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17 September 2010

Alexander James Adams (196? - ) musician.

Heather Alexander was raised in California, and was later based in Oregon. She performed Celtic and World music. She was an accomplished fiddler and also played the acoustic guitar and bodhran. She played in the groups Uffington Horse and Phoenyx and well as performing solo. She was known for performing at science fiction conventions.

In 2007, after a 25 year career and 10 albums, Heather transitioned and became Alexander James Adams. He has continued performing in the same venues that Heather played in, and has played with Uffington Horse.

In 2007 he released Wintertide which features duets between Heather’s and Adam’s voices.


1 comment:

  1. I met Alexander at the Gender odyssey conference in Seattle in August 2012 and instantly became nuts about him... how much more wonderful when it turned out he wrote one of my favorite songs i play on my radio station, Radio De Danann, The march to Cambreth.

    We talked about Pagan things, including the gods. i hope we can stay in touchg he and I as I think it's time I explored these themes too.

    Kit Moss


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