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18 June 2008

Maddison Hall (1964 - ) murderer.

Noel Crompton shot and killed a female hitchhiker at Gol Gol, New South Wales in 1987.
In prison Crompton declared as a transsexual and took the name Maddison Hall. She began hormone therapy, and was transferred to Mulawa women’s correctional centre in 1999.

Initially Corrective Services refused genital surgery, but Hall made a successful legal challenge, and obtained surgery in 2003. She is the only Australian inmate to have had the surgery.

Some inmates at Mulawa have complained that Hall raped them in the period before surgery. This is even more serious in that Hall is HIV+. Charges were laid in one case but dropped when the complainant was released and left Australia. Since then Hall has been in segregation.

Hall was to have been paroled in 2006, but media publicity resulted in the arrangements for accommodation falling through.


What a shame that the first person through the system spoils it for those who follow. See also John Pilley.

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