 2023

Camh's James Cantor is making lost of money testifying in the US for anti-trans causes.


Dead-2-rights examines Bunny Breckenridge and the sex change that never happened.

12 October 2023

I am not posting anything at the moment in that I am suffering from Covid.  I am taking Paxlovid and may be back next week. 

6 October 2023

The modern revival of Madame Arthur:

Petra De Sutter, Belgian deputy PM criticizes Sunak:

4 October 2023

Dead 2 Rights has news clippings re Bunny Breckenridge, his arrest  in 1958 and his daughter Solange.

13 September 2023

Episode 2.1 "The Blue Room" of The Chelsea Detective is about rich Londoners who collect East German art.  And there is no mention at all, not even in passing, of Toni Ebel.

2 September 2023

The thrice sex-change Samantha Kane purchased a £1.2 million castle in northern Scotland last year, and is now styling herself as Lady Kane.

1 September 2023

Dead2Rights makes two proposals as to whom was the uncredited actor who played the suicide Patricia at the beginning of Ed Wood's Glen or Glenda, 1953. 

12 August 2023

As I have been writing this encyclopedia since early 2007, it is inevitably the case that some, even many, of the articles can now be expanded as more information has come forth.   On the other hand my to-do list is longer now than it was when I started.   

I am now aiming to do one re-write a month.

10 August 2023

Juan Felipe Orozca (dir) Los Iniciados.  Scr: Mario Mendoza & Esteban Orozco based on the books by Nicolás Serrano with Lomaasbello as Mónica Perea, Andrés Parra as Frank Molina and Aria Jara as Gaby López.  Colombia AG Studios/Amazon Studios 111 mins 2023.  IMDB.

This is a new movie currently playing  on Prime.

The film passes the Vito Russo Test easily:

The film contains a character that is identifiably lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender.

That character must not be solely or predominantly defined by their sexual orientation or gender identity. That is, they are made up of the same sort of unique character traits commonly used to differentiate Straight characters from one another.

The LGBTQ character must be tied into the plot in such a way that their removal would have a significant effect. Meaning they are not there to simply provide colourful commentary, paint urban authenticity, or (perhaps most commonly) set up a punchline. The character should “matter.”

The character Mónica Perea is such that one's trans radar begins beeping.  She is later - once in passing - referred to as trans.  She is a junior journalist who approached her mentor Frank Molina  (the films protagonist) about people who have been disappearing, so we register her curiosity and her persistance.   She is also a close friend of Gaby, another main character. Mónica is certainly tied into the plot, she does matter as she starts the plot moving.

However she is murdered 10 minutes into the film.  Her murder leads Frank to take up her investigation.

Here are 2 webpages for the actress Lomaasbello:

27 July 2023

 Jacqueline Rose "The gender binary is false: We should question a mindset that viciously excludes whole groups of people" in this weeks New StatesmanOnline.

"Far from being inevitable or always welcome, rigid sexual differentiation is one of the most insidious features of our social/sexual arrangements, grafting itself on to the biological body like a parasite. Challenging the binary by transitioning becomes one of the most imaginative leaps in modern society. Research published this June found that roughly 7 per cent of people changed sexual identity and/or orientation in the course of a six-year period in the UK. And that proportion is rising. According to the same study, the impulse to change sex does not show any sign of declining with age. People over 65, especially women, are almost as gender-fluid as the young. This suggests that the neat division of humans into women and men for most of a life is deferred by youth for as long as possible. Change then becomes permissible in old age when the individual has fulfilled the task of sexual conformity, which can then be left behind."

17 July 2023

Some of my writings are available as PDFs on  My 7-part account of Virginia Prince which is also available in this encyclopedia at,  is available as one PDF at  

Academia rates it in the top 3%.

13 July 2023

Another group of ignorant busybodies want to force trans men to use the Ladies toilets - so that if a cis man wants to use the Ladies all he has to do is claim that was previously a girl.  No longer any need to cross-dress.

Actually it was always easy for a man to get into Ladies toilets:  dress as a cleaner and carry a mop.

12 July 2023

Congratulations to Rikkie Valerie Kollé, the new Miss Netherlands.  Unlike in sporting events, it will be difficult for our nemeses to claim that some years as a boy somehow gave an unfair advantage in being a beautiful woman.

8 July 2023

"Now health professionals are urged to call vaginas 'bonus holes' to avoid offending trans or non-binary patients".    

?!?!    Not me, not any trans person that I know of.  The call is stupid, and it is a calumny to claim that trans persons would want this!

"vagina" is a good word - keep using it.

6 July 2023

Caitlin Moran, author of the provocative and fun book, How to Be a Woman (how many trans women took that as a guide book?) also has a book of collected essays, Moranthology.   On page 107 she writes:

And as a strident feminist, I’m always saddened by other feminists who rail against male-to-female transgenders—claiming you can only be born a woman, and not “become” one.

Holy moly, ladies—what exactly do you think is going wrong here? Having your male genitals remodeled as female, then committing to a lifetime of hormone therapy, sounds like a bit more of a commitment to being a woman than just accidentally being born one. And, besides, it’s an incredibly inhospitable stance to take. Personally, anyone who wants to join the Lady Party is welcome as far as I’m concerned. The more the merrier! Anyone who’s been rejected by The Man is a friend of mine!

Her new book, What About Men? is about men, that is normal men and their “normal relationships with their normal willies”.  The rather negative review in the New Statesman mocks her research methods: 

Moran safaris around a shopping centre in Solihull, resembling “David Attenborough – collecting visual information about an intriguing species”, to stare at the boy’s clothes. Like Attenborough, she does not cross examine the animals. 

Here is Moran's shirt account of her new book:

Caveat Lector!


The challenge by Mermaids against the charitable status of the anti-trans LGB Aliance was rejected on the technicality that one charity does not have the right to challenge the charitable status of another.  However several individuals and organisations have lodged complaints with the Charity Commission regarding the LGB Alliance’s repeatedly hateful and dangerous behaviour, without anything being done.

Common sense says that a campaigning group is not a charity.   However churches remain charities despite some of them being politically aggressive.

This and That - my replacement after withdrawing from Twitter

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