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26 October 2009

Howard W. Jones (1910 - ) gynecologist.

A native of Baltimore, Jones did an A.B. at Amherst College 1931, and an M.D. at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1935. In 1940 he married fellow gynecologist Georgeanna Seegar (1912 – 2005).

During the Second World War he was a chief surgeon under Generals Patton and Simpson during the invasion of Europe.

In 1948 he and Georgeanna became part-time faculty in the department of gynecology and obstetrics in the school of medicine at Johns Hopkins. In 1960 they left their private practice to become full-time faculty.

Their 1965 textbook with Edmund Novak went through several editions and in its time outsold all other such textbooks combined.

Howard did the ‘corrective’ surgery on John Money’s intersex infants, and in 1965 when Money started the Gender Identity Clinic at Johns Hopkins Hospital, he did the surgery on their transsexual patients starting with Phyllis Avon Wilson. The infant David Reimer was reassigned to female in 1967. Dawn Langley Hall had surgery in 1968, and maybe Kiira Treia in 1974. Howard also established the crytogenetics laboratory at Johns Hopkins when the field was in its infancy.

The Joneses retired from Johns Hopkins in 1978, actually just before the Gender Identity Clinic was closed, and were then appointed professors of obstetrics and gynecology at Eastern Virginia Medical School, where they established the first in vitro fertilization program in the United States.

The Jones were the only gynecologists from the US invited to advise the Catholic Pope on assisted reproduction.
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As Harold Benjamin became a sex-change doctor after the normal age of retirement, so the Jones started their career in in vitro fertilization also after retirement age.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous17/9/10 11:27

    Dr. Jones is not a good person at all. He was like the Dr. Mengele to John Money's Hitler. Jones mutilated numerous intersexed children and babies. He did horrendous things to David Reimer. Interviewed decades later about Reimer, Jones was indifferent and unrepentant about what was done to the child. Jones did clitorectomies and penectomies on babies. He deserves a totally negative reputation. I am an have xx male syndrome and have met adult people who were operated on by Jones. He ruined these intersexed people's lives.


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