This site is the most comprehensive on the web devoted to trans history and biography. Well over 1700 persons worthy of note, both famous and obscure, are discussed in detail, and many more are mentioned in passing.

There is a detailed Index arranged by vocation, doctor, activist group etc. There is also a Place Index arranged by City etc. This is still evolving.

In addition to this most articles have one or more labels at the bottom. Click one to go to similar persons. There is a full list of labels at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar. There is also a search box at the top left. Enjoy exploring!

About Zagria

Zagria is a person of the female persuasion, a historian and encyclopedist who has been creating Gender Variance Who's Who and associated blogs since 2008.   

At Iguazu Falls, 1989

Essays on trans, intersex, cis and other persons and topics from a trans perspective.......All human life is here. 

I have a social science degree. I spent several years in the 70s doing Gay Lib counselling, and moved on to organizing trans groups. I was rejected by the Clarke Institute (now CAMH) in the mid 1980s, probably because I do not match either of their stereotypes, but was accepted by Russell Reid on our first meeting in late 1988, and had surgery from James Dalrymple some months later. 

I have mainly worked as an IT consultant. I have been with the same husband for 51 years (who helps with translating and proofing).

Library of Congress page:
Trans-Express/Cross-Dreamer:  4-part interview with Zagria

Preferred mode of being cited:

Zagria.  "A miscellany of unknowns".  Gender Variance Who's Who.


Zagria (2022) "A miscellany of unknowns".  Gender Variance Who's Who



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I am influenced by the values of GayLib; the social construction model of Randolph Trumbach; some of the odd ideas of Colin Wilson; the potential of the concept of Cross Dreaming; the typology of Anne Vitale (with all three types neutral as to birth gender and sexual orientation); the prototypes of Harry Benjamin; Kris Kirk's history of Trans England; Frederick Whitam's study of 3rd-world trans cultures; Drag Magazine; Joan Roughgarden's biology; Rainer Herrn's Schnittmuster des Geschlechts, ...


I am not influenced by Michel Foucault; Peter Ackroyd; Richard Ekins; Vern Bullough; Marjorie Garber; Vivienne Namaste; Susan Stryker; Christine Burns; the Autogynephilia advocates; HBS; psychoanalysis; Virginia Prince; John Boswell's Christian apologia; the Language Police; Plato; ...

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