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09 November 2008

Trans Mayors

These are the mayors and mayoral candidate that I can think of. Who else should be added?


Rudy Giuliana, KBE (1944 - ). Mayor New York, NY, USA 1994-2001. Drag queen who appeared on stage and television in drag while still in office.

Georgina Beyer (1957 - ). Transitioned 1984. Mayor of Carterton, Wellington, NZ, 1995. Labour MP from 1999-2007.

Michaela Lindner (1958 - ). Burgermeister of Quellendorf, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany 1996. Announced an intention to transition, and villagers voted 2-1 to dismiss him.

Susan Kimberly (1943 - ). City Councilor St Paul, Minnesota, USA, 1970s, and then President of the Council. Transitioned 1984. 1998 Deputy Mayor of St Paul.

Jenny Bailey (1962 - )and Jennifer Liddle (1958 - ). Transitioned together 1990s. Mayor & Mayoress of Cambridge, UK. 2007.

Choochat Dulayapraphatsorn (1962 - ). Katoey elected village chief in Tai Ban Mai, Thailand 2008.

Stu Rasmussen (1948 - ). Two terms as Mayor of Silverton, Oregon, USA. Came out as crossdresser late 1990s, breast implants 2000. 2008 re-elected as Mayor.

Ran but not elected

Sister Boom Boom (Jack Fertig) ran for Mayor of San Francisco, California, USA 1983.

Joan Jett-Blakk (Terence Smith) ran for Mayor of Chicago, Illinois, USA 1990 on Queer Nation ticket. Later ran for US President.

Althea Garrison (1941 - ). Transitioned 1976. Ran for many offices including Mayor in Boston, Massachusetts, USA in the 1990s. In 1992 she was elected as a Republican State Representative.

Fulvia Célica Siguas Sandoval (194? - 2004). Transitioned 1979. Ran for Mayor of Jesus María, Lima, Peru 1998.

Enza Anderson (1964 - ) ran for mayor of Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2000.

Jennifer Gale (1960 - 2008) ran for various offices in Austin, Texas, USA whilst living homeless in 2000s.


  1. Much as I appreciate the list, I think your inclusion and description of Rudy Giuliani. He's appeared in drag, he's not a drag queen. Big difference. (Speaking as someone who performs as a drag queen).

    Also while, it's entirely possible that he's trans of some sort, possibly a crossdresser, but there's just no evidence for that. The fact that he's appeared publicly in drag a couple times could just mean that he enjoys playing "dress up" -- much like a number of straight/gay men enjoy doing drag for Halloween for the comedic/gender bending/being-the-center-of-attention value.

  2. By my definition he is a drag queen. He wants to be read, not to pass. What is your definition?

    Given your rejection of Giuliani, how come you accept Fertig?

    If would be very foolish of us to decide that persons who dress (up) as the other gender are not transgendered. When did transgendered become an exclusive club where some apparent candidates are locked outside?

  3. In my opinon it's insulting to compare a person who occassionally wears womens'/mens' clothing for "dress up" or Halloween to an individual whom is Transgendered or Transexual. Especially for those living/working 24/7 as the gender they identify as.

    I am a Transgender/Transexual woman. Men/women who get a kick out of wearing the opposite genders' clothing are not remotely like myself, in my opinon. Particularly given those who continue to identify as male or female and not the "transitioning gender." They will not face public scrutiny when applying for employment, housing, public office, etc. Their "fetish" is hidden, whereas my identity is as plain as the nose on my face.

  4. The HBS people want nothing to do with other transgendered; The Tri-essers want nothing to do with the other transgendered. Almost all full-time transgendered start off as part timers. To reject the part-timers is to reject our future peers.

    Divided we fall.

    This site is called 'gender variant'. 'Transgendered' is only part of the spectrum.

    'insulting' -- this is a strong word, on the edge of rudeness.


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