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22 March 2008

Alan Finch (1967 - ) changeback.

Alan Finch was born in Lancaster, England. He was bullied for his delicate appearance. His mother divorced his distant and violent father when Alan was 15. At 17, when Alan was working in a gay-run hairdressing salon, he read Tula’s first autobiography, and his mother took him to a psychiatrist, who found that Alan has a missing male chromosome. He started female hormones at age 18.

On migration to Australia at age 19 with his mother and sister, he changed to female with hormones and surgery at the Monash Medical Centre’s gender clinic. He failed the psychiatric evaluation the first time, but had learned the proper answers for a second evaluation. He transitioned to being Helen Finch.

She worked in tele-sales. Helen married (illegally by Australian law) an Israeli who was looking for residence in Australia, and was later in a relationship with a man which fell apart because the husband could not cope with her having been born a boy.

She took up transcendental meditation. She had an affair with a woman who encouraged her to revert to being a man, which he did in 1997.

His current psychiatrist is also a transcendental meditationer who ran for Parliament for the Natural Law Party. As Alan, he is now suing the Monash Medical Centre’s gender clinic.  This went to the Supreme Court in 2009.  This case caused a temporary moratorium on approving persons for surgery at the Monash. 

He was featured on Australian Story. He has set up an advocacy group: Gender Identity Awareness Association from which he voices his support for the Australian ban on same-sex marriage and the like.
    Finch's case started in 2003.   What has happened since?

    The only mention of work is that Helen was in tele-sales at the time of the first transition. Did Helen and later Alan stay in that line of work?


    1. I believe it's been settled out of court. The end result was that the Monash gender clinic received more funding.

    2. I would like to know becauseAlan has totally shut up.

    3. What does "missing male chromosome" mean? If he was missing the Y, he'd have Turner's and have a (naturally) female body but if he was missing the X, he wouldn't survive. Do you mean he was mosaic-Turner's?

    4. Alan got a huge payout from Monash. He used some of the money to have his SRS vagina removed. Later he had phalloplasty. He decided he didn't like the phalloplasty results and had it removed. His lasted surgery was getting a new vagina installed in 2017 with the intestine technique to create a vagina that looks like a Baboon's butt.

      1. Anonymous23/4/23 22:17

        What Rabbi would ever provide so much personal information about someone? He sounds like a character out of a Jerry Seinfeld episode that liked to gossip.

        Terribly odd situation, even odder who provided the details.

      2. Alan it's Lynn how are you, sorry I lost contact. Would love to.hear from you.



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