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08 January 2010

Kalemba (185? - 1871) harpist and singer.

Kalemba was a harpist and singer in the kingdom of Buganda.

One day in 1871, while he was performing for Zansanze, a senior princess of the royal family, Luwedde came for a visit. Luwedde was a niece of the king and one of the wives of the prime minister, Mukase. It was hardly possible for Kalemba to refuse Luwedde's statement of her desire for him.

It being necessary to be discreet, it was arranged that Zansanze would visit Luwedde in her personal compound. She arrived with eight other women, one of whom was Kalemba suitably attired. After the departure of the group minus one, Luwedde announced to her husband that her period was about to start and she was left alone for several days.

The difficulty was in getting Kalemba out again. Mukase intercepted the messenger woman who was sent to set up the exit, and upon having the couple found and brought to him, Mukase ordered the youth's head to be removed, and Luwedde to be smeared with his blood.

He was also insisting that she carry the head when she went to visit her uncle, but his advisors suggested that this might not be in accord with his longevity as prime minister.
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This of course is in accord with traditional Ugandan values, unlike the love that they legislate against against these days pretending that it never existed before the Europeans came.

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