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18 August 2015

WalesOnline 1st Pinc List

WalesOnline has issued a list of 40 LGBT notable person in Wales in association with Cardiff's Pride Cymru.

The trans persons in the list are:

1. Captain Hannah Winterbourne. Highest ranking trans officer in UK Army.  Newsarticle

2.  Alex Drummond, psychotherapist and photographer in Cardiff, who transitioned six years ago, but has kept her beard. WalesOnline

13. Jenny Bishop, had advised Welsh and UK governments on trans equality, runs support group TransForum, OBE 2015. WalesOnline

20. Sarah Jane Bradley, hairdresser.  Newsarticle

24. Jan Morris, journalist, author. GVWW

26. Rona Rees, Beaumont Society. Beaumont

34. Lauren Harries, television personality. GVWW WalesOnline

40. Sadie Class, co-organizer of Swansea Sparkle.  WalesOnline


Pinc is Welsh for Pink

Compare my 24 trans person from Wales/Ireland/Scotland

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