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21 February 2010

Baby Dee (1953 - ) musician.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Baby Dee started as a street musician in New York while studying Gregorian chant and Renaissance music. On teachers advice Dee learned to play organ and got a job in a church.

However Dee felt a need to stop pretending to be a man, and transitioned to female. However she found this emotionally devastating as she was a constant object of staring and commentary. She left the church work and returned to street performance, and emphasized her appearance to give people something to look at. She worked in side shows on Coney Island as a bilateral hermaphrodite, and in circuses. She also played a harp while riding a tricycle through downtown Manhattan in a catsuit.

She was a founder member of Anthony Hegarty’s Anthony and the Johnsons which featured transgender themes. She is a member of Current 93, and also a solo artist playing vaudeville style songs. She has also worked with the Sex Pistols, Mark Almond, Andre WK and the Dresden Dolls.     EN.Wikipedia.
Click here for a list of her albums and a selections from some of her songs.


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