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08 January 2009

Mitsuhashi Junko (? - ) academic.

Junko, who is legally male and married to a woman, teaches Gender studies at Chuo University, Tokyo, presenting as a woman.

He also teaches history at another Tokyo university as a man.

He is a regular contributor to Nyuhafu Kurabu magazine, and is frequently interviewed in the mainstream press and on television as a nyuhafu (new-half= transgender).
  • Mark McLelland. Queer Japan from the Pacific War to the Internet Age. Lanham Md & Oxford: Rowman & Littlefield 2005: 216.
  • Mitsuhashi Junko (translated by Katsuhiko Suganuma). “How I Became an FtM Transgender Gay” in Mark McLelland, Katsu Suganuma, and James Welker. Queer voices from Japan: first person narratives from Japan’s sexual minorities. Lanham: Lexington Books 2007.

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