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10 October 2010

Sanda Davis (1955 - ) psychotherapist, Mother God.

Romanian-born Sanda Davis, has psychology degrees from the Universities of Bucharest and Ottawa, and wrote a doctorate thesis, Principes a Appliquer en Education Familiale, Surgis du Fonctionalisme Systémique, at the University of Mons, Belgium in 1999. However she is currently listing herself as "Phd Cnd". She published two books in 1995: Multiples in Love and Am I a Man or a Woman? Both by Personality Press which has not published anything by anyone else.

She takes the concept of 'introjection', a term that has been used by psychoanalysts and Gestalt therapists, but puts her own spin on it. An introjection is an internal image of another person. We all have introjections, and for many they are no more than memories. Many of us have strong introjections where the memory becomes obsessive, especially if it is associated with trauma or abuse. In one of Davis' stronger examples she uses the concept of introjections to explain how abuse victims later become abusers themselves in that the remembered voice of the initial abuser is still inside and controlling the person.

She sees multiple personalities (dissociative identity disorder) as competing introjections. She sees Gender Identity Disorder (her preferred term) as a special type of dissociative identity disorder in which one of the alternative identities (introjections) has become so dominant that it becomes the major personality.
"All humans acquire Introjects. Depending on specific factors, Introjects may or may not lead to dissociation, even to severe forms of dissociation. Reflecting the person that is imprinted as an Introject, some Introjects are content with limited control, while others take over completely, using, abusing, and transforming the body. Such is the case with Gender Identity Disorder: a cross-gender Introject takes over the body, and demands gender reassignment.(DIFH:1.2)"
"In most cases Gender Identity Disorder is a psychological disorder of traumatic origin that usually starts in early childhood, and afflicts millions of people in the entire world. Cross-dressing and transsexuality are the most popular manifestations of this disorder. In reality, GID is a much deeper disorder characterized by confusion, trance states, attention deficit, memory problems, headaches, psychosomatic symptoms,physical numbness, reduced or variable sexual potency, possible impotence, mood swings, reading and learning difficulties, potentially lethal depression, low self esteem, self mutilation and more.(DIFH: 2.1)"
She explains that most men have introjections of their mothers, sisters, girls at school, wives etc, but in a male with GID these female introjections coalesce and become dominant. This composite introjection comes to think of itself as the true person in the body, and then starts wearing female clothing and proclaiming herself to be woman. Well-meaning friends and relatives make the situation worse by accepting the claim. Davis says that she can cure any case of GID by getting the female introjection to admit that she is not the true personality of the body.
"Once the 'female' introject that splits the male's personality system is released and the original parts integrate, the male has no more Gender Dysphoria" (Davis, 1995:152).
An obvious omission from her book is any discussion of religious experience in terms of introjections. However the Ottawa Citizen from 1997 quotes Davis saying that
"she has seen demons surface in her psychotherapy clients, then laugh and walk out of the office with them. Other clients have been inhabited by the souls of the dead. "
It also quotes the College of Psychologists of Ontario that
"Ms. Davis can't legally advertise her services as a psychologist because she is not registered with the college. But she says there is nothing to stop anybody from advertising their services as a psychotherapist, or as a soul worker."
At that time she was charging up to $80 a hour, and described herself as a "conservative Christian".
Since then she has had an epiphany and realized that she is The Mother God. On her Blogger profile she says:
"I am GOD. The Original GOD, in human form with infinite aspects to my being.
Why are people not engaging in dialogue with me when I tell them who I am."
She says that she is now able to cure paraplegia, quadriplegia, blindness, HIV, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Gender Identity Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, The Stockholm Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Sexual Disorders, Intractable Depression, Battered Women Syndrome, Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Numerous Psychosomatic Disorders, Chronic Anger, Chronic Violence, and more.

She is located in Burlington, Ontario.

    For those of you who think that autoandrophilia was Ontario’s greatest gift to gender theory, here is an unexpected delight.

    Davis lists many Blanchard papers in her bibliography, discusses autoandrophilia in her text,  but neither he nor it is in her index.

    She speaks mainly of female introjects in male bodies, and only briefly of male introjects in female bodies.   She is hardly alone in this bias.

    One of the good practices of psychoanalysis is that all psychoanalysts must themselves be psychoanalyzed.  Has Sanda spoken to another psychotherapist about her Mother God Introjection?


    1. ... how awesome a prospect, to have Mother God as one's therapist!

      "No surgery for you!"

      Well... She should Know! After all... that's the way She planned it :-).

      1. Let's have a chat!
        I am in Toronto now working on starting the first Paradise Center on Earth. My number: 1-416-551-0842
        With big smiles The Mother indeed

    2. No offense but when someone says I am God be it mother or not RUN as fast as you can this is nothing more than a woman crying out for help!!

    3. Thank you Zgria, I love your article. It is very well researched, very professional, very fare.

      Bonze, thank you! People who are healed by me do find it awesome! Check my ParadiseOneGroup on You-Tube to see my latest results with cure of quadriplegia. can RUN! But when you look back, at history, every divine presence on earth was subject to a diversity of opinions.

      Love to all of you
      Sanda Davis
      GOD - The Mother
      If you have any questions do not hesitate

    4. Anonymous17/1/12 17:02

      Is it just me, or does this woman seem completely crackers? Sounds like she has never learned the concept of Occam's Razor.

      1. I prefer Ghandi He is wiser! If you need the simplest explanation go for it! But why do you feel the need to insult that which you don't understand? Be well! And be wise!


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