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11 January 2009

Josef Kirchner (1964 - ) performer, changeback.

Charles Kirchner started psychological counseling at age 17 after a brief experiment with homosexuality, and after two years started estrogen therapy and a real-life test as Judy. At 24 she had genital surgery in Europe. She was very pleased with her surgical results and still boasts of her 8-inch (20 cm) depth and orgasmic ability.

She married a man without telling of her past, and then after divorce married another who knew of her past. This marriage also ended in divorce. She worked as a model and entertainer. In 1999 she paid Dr Ousterhout $30,000 for facial feminization.

In April 2000 while living in Aberdeen, South Dakota, after 17 years of living as Judy, she heard a radio interview with Richard Cohen, the unlicensed reparative therapist, that left her with the idea that she was not ‘born this way’ and could choose. She participated in Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality (JONAH), a ex-gay organization, and with them prayed to get past her homosexuality and her transsexuality. She also wrote for Jerry Leach’s Reality Resources and put up a web site which appealed for funds to detransition, and said some strong things which alienated other transsexuals.

Film maker Tom Murray saw the website and filmed Judy, and then Josef as he became after breast implant removal, chest re-construction, testosterone therapy and much pumping iron.

After Murray’s documentary, Josef was diagnosed as having chromosomal mosaicism, a mix of 46,XY (normal male) and 45,X (Turner’s Syndrome).

He moved to Los Angeles and started advertising himself on contact sites as Mangina Man (Mangina = Man + Vagina). He emphasized that he is a man with a vagina, and is seeking male sexual partners. In 2008 he was featured, along with Michael Berke, in an MSNBC documentary on the topic of changing back to male.

He no longer considers himself to be religious, and is no longer anti-transsexual. He has become a contact point for men who wish to remain socially masculine, but have a vagina, and he campaigns that this become an allowed option.

He is also doing a PhD in psychology.

There is no term for men who wish to become men with vaginas. Nor for FTMs who wish to stay at that stage as opposed to those who stay as men with vaginas because of financial or health constraints. Buck Angel, of course, is making good money as 'a real man with a real pussy'.

For FTMs or for genetic males, this is a gender variation, and should be acknowledged.

Kirchner will have great difficulties with WPATH etc. for genetic males, especially as there cannot be a real-life test before surgery.


  1. Anonymous12/1/09 17:51

    There are certainly lots of non-op ftms out there and there are a number of gay/queer men who are involved with gay ftms who still have vaginas. It's not that unusual. In areas with larger gay/trans populations, it certainly happens.

    Considering how brutally Kirchner negatively characterized his SRS on his fortunately vanished website and blamed everyone except himself for his situation, any surgeon would have to be nuts to operate on him. From reading a lot about/by him over the last few years, much of his identity is still around finding a partner and his sexual orientation and not gender. I still don't feel as if he ever really acknowledged how hurtful his transphobic remarks were on his website and continues to not take responsibility for his past actions. While I have compassion for the complicated turns his life took, ultimately there are men out there with far more complex intersex conditions than Kirchner has who haven't put themselves (and our community) through all this drama.

  2. has been revived (with a complaint about this blog). I encourage you to visit it to get Josef's own opinion.

  3. Yosef (Judy) Kirchner has wasted a great deal of his own time, his family's wealth, and the wealth of Canada and the USA to find himself. While he has never quite decided who (s)he is and where he (s)he is going, (s)he has devoted a great deal of effort to telling the rest of the world how we should behave. As far as I can tell, Yosef has never earned a living working at a conventional job.

    This person has cost our society at least $250,000 for the physical and mental health benefits that have been provided to him. What has he done for others? Nothing. This is not just a person who's lost their way in the world. This is a social parasite of the worst sort.

    A decade ago, (s)he hijacked the JONAH list serve in his quest to find himself. Many men posting there ended up wasting their time in political discussions brought up by Kirchner instead of just dealing with their homosexuality (or SSAD as they labeled it to themselves).

    Yosef Kirchner knows how to attract attention and is able to raise money from charity, government, or strangers for his purposes, whatever they may be. He is a cautionary tale to public policy makers as to all that can go wrong when our society attempts to make things right for the lost souls among us.

  4. Response to foregoing: How has Kirchner cost you or your society $250,000? Perhaps you are Canadian and assume all medical procedures are paid for out of the public kitty, but clearly these were not. I thought Judy had a made a good living (if that is le mot juste) as a stripper and pole dancer. If Kirchner drew on public funds, that needs to be spelled out. You have a right to your disgust; I just invite you to expand on your remarks.

  5. I, also, had wondered where Josef was getting his money. I saw the documentary "Almost Myself," that he was featured in, and it was mentioned that as a she (in the doc) that she was working for a medical company in South Dakota, but no real details were given. I thought it cost even more to de-transition than to transition. Even though I've known plenty of transsexuals who were on SSI/disability and Medicaid pays for all of their hormones and doctor bills, so this would not be out of the question. But does anyone know for sure how Judy/Josef was getting his money?

  6. A grandmother died and left some real property (a farm, as I recall). There were probably also savings from the years as an exotic stripper. Not much, though, which is why Judy/Yosef/Josef was trying to raise a hundred thousand with that lurid website a few years ago.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Josef Kirchner, here....Every once in a while I do a internet search on myself and I'm always surprised and entertained at the things jealous and hateful people make up about me.

    Instead of you people posting all the lies and ridiculous fabrications about my life above, why not ask me personally? has been online for several years and I'm not going anywhere.

    What is all the concern about my finances and where all my money comes from? lol I have worked a job every since I was 16 and paid for every medical service I ever had with my own money, no costing society over $250,000. lol Despite the fact I come from a very wealthy family I am a self-made man(no pun intended). I've had several very lucrative careers as well as several successful businesses. Do I need to reveal all those details though because people are insanely curious about my financial situation??? lol As for ever raising a single dime with the website, that was part of the gimmick, a publicity stunt if you will to draw media attention to the cause. "Raising a hundred thousand dollars"??? What kinds of imaginations make up this shit? To the outsider looking in and reading between the lines you guys really give trannies a bad name.

    Why ask why? We live in a world where a 24-year-old drug addicted Lindsay Lohan is a celebrity all over the papers and the news, but over 10 of our military boys of the same age die in the middle east the same day and get no mention at all.

  9. Josef. This is Kristen from SC. We corresponded a few years back and developed a pleasant rapport. If you see this please respond. I had changed my email and we lost touch! Ty. Kristen


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