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04 December 2023

Broden Giambrone (1982 - ) activist.

++Original April 2014; revised December 2023.

Giambrone grew up in the West End of Toronto.  The family are of Italian descent and moved to Canada from the US to avoid the Vietnam War.

Broden transitioned before doing a BA in Sociology, 2006, at McGill University, Montréal.  In 2007 he was part of G/B/Q Trans men HIV Prevention Working Group (now which wrote the health guide Getting Primed: The Back Pocket Guide for Transmen and the Men Who Dig Them. From 2006-8 he was a volunteer with the social justice organization OPIRG at York University, Toronto. He then worked with Trans Pulse on HIV health issues, and in 2010 completed a Master of Public Health at the University of Toronto.

Limerick 2016
Broden did an advanced course in International Health at Brighton, UK, and settled in Dublin, where he became the Chief Executive at Transgender Equality Network of Ireland (TENI) 2010-2017.

He expressed concern about the then lack of provisions for trans persons in Ireland.  He and TENI lobbied to change the proposed Gender Recognition Act/ An tAcht um Inscne a Aithint, following concerns that the initial draft had been put together without any consultation with trans or LGBT groups, or medical specialists.   The Act was passed in 2015 incorporating changes proposed by TENI.  In its final version it permitted self-determination and did not require medical intervention. .  However the situations of intersex persons was not addressed, nor those of persons under the age of 18 - although thr latter was adjusted in 2017.

In 2016 Broden was Grand Marshall at Limerick Pride.

In 2017 Broden returned to Toronto and became director at at the International Trans Fund, which is run by trans activists and gives grants to trans organizations world-wide.

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Yes, Toronto politician and transit consulatnt Adam Giambrone (Wikipedia) is Broden’s elder brother.  He dropped out of the 2010 Toronto Mayoral election because of revelations about his private life.   But it was old-fashioned philandering, and Broden was not even mentioned.   He was running second in the polls at the time.   So it is a shame that he did not stay in and defeat the much more scandal-plagued Rob Ford.

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