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13 July 2015

History of TAO: bibliography

TAO and Angela Douglas

Angela Douglas (1943 - 2007) musician, activist
History of TAO: bibliography
History of TAO: Part 3: aftermath
Kimberley Elliot (1953 - 1980) TAO, Neo-American Church

In July 2019 a Gender Critical Reddit thread  linked to the original 2007 posting.  Apparently some anti-trans women think that a letter, be it satirical or whatever, from 42 years ago, written by someone who died 12 years earlier, and who never worked well with other trans activists, is a relevant document in discussing trans activism today!!!!                         My Reply.



The two major sources that I have used for this are Joanne Meyerowitz and Susana Pena, both of whom read the two inaccessible books by Angela Douglas and the various issues of Moonshadow and Mirage, the TAO publications. Quotes via these two are not individually cited because of their unavailability. See Meyerowitz' and Pena's end notes for page references.

Mark Hinson's obituary was very useful for the later years.

The fourth major source are the emails and postings, some would say rants, by Angela Lee Douglas. These are URL linked, although only a few are still online. I did keep copies from eight years ago.

There were also a lot of articles written by Douglas for community papers.  With only a few exceptions, I was not able to find these.
  • Sleevenotes on Euphoria. A Gift From Euphoria (LP) with William D. Lincoln (bass, vocals), Hamilton Wesley Watt (vocals), Doug Delain (guitar), Dave Potter (drums). 1967
  • Angela Douglas. "Panthers Still Biased Against Gays, Women". The Advocate, November 11-24, 1970.
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  • Art Kleps. A Narrative of the Early Years of American Psychedelianism. Neo-American Church of Texas, 1994. Kimberley Elliot and her husband appear under as Kim & Steve Newall.       Turns out to be a different Kimberly. 
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  • Douglas Carl Czinki email to Kay Brown- no date - included on Brown's site.
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  • A.L. posting on band family 5/28/2005.
  • Angela Douglas (Tanglehead) posting on Messageboard for Love Fans 16/11/2005.
  • Angela Douglas posting on Arthur Lee Tribute June 27, 2006.
  • Angela Douglas (Tanglehead) posting on Yellow Swordfish>>Arthur Lee and Love 2006-08-26.
  • Angela Douglas posting on the Cindi Lauper web page. 14 March 2007.
  • Angela Douglas (Tanglehead) posting on ufowatch no date.
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  • Brendan Zachariah O'Donnell. Definition and Redefinition: Alliance and Antagonism in Homosexual and Trans Communities in the U.S. BA thesis, Wesleyan University, 2014: 61-2, 69. PDF
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