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20 July 2008

Dee Palmer (1937 - ) keyboardist and arranger.

David Palmer was born intersex and had corrective surgery to make him definitely male.

He graduated from the Royal Military School of Music and the Royal Academy of Music. He was clarinettist with the Royal Horseguards calvary regiment.

After scoring arrangement for the band Jethro Tull for several years, he was a full member as keyboardist and arranger 1976-80.

He has recorded several orchestral arrangements of music by Queen, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes, etc. He was married, and presented as a bearded, pipe-smoking man. He was appointed a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Music in 1994.

However she really preferred to be female, but did not transition to female until 2004, at the age of 67, after the deaths of her mother and her wife.


carrietide said...

Dee is a very brave human being.She had the courage of becoming her true self,a woman,later in life.I admire her as a human being and as a musician.

Anonymous said...

Gee, Zag, once again I have to thank you for your blog; I was completely unaware of Dee's identity… I'm yet another fan of Jethro Tull, right? - but not an obsessive follower…

The interview with Dee on the Jethro Tull official website - Dee Palmer Interview with "A New Day" - is wonderful, absolutely priceless, and Dee exhibits a killer sense of humor… even, or maybe especially?, when relating the trials of "undergoing rapport" (my words) with the psychiatrist who was the department head at the Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic.

thanks again!
+ "Be Seeing You!"
- bonzie anne

PS: Seeing your link to the dreaded allmusic site here, I feel compelled to note that… allmusic sucks. A totally unreliable, worthless website - viz. "Kevin Saunders". A half-dozen attempts over two years to rescue the reputation of the jazz artist "Kevin Saunders" from association with the… ah, punk-rocker turned neo-whatsis?… Bonze Anne Rose Blayk f/k/a Kevin Eric Saunders… have borne no fruit.

Needless to say? is regarded as a "Reliable Source" on Wikipedia, because they employ "professional editors". (sniffs)

PPS: Naturally, this is coming from Bonze Anne Rose Blayk… apparently the blogspot comment handler is not going to identify me as other than "anonymous", even after trying 3 separate (valid) NetIDs? At least, that's all I'm seeing in the "Preview" dialog… *sigh*.