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30 December 2023

Amber McLaughlin (1973-2023) convicted of murder

McLaughlin was born in Missouri and given the name Scott. The mother abandoned the child who was placed in the foster care system: one foster parent rubbed feces in his face, and an adoptive father tasered the child. Severe depression resulted in multiple suicide attempts, both as a child and as an adult.

McLaughlin became a registered sex offender in 1992 after a conviction for sexual assault against a 14-year-old girl. In 2003 McLaughlin was arrested for the rape and fatal stabbing of an ex-girlfriend in Earth City, an ex-urb of St Louis, whom he had been stalking. In 2006, the jury found McLaughlin guilty of first-degree murder, but was deadlocked at the punishment phase of the trial. The trial judge intervened and imposed a death sentence. Missouri and Indiana are the only two US states that allow judges make such a decision. 

In 2016, a federal judge ordered a new sentencing hearing after finding that the defense had not used an expert witness on penalty mitigation to discuss the accussed’s mental state after finding that he had falsified data 17 years earlier. In 2021 a three-judge panel of the 8th US Court of Appeals ruled that earlier falsified date was irrelevant, and that the expert should have testified. However, they also found that the testimony was unlikely to change the outcome, and reinstated the death penalty.

On death row at the state prison in Potosi, McLaughlin announced in 2019 that she was trans, and was allowed to transition. She took the name Amber, but her legal name was never changed, nor was she allowed to start on estrogen.

3 January 2023, Amber Mclaughlin was executed by lethal injection.

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Some sites claim that Amber was the first openly transgender woman executed in the U.S. This of course ignores the many two-spirit shamans executed by white colonialists. It also ignores Frank Spisak executed 17 February 2011.

From arrest to execution was almost twenty years. So in effect McLaughlin served a life sentence in addition to being executed.

In Britain, prior to the abolition of the death penalty, it was judges, not juries, who decided between a life sentence and a death sentence.

17 December 2023

Some recent obituaries, trans and others

Lucy Salani (1924-2023) concentration camp survivor, upholsterer, discovered by Bologna LGBT groups in 2010s. Biography: Il mio nome è Lucy, 2009. GVWW.

Katherine Cummings (1935 -2022) Australian librarian, who, working in US, met many of the pioneering trans women. Completed transition at age 52. Autobiography: Katherines Diary, 1992. Elder at Sydney’s Gender Centre. TSsuccesses.   

Jeanne Hoff (1938-2023) first trans person to be a psychiatrist helping other trans persons - she took over Harry Benjamin’s practice. Later a prison psychiatrist in San Quentin. GVWW.

Rusty Rae Moore (1941-2022) professor of international business, dean at Hofstra University, transitioned in her 50s, bought a house in Park Slope, Brooklyn, which became Transy House (Sylvia Rivera lived there at the end of her life). GVWW.

Transy House

Mark Rees (1942-2023) Applied to the ECHR for trans rights, founding member of Press for Change, member of the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council. Autobiography: Dear Sir or Madam, 1996, 2009. GVWW.

Rachel Pollack (1945-2023) novelist, poet, Tarotist, had been London Gay Liberation Front TV/TS Group contact person in 1971. GVWW.

Georgina Beyer (1957-2023) Maori. drag queen, stripper, prostitute, actress, radio host, social worker, Mayor, Member of Parliament, Justice of the Peace, Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit. GVWW.

Loren Cameron (1959-2022) brother to Bobbi, nephew to Marjorie, photographer and trans activist. Book: Body Alchemy, 1996. Suicide at age 63. GVWW.

Shinta Ratri (1963-2023) took over Indonesia’s first Islamic school specifically for waria in Yogyakarta, after Maryani died. Died of a heart attack. HRW.

Sam Villasencio (1992-2023) Filipina lover of Rod Fleming, died of pulmonary tuberculosis. Rod Fleming.

Brianna Ghey (2007-2023) trans schoolgirl in Warrington, Cheshire killed by two 15-year-olds, one of whom admits to fantasies of killing people. Wikipedia, Pink News, GuardianVerdict

Cis Persons:

Peggy Rudd (1933-2023) cofounder of Houston’s Tau Chi chapter of Tri-Ess, wife to Melanie. First wife of a Tri-Ess cross-dresser to write about it. Author of My Husband Wears My Clothes, 1989 and 4 others. OutSmart.

Volkmar Sigusch (1940-2023) German sexologist, director of the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft in Frankfurt, author of 51 books, edited the cultural magazine Sexualität konkret, coiner of ‘cissexual’. Wikipedia,  Spiegel,  WDR.

Minnie Bruce Pratt (1946-2023) poet, academic, LGBT activist, wife to Leslie Feinberg.  Wikipedia,

Norah Vincent (1968-2022) lesbian writer noted for the 18 months living as a man 2004-5 and the book she wrote about it: Self-Made Man, 2006. . She died in a Swiss euthanasia clinic July, 2022. GVWW, Wikipedia.

Drag performers:

James Bidgood/Terri Howe (1933-2022) performed at 82 Club in the 1950s. GVWW.

Barry Humphries/Edna Everage (1934-2023) Australian heterosexual who made his name as Everage in London in the 1960s in the Barry McKenzie films (in the second of which then Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam appeared and fictionally made Everage a Dame). Later Everage and Humphries toured in one-person satirical revues. More recently Humphries damaged his legacy by terfy-style support of Germaine Greer and JK Rowling. Wikipedia, Pink News.

Lily Savage/Paul O’Grady (1955-2023) drag star in ‘80s and ’90s. eight-year residency at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, award at Edinburgh Festival, MBE. GVWW.

Stefan Grygelko/Heklina (1967-2023) San Francisco’s legendary drag queen, creator of the transgressive drag show Trannyshack, the Miss Trannyshack Pageant. Wikipedia, Vulture.


For other victims of murder etc see:

15 December 2023

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