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18 November 2008

Diamond Lil and Maisie, performers.

Lil, who lived en femme, and Maisie, who dressed for the stage, were a gay couple who lived in Hackney, London, and performed as a drag duo at various East End venues, particularly the Royal Oak in Columbia Rd, Hackney, from the Second World War and into the 1960s.

Their story was turned into a radio play, Diamond, 2006, by Linda Wilkinson, chair of Amnesty International UK, which was in turn adapted as a stage play, with Dave Lynn as Lil.
  • Linda Wilkinson. Watercress but no Sandwiches: 300 Years of the Columbia Road Area. London: Jesus Hospital Estate Residents Association, 2001.
  • Christopher Sandford (dir). Diamond. Scr: Linda Wilkinson, with Dave Lynn as Diamond Lil, and John Barr as Maisie. The Kings Head Theatre 2006.


Unknown said...

Is there any way I can get a copy of the stage play from you? I want to mount it in Los Angeles with me playing the Mae West role as Lil. Please advise. Gary Rogers

Zagria said...

Surely you should contact the playwright, Linda Wilkinson. She has a web site.

Incidentally the play is being turned into a film.