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03 March 2009

Peter Kevin Langan (1959 - ) outlaw and Cherie Roberts (? - ).

Peter was the son of a US foreign aid official. He grew up in Saigon and Wheaton, Illinois. His father died when he was nine.

He dropped out in 10th grade, and ran away. In 1974 he fled arrest and was shot in the leg. He was convicted of robbery and served five years.

He emerged as a white separatist. He converted to Mormonism, but later was ordained in a Ku Klux Klan affiliated church.

In 1992, he and a colleague robbed a Pizza Hut in Georgia, and he was arrested the next year. He faced a life sentence but the US Secret Service sprang him from jail to find his associate. Langan disappeared after six weeks.

He became Commander Pedro and with three confederates he became a neo-Nazi revolutionary. Imitating the 1991 film Point Break and the Andrew Macdonald (William Pierce) fascist novel The Turner Diaries, they robbed 22 small-town banks in 7 states wearing masks of US presidents and taking only what they found in the till. They called themselves the Aryan Republican Army and it has been said that they helped fund the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

Langan also attended Crossdressers and Friends in Kansas City where he presented as Donna. There he met Cherie Roberts a ftm crossdresser who turned up in the final days of his trial and demanded to speak to her wife. Their story was dramatized as an episode of The Investigators television show in 2005.

*Cherie is not the female porn star. Peter is not the London and Los Angeles restaurateur, nor the orthopaedic surgeon cum painter.
  • Richard Leiby. “The Saga of Pretty Boy Pedro: How a Wheaton Kid Became a Neo-Nazi Bank Robber, and One Confused Human Being”. The Washington Post Feb 13 1997. Online at:
Donna in prison (from book Women of San Quentin)


  1. Anonymous7/8/10 03:17

    I did time with Langan at Marion USP. I knew of his robberies and Aryan Republican Army, but had no idea of his crossdressing!! That wouldn't go over to well with the tough guys at a U.S. Penitentiary!!!

  2. Anonymous10/5/12 13:42

    Peter is as tough as nails and has over 15 years to gain the respect of 'tough guys' as you put it.

    1. Peter Langan is now a female serving time at a federal woman's prison. Doesn't sound hard as nails to me.

  3. Peter Langan did not grow up in Wheaton, IL. He grew up in Wheaton, MD. He and the rest of the ARA robbed banks in the Midwest due to a belief that security would more lax. I believe his address was 3923 Isbel Street, Wheaton, MD.

  4. I met donna (peter langan) at the womens prision all i can say is that she is a great person regarles of what she did she is a blessing in my life!!

  5. The Little Oh is correct. Peter and his family lived on Isbell st. in Wheaton, MD right around the corner from where I grew up. His sister was in my grade and we went to school together from elementary on up thru Jr. high. Some of my best friends were next door neighbors to the Langans living on either side of their house on Isbell. A really nice family in general, but clearly Pete had some emotional issues from way early on. It was a pretty crazy neighborhood to grow up in and a lot of us went through long and difficult juvenile and criminal careers as we got older. I hope that Peter/Donna is doing alright wherever he/she is.

    1. Anonymous15/8/22 12:39

      Did he self identify as a little girl? Let’s look at the objective in plain view because if we have a transgender since childhood then we may have a important issue for parents to address when raising pescky little brats whom self identify as the opposite sex because if it’s producing white Supremacists domestic terrorists then the public deserves to know the driving force behind these extremists groups especially white supremacy because Lord knows we deserve to know if the local Grand Wizard of the KKK is a drag Queen on the side while sporting racial hatred.

  6. I did time with her in Carswell hell the federal woman’s prison. She is a blessing, and a wonderful person. I was glad to know her.

  7. So let me get this the guy was a bank robber who was a racist belonging to a racist group who crossed dressed as a woman in a men prison who now is a transwoman in a women's prison for life and he should be respected no he/she is a pos who should rot in prison.

  8. Donna is an amazing person I met her in a women’s facility everybody makes mistakes she knows what she did was wrong and she is doing her best to be the pest person she can and for anybody that has an issue with he sexuality is wrong if you have a problem with what she did that’s understandable but like I said she is not that person anymore she has been in prison for over two decades and if anybody deserves another chance it would definitely be her.


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