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29 October 2010

A Blanchard-Binary Timeline – Part 2: 2001-10

Continued from Part 1

++= something added later 



Anne Lawrence gets PhD from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality at San Francisco.

Kenneth Zucker takes over Archives of Sexual Behavior.
Anne Lawrence contributes to the 6th version of HBIGDA SOC.
  • Richard Ekins & Dave King. “Transgendering, Migrating and Love of Oneself as a Woman: A Contribution to a Sociology of Autogynephilia”. IJT 5,3,
    Points out that autogynephilia in MTFs very similar to that in cis women. Use concept with ‘femaling’ modes. “In our judgement, our framework provides the conceptual wherewithal to unpack such issues in a way denied to the taxonomic, typological and diagnostic approach followed by Blanchard.”


The CAMH GIC was awarded a Presidential Citation from Div 44 of the American Psychological Association.  Ray Blanchard accepted the award on behalf of CAMH
  • Viviane K. Namaste. Invisible Lives: The Erasure of Transsexual and Transgendered People. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2000. Again, neither Blanchard nor autogynephilia mentioned in discussion of CAMH GIC. Reviewed here.


  • J. Michael Bailey. The Man Who Would Be Queen: the science of gender-bending and transsexualism. Washington: Joseph Henry; Oxford: Oxford Publicity Partnership. 256 pp 2003.  The Joseph Henry imprint is part of the National Academies Press. 
Ray Blanchard writes his one and only Amazon review in favour of Bailey’s book.  "Prof. Bailey's book, which is written for a general audience in a clear and accessible style, has the potential to bring the same reassurance to a much larger group of people."

The National Academies Press page quotes Anne Lawrence describing  Bailey’s book as "a wonderful book on an important subject", and Simon Levey that it is "Absolutely splendid".

Ray Blanchard and Anne Lawrence gave papers at the Third International Body Integrity Disorder Meeting in 2003 comparing BIID (apotemnophilia=desire to have a limb removed) to Gender identity disorder.  See overview by Andrea James.

HBIGDA criticizes the Bailey book.

Ray Blanchard resigns from HBIGDA, calling its criticism ‘appalling’.

Maxine Petersen resigns from HBIGDA in support.

Maxine Petersen testifies at Ontario Human Rights Tribunal re restoring funding for SRS.

Andrea James and Lynn Conway set up web pages to alert trans women about Bailey’s book.

Anjelica Kieltyka complains about how she was represented in Bailey’s book.

Willow Arune and others start Autogynephilia Yahoo group.


    Joan Roughgarden writes open letter to the National Academy.  "I wonder if many psychologists fully grasp the image some of their colleagues are projecting---psychology as a discipline without standards, nourishing a clique of dumbly insensitive bigots. These psychologists don’t seek to help people, but to dominate them by controlling the definition of normalcy. Their bogus categories and made-up diseases are intended to subordinate, not to describe."

    Lambda Literary Foundation nominated Bailey’s book as a finalist in the transgender category.

    Christine Burns initiates an online petition which gathers thousand of signatures in just a few days., and the nomination was withdrawn

    Jim Marks, Executive Director of LLF resigns.

    J Michael Bailey steps down as Chair of Psychology program at Northwestern.

    Kiira Triea sets up with Jennifer Ross for HSTS women. Bailey and Lawrence immediately link to the site.


    ++ Autogynephila Yahoo group closed for multiple violations of Terms of Service.  Rumour is that this was engineered by Jennifer Usher.

    Lisanne Anderson sets up The Autogynephilia Resource.
    "In my eye, we MTFs come in two varieties: started-out-straight and started-out-gay. Started-out-straight MTFs include crossdressers and most later-transitioning transsexuals, and our hallmarks are 1) We enjoy being women (and are deeply satisfied by anything that tells us that that’s what we’re doing). 2) We aren’t spontaneously and uncontrollably effeminate. 3) We’re attracted to women (whether we develop a fondness for men later on or not). 4) We gravitate toward business or technical careers. Started-out-gay MTFs include drag queens and most early-transitioning (say before 30) transsexuals. Their hallmarks are 1) They act like women and were effeminate from the start. 2) They don’t automatically love being women. If they’re well-received en femme, they seek it out. If not, they may be content to live more as drag queens or conventional gay men. 3) Most I’ve met will laugh off the idea of ever being attracted to a woman. 4) They gravitate toward people-oriented or creative careers."

    • Ray Blanchard quoted: “A man without a penis has certain disadvantages in this world, and this is in reality what you're creating”. Jane Armstrong. “The Body within, the body without”. The Globe and Mail, 12 June 2004, p. F1. Online at:



      Jennifer Usher and Diane Kearny, of the US Protestant HBS group, frequently use ‘autogynephile’ to mean non-HBS although they do not equate HBS and HSTS, and both HBS and HSTS are adamant that they are not the other.  "I do believe many today come from the behavioral mode of fetishism and through peer influence and/or as an extension of their own fetishism grow into what might well describe the autogynephilic not unlike the multitudes of the Lawrence's and Arune's in this world whom I suspect outnumber the true transsexual/HBS by an overwhelming number (Kearny-10/05/2009)".

      Liberal government of Ontario reinstates partial funding of SRS under OHIP.

      Kay Brown removes her Transsexual, Transgender, and Intersex History.



      Ray Blanchard Chair of the paraphilia sub-working group for the new DSM-V.

      Transkids site revived by Kay Brown writing as Cloudy. She also started a blog: On the Science of Changing Sex.  "I slept through the controversy surrounding the publication of The Man Who Would Be Queen. ... Prof. Bailey graciously gave me access to an online version of the book and I read it from front to back in nearly one sitting. Although I disagreed with several minor points, I felt I could have written the book myself. I agreed with each and every major point. Who wouldn't, if they knew what I know."

      • Andrea James. “What motivates Ray Blanchard’s oppression of sex and gender minorities?”. Transsexual Road Map. 2 November 2009.
      • Larry Nuttbrock, Walter Bockting, Mona Mason, Sel Hwahng, Andrew Rosenblum, Monica Macri & Jeffrey Becker. “A Further Assessment of Blanchard’s Typology of Homosexual Versus Non-Homosexual or Autogynephilic Gender Dysphoria”. Archives of Sexual Behavior. April 2009. A Study of 571 trans women.
      • Charles Moser. “Autogynephilia in Women”. Journal of Homosexuality. The first study of autogynephilia in cis women found that 28% are frequently so.
      • Zagria “What is Autogynephilia?”. A Gender Variance Who’s Who. 22 March 2009.  "Blanchard’s supporters applaud that he has increased the types of transsexual from one to two. His detractors are appalled that the wide variety of transsexuality has been reduced to two stereotypes".
      • Jack Molay’s Confessions of an Autogynephiliac.


      Jack Molay renames his blog to Cross-dreamers.

      Andrea James reveals that Cloudy is Kay Brown, author of Transsexual, Transgender, and Intersex History, and high tech entrepreneur.
      • Anne Lawrence. “A Validation of Blanchard’s Typology: Comment on Nuttbrock et al . Archives of Sexual Behavior. March 2010.
      • Larry Nuttbrock. “The Limitations of Blanchard’s Typology: A Response to Lawrence. Archives of Sexual Behavior. June 2010.
      • Jesse Bering. “The Third Gender”. Scientific American. May 2010.
      • Ophelia Bradley. ’They Need Labels’: Contemporary Institutional And Popular Frameworks For Gender Variance. MA Thesis. Georgia State University. Discusses AGP, HSTS and HBS persons using their blog names rather than their person names.
      • Rose White’s book Harry Benjamin Syndrome Review constantly miswrites autogynephile as ‘autogyne’, and uses it as an insult while at the same time insisting that an HBS woman is obsessed with clothes and makeup.
      • Alice Novic.  "Autogynephilia: An Illuminating, Gut-Wrenching Conversation with Ray Blanchard, Ph.D.".   Crossdreamers.  Oct 22, 2010.  "Am I angry with Ray Blanchard? A little bit, for being such an old stick in the mud, because I think he could change his term for us without compromising his principles. He is no transgender activist, not even one bit. He has not given us useful slogans stamped with seal of science that we can take to our wives and our congressmen. But he is a scientist who has devoted a large chunk of his career to the rigorous study of us, a rather small, not terribly well funded group of people. And for that I am thankful, very thankful."
      • Julia M. Serano. ‘The Case Against Autogynephilia.’ International Journal of Transgenderism, 12:3, 176-187.  "If proponents of autogynephilia insist that every exception to the model is due to misreporting, then autogynephilia theory must be rejected on the grounds that it is unfalsifiable and therefore unscientific. If, on the other hand, we accept that these exceptions are legitimate, then it is clear that autogynephilia theory’s two-subtype taxonomy does not hold true." 


      1. Thanks very much for providing this timeline!

        I'm going to have to spend more time going over this... but it's very, very helpful in trying to understand the development of this "sciency" weirdness to have this available along with links to the source documents!

        PS: The link to "" needs to have the period removed in order to work properly!

      2. Willow Arune26/12/10 21:30

        This is in two parts because there is blogspot maximum of 4096 characters.

        My quiet time. Due to a development on the Usher front, I have been surfin’ a bit today and came across your Timeline…

        “Autogynephila Yahoo group closed for multiple violations of Terms of Service”.

        Perhaps technically true but more a bit of boasting by Jennifer Usher that, like many such half truths, ignores what truly happened.

        AG Support was started by me with assistance from my dear Brooklyn friend (who was not then nor is now a supporter of Blanchard’s theory, but does like to see civil discussions on TS theory, a rare thing indeed). We decided to moderate all posts to avoid flames and the ugly attacks that other TS internet groups seem to thrive on. In fact, during its operation, there were indeed few posts that were not posted. You see, it is knowing that you cannot insult someone that limits these types, not actual moderating. They know a ugly post will not get on, so they do not write one.

        In any event, we had those who agreed with the theory and those opposed. Andrea James joined under an assumed name and then attacked members on her web site. That struck me as being unfair. She was shrouded behind a false name and here web site, insulting our members with impunity. As always, IMO, a cowardly way of having a discussion.

        So, that being the case and knowing Andrea had attacked others in the same manner, I decided to start up a group for those who had been attacked in this manner by Andrea James. No biggie. We had – as I recall – six members. The intention was to firstly share experiences and then try to evolve a strategy to defend ourselves against James’ attacks.

      3. Willow Arune26/12/10 21:31

        At that time, Yahoo had a policy (was it Yahoo then or Google – IO simply cannot recall) that if they received three complaints about a site – only three - and without ANY investigation at all, the party who’s actions were complained about would be terminated, together with all accounts in that party’s name. Not being aware of that policy, the AG Support group was in the names of myself and my Brooklyn friend. A certain Jennifer Usher, well known then and now as a … let’s just say as a unique creature did know of this rule. Now, to understand Usher, one need only read her blog called “Just Jennifer”. Written from her home in the Mission Hotel of San Francisco (known as the Vice hotel, an SRO for the homeless) or at time from her former part time job. Usher hates transgender types as well and tends to … make up her dubious life triumphs. She also delights in using false names to attack other TS women, normally uses male pronouns and past names to attack them, and is generally regarded as a rather unstable type.

        So, knowing that rule, one day Usher decided to have what was to her some fun. She sent one and may well have sent the required three complaints to Yahoo. Yahoo did N O investigation at all. They did not give me any time to file a defence or explanation. They simply terminated my account and with it, AG Support.

        At the time, AG Support had over 200 members, including Bailey, Blanchard and Lawrence as well as other professionals. We have members around the world pro and con the theory. We had hosted discussion where members could directly as Bailey or Blanchard directly. Where else could that happen? We had civil discussions, not flames.

        As to the Andrea James group, at that point it had six or so members and only had under five posts of the “welcome to the new Group” type. Hardly threatening to anyone.

        Compare this to your site and its host. Let us assume the same rules. I decide I do not like what you write, so I send in three complaints or have three friends do so. Without any notice to you, without you being able to file a defence of be heard in any way, your web site is simply cut off. You do not even get a notice from them. Your web site has fallen into a void and all archives and such are lost.

        That is how AG Support came to an end. It was the target of a deliberate and nasty underhanded attack by Jennifer Usher (who has written an ugly page or two concerning me that still remains on Andrea James web site; her writing style is distinctive). 200+ people lost a resource, the only one where they could ask questions and discuss the theory and all others without fear of attack (Save the attacks by Andrea James as above mentioned).

        Please post this on your site. It would be nice to see the real story on line…

        Willow Arune

      4. Can I have a repost of the link to Maxine Petersen's review of the FTM book? I am fascinated to read it but the link in Part 1 is broken.

        1. This is beyond my control - the link worked 12 years ago. The page is not in the Internet Archive. I suggest that you contact Aaron Devor for a copy.

        2. Update: entire site domain seems to be down


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