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31 December 2010

Some Events of the year 2010: Part 6 – Books

Part 1: Organizations, legislation, litigation, political parties.
Part 2: Persons
Part 4: Visual media
Part 6: Books


35 pages of the lost third volume of memoirs by Earl Lind/Ralph Werther/Jennie June were found by Randall Sell and have been published on
    • Akhter Hussain Balouch. A study of sociology of trans-sexuals of Sindh. 2010.
    • Christine Bard. Une histoire politique du pantalon. Paris: Seuil, 2010.
    • Jameela Boardman. Jameela's Journey: From Jonathan to Jameela: The True Story of a Muslim Convert, Transsexual, Revolutionary Guards Design Engineer, Inventor and Spiritualist Physical Medium! Jameela Designs. 2010.
    • Kate Bornstein & S Bear Bergman. Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation. Seal Press, 2010. The sequel.
    • Aleshia Brevard. The Woman I was Born to Be. Blue Feather Books, 2010. The sequel.
    • Hervé Castanet. Tricheur de sexe : L'abbé de Choisy : une passion du travesti au Grand Siècle. Max Milo, 2010.
    • Alexandra Cerdan & Betty Payrade. Transsexuelle et convertie à l'islam. Alphée, 2010.
    • Susannah Cornwall,. Sex and Uncertainty in the Body of Christ: Intersex Conditions and Christian Theology. London: Equinox Pub. Ltd, 2010.
    • Sara-Jane Cromwell. Wrong Body, Wrong Life: Living with Gender Identity Disorder in Ireland. Metacom Publishing. 2010.
    • Morty Diamond. Gendered Hearts: Transgendered, Transsexual, and Gender Variant Writers on Sex, Love, and Relationships. Alyson Books. 2010.
    • Emma Donaghue. Inseparable: Desire Between Women in Literature. Knopf, 2010. See especially Chp 1: Travesties.
    • Rebecca De Havalland. His Name is Rebecca. Poolbeg Press, 2010.
    • Noach Dzmura (ed) Balancing on the Mechitza: Transgender in Jewish Community. North Atlantic Books, 2010.
    • Sarah Frantz. Women Constructing Men: Female Novelists and their Male Characters. Lexington Books. 2010.
    • Patricia Gherovici. Please Select Your Gender: From the Invention of Hysteria to the Democratizing of Transgenderism. Routledge, 2010.
    • Katja Görg. Transvestismus im Mittelalter: Die unterschiedlichen Reaktionen auf männlichen und weiblichen Transvestismus im Mittelalter. Grin 2010.
    • Sally Hines and Tam Sanger (ed). Transgender Identities: Towards a Social Analysis of Gender. Routledge, 2010.
    • KK Hofeling. Transsexual Transformed by the Power of God. Rosedog, 2010.
    • Franziska Hofman. Transsexualität und Sozialisation. Grin, 2010.
    • Ulrike Klöppel. XX0XY ungelöst: Hermaphroditismus, Sex und Gender in der deutschen Medizin. Eine historische Studie zur Intersexualität. Transcript, 2010.
    • Vek Lewis. Crossing Sex and Gender in Latin America. Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.
    • Elena Mancini. Magnus Hirschfeld and the Quest for Sexual Freedom: A History of the First International Sexual Freedom Movement. Palgrave Macmillan. 2010.
    • Isabella Marchiolo. Ladymen: Una Donna Racconta le Trans. Falzea Editore. 2010.
    • Ruth Morgan, Charl Marais & Joy Rosemary Wellbeloved (eds). Trans: Transgender Life Stories from South Africa. Jacana Media, 2010.
    • John Otis. Law of the Jungle: The Hunt for Colombian Guerrillas, American Hostages, and Buried Treasure. New York, NY: William Morrow, 2010. Commando Lenin becomes Jenny.
    • Hela Ouardi. L'androgyne en littérature. Editions Universitaires de Dijon, 2010.
    • Douglas Ousterhout. Facial Feminization Surgery: A Guide for the Transgendered Woman. Addicus Books, 2010.
    • Randa & Hazam Saghyieh. Mouzakarat Randa al-Trans (Memoirs of Randa the Trans). Beirut: Dar-Al Saqi, 2010.
    • Carol Royce. The Reality of My Life. AuthorHouse, 2010.
    • Gayle Salamon. Assuming a Body: Transgender and the Rhetorics of Materiality. Columbia University Press, 2010.
    • Uta Schirmer. Geschlecht anders gestalten: Drag Kinging, geschlechtliche Selbstverhältnisse und Wirklichkeiten. Transcript, 2010.
    • Joachim Schmidt. Drag Kings: Über das subversive Potenzial einer kulturellen Praktik. Grin, 2010
    • Johanna Schmidt. Migrating Genders: Westernisation, Migration, and Samoan Fa'afafine. Farnham, Surrey: Ashgate, 2010.
    • Barbara Schütze. Neo-Essentialismus in der Gender-Debatte: Transsexualismus als Schattendiskurs pädagogischer Geschlechterforschung. Transcript, 2010.
    • Eve Shapiro. Gender Circuits: Bodies and Identities in a Technological Age. Routledge, 2010.
    • Laurie J. Shrage (ed). You’ve Changed: Sex Reassignment and Personal Identity. OUP, 2009.
    • Aglaja Stirn, Aylin Thiel & Silvia Oddo. Body Integrity Identity Disorder: Störungsbild, Diagnostik, Therapieansätze. Psychologie Verlagsunion, 2010.
    • Diana T-Girl. T-Girl Diana – Blogtagebuch 2009: Das erste Lebensjahr einer transsexuallen Frau . Books on Demand Gmbh, 2010.
    • Diane Torr. SexDrag, and Male Roles: Investigating Gender as Performance. University of Michigan Press, 2010.
    • Lisette Vieweger. Die Darstellung von Geschlechtlichkeit im elisabethanischen England: Boy Actors. Grin, 2010.
    • Anne Vitale. The Gendered Self: Further Commentary on the Transsexual Phenomenon. Lulu, 2010.
    • Tony Walton (ed). Out of the Shadows, a history of the pioneering London gay groups and organisations, 1967–2000. London: Bona Street Press. 2010.
    • Rose White. Harry Benjamin Syndrome Review. CompletelyNovel. 2010.
    • Claire Ruth Winter. Understanding Transgender Diversity: A Sensible Explanation of Sexual and Gender Identities. CreateSpace, 2010.
    • Kathrin Zehnder. Zwitter beim Namen nennen: Intersexualität zwischen Pathologie, Selbstbestimmung und leiblicher Erfahrung. Transcript, 2010.
    • Tracey Yeadon-Lee. Female to Male Transsexuals: Transforming Bodies and Identities. Lambert Academic Publishing, 2010.
    • Eric Paradisi Un Baiser sous X . Fayard, 2010.
    • Kathleen Winter. Annabel. House of Ansi, 2010. An intersex child in Labrador. A finalist for the top three Canadian fiction Awards
    • Sylvie Chevalier. Morgane, De Lui a elle, une vie en transit. Racine, 2010.
    • Jean Marie Stein. Trans-Sexual: Transgressive Erotica for Mtfs, Ftms, Butches, Femmes, Tops, Bottoms, Leather Folk, Dyke Boys, Sissy Men, Drag Kings. Renaissance Ebooks, 2010.
    • Thom Vernon. The Drifts. Coach House Books, 2010. One of several peopls in a small town in Arkansas is Dol who cannot afford transition.
    • Hazel Edwards. F2M: The Boy Within. Ford Street, 2010. A young adult novel. Tomboy guitarist transitions.
    • Hadassah D Gavi Chayim. Shades of Gay.

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