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01 November 2009

Eva Robin’s (1958 - ) performer.

Roberto Maurizio Coatti was born in Bologna. He was intersex, who looked like a normal boy, but developed as a woman after puberty.

She took her name from Eva Kent in the Diabolik comics, and Harold Robbins, and thought it to be more cute with an apostrophe.

She is also model and a singer. In 1977, using the name Cassandra, she recorded the disco classic, Disco Panther (see below).

It remains unclear just which intersex condition applies, and there are rumours that she did have genital surgery, perhaps in 1998 or even 1991, although Eva denies this.

She did reveal her penis in the films Evaman, 1980, and Mascara, 1989 (as did Romy Haag), where she played a drag performer, but never since.

In two Hercules films, Ercole, 1983 and Avventure dell'incredibile Ercole, 1984, she played Dedalos as a female, although in Greek myth the character is a man.

She played a transsexual in Belle al Bar, 1994.

She has been in 19 films, and also on Italian television program Il bello delle donne (The Beautiful Women) 2002.

Her legal name is still Roberto Coatti.


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  1. Hi Zagria. It's not true that Romy Haag showed her genitals in Mascara, as she already had had bottom surgery at the time. Romy writes in her autobiography that she was approached for Eva's role, but since she couldn't "deliver" what the producers wanted, she was cast in a different role and Eva ended up doing the part with the nude scene. Romy also mentions that Eva was exclusively lesbian at the time.


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