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12 August 2008

Doris Fish (1952 – 1991) performer

Philip Mills was originally from Sydney, New South Wales, where in 1972 he was in the political drag group, Sylvia and the Synthetics.

In 1976 he moved to San Francisco. At an audition for the rock group, The Tubes, Doris met fellow drag queen, Tippi, and they became roommates. At a come-as-your-favorite-Fellini-character party in 1979 he met Miss X who wasn’t yet serious about doing drag, but by the end of the year the three were performing as Sluts-A-Go-Go.

In 1977 San Francisco gay leaders urged no drag on Gay Freedom Day. Doris and the Sluts and many other drags turned out in force.

Through the 1980s the Sluts appeared in a series of theatrical nightclub spectacles.

In 1986, Doris and Tippi did a weekly cable news show about the gay community, and some viewers complained that she was a negative stereotype.

Her major legacy is the film Vegas In Space, 1991, which she co-wrote and starred in, which is now a classic camp bad movie.

She died from complications from Aids.

Phillip Ford, the straight member of the Sluts, who directed Vegas In Space, also directed the one-act play, Simply Stunning: The Doris Fish Story, 2002.

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