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03 February 2010

Esther Lester (1910 - ?) half-and-half.

Eddie Lester was born in Seattle, Washington.

He claimed to have been born with both male and female organs. In the mid 1930s he started working as Esther Lester and worked with a variety of showmen. Audiences were told that Esther had been a girl until puberty when her left side developed as a man, and her right side as a woman.

At first she did a simple scantily clad dance with obvious fake breasts. Later she became a literal half-and-half and lectured the crowd in an exaggerated accent. Half of her face was shaven, and with a feminine hairstyle; the other half was unshaven with a male haircut.

Offstage, she lived in female clothing, and was always known as Esther.

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