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09 October 2010

Kelly Lynn Martin (1969 - ) systems developer.

Scott Goehring was raised in Indiana and was educated at Purdue University and Indiana University. He was married, as an undergraduate, to a wife whose previous husband had been a Scientologist. They had two children. 

In 1991 he founded the Usenet Group alt.religion.scientology, and controversially added a mail id to the application which implied a Scientology co-sponsor. By 1995 the Usenet group had become a high-volume group with confrontations between skeptics, and believers, cancelbots and law suits. 
By then Kelly and Scott were involved in the Agoran Nomic MUD gaming. In 1999 Kelly came out as transgender to the Agoran Nomic MUD community and acknowledged that she and Scott were the same person. In 2001 Scott and his wife were divorced, and Scott legally became Kelly Martin. 

In 2004 Kelly joined Wikipedia and quickly rose through sysop to the Arbitration Committee. In 2006 she was forced to resign. She works as a systems developer in Linux and Windows environments.

* Not the television actress.

Note that the Wikipedia page was initially called "Scott Goehring", and then renamed to "alt.religion.scientology".

Religious Freedom Watch, like CCHR, is part of the Church of Scientology.  A well-known HBS organizer is a registered CCHR investigator and promotes CCHR on her site.   Note that the Religious Freedom Watch includes a photograph of Kelly, refers to her all through as "Scott Goehring", and uses only male pronouns.

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