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04 March 2008

Angelo Heddington (1973 – 2003), farm worker.

He was Angela until he left school at 14. Passing as male, he built up his muscles doing farm work around Thedford, Ontario. He had both male and female lovers, and was controlling and abusive with both. He starved a male lover until the latter lost 45 kg.

He met Elizabeth Rudavsky in 2002. He was working on a farm, and she was travelling to farms to sell dogs. She left a common-law husband of five years to move in with Angelo. He followed her everywhere and she lost her job. He locked the fridge and beat her often. Her weight fell from 91 to 59 kg. After five months she finally killed him with a knife. It then came out that Angelo was female-bodied. A judge, Crown prosecutors and the police investigators agreed that Rudavsky had acted in self-defence and dropped the second-degree murder charge.

  • Colin Freeze. “Woman kills abusive lover, finds 'he's' female”. The Globe and Mail. Apr 5, 2003.

With lots of good reason, we are suspicious when the killer of a trans person is let go, but on the evidence here this is probably an exception.


  1. Anonymous1/1/10 15:15

    I was a victim of said angelo heddington. Held hostage for 5 months and brutaly beaten and sexually abused during this time. I was poisend once and nearly died. Had leg broken. My child and I starved during this time. Anyone who doubts that elizabeth was or should have been found quilty is very wrong. Said person was a sick demented individual who hurt a lot of people before he was killed trying to save her life. Marilyn

    1. Hello Marilyn,
      I understand that you and your child were victims of Angelo Heddington depraved acts of cruelty. I am working as a researcher on a documentary dealing with this case. I understand that this extremely painful subject matter for you but please let me know if you would be willing to talk to me about your experience. You can contact me at the following email:
      Thank you

  2. Anonymous1/2/10 15:27

    wow... thats some messed up stuff

  3. According to a real-crune documentary on ID Discovery, Elizabeth Rudavsky held a part-time job selling dog tags. She was not selling dogs, as your article states.


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