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23 July 2015

Mark Angelo Cummings (1964–) Part I: occupational therapist, Latino television personality.

Maritza DelCarmen Perdomo was born in Havana, of partial Taino heritage. From the age of three she was obviously a masculine girl, and constantly had problems with wearing dresses.

The family emigrated to Florida when she was five. She became a crack addict during a stint in the US Army. Afterwards Maritza went wild in the Miami gay scene, and at 24 made a last-ditch attempt to go straight by marrying a 55-year-old Englishman. However the marriage quickly fell apart as did several lesbian affairs. In one case the intention was to start a family, but Maritza was unable to get pregnant.

At age 38 in 2002 Maritza had become a bodybuilder and occupational therapist, where she took up with Violet who worked in the same gym. She was asked if she was transitioning, based on her appearance, but she did not understand the term until she looked it up on the internet.
"The sky just like opened up. There are others like me. It was like a revelation."
Mark Cummings, as he became, went from an initial consultation with a therapist, to hormone therapy, to a full mastectomy and hysterectomy with Dr Harold Reed in Miami, to a legal name and gender change in just five months.
"It was the easiest thing. I don't let grass grow under my feet. I was fulfilling my destiny. This is what I was supposed to be."
He and Violet were then legally married. To Mark's surprise it was his father alone in family who accepted him.
Violet and Mark, 2004

In January 2006 Mark and Violet appeared on the syndicated Maury Povich Show to great success.
"Well, Maury, I want viewers to know that being transgender is not a sin, a crime, or a deviant behavior. What it is, is a birth defect. We are human beings with feelings, and all we ask is the respect... "
Following this, he was contacted by the Anderson family in Florida who were attempting to enrol their trans daughter, Nicole, in school. They were said to be the first US family to support a trans child in this way. Mark immediately agreed to help. He wrote in response to a negative posting:
"My mother did everything within her power to make me a girl, although, I knew other wise. When I met The Andersons, I had only wish they could have been my parents. When I met Nicole, I bonded instantly, and felt, what a lucky girl she is. Gender Dysphoria is real. To tell you the truth, there will be an epidemic of it. You see at 8 weeks time when the brain and central nervous system is being developed, exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals ( pesticide, herbicides, fungicides, and estrogenic compounds such as soy products) alter the typical pathways that hard wires the brain to be a boy or girl brain. The weight of scientific evidence demonstrates that Transsexualism is biologically based."
He also wrote to the school board offering to educate and train teachers himself – an offer that was declined. He persuaded the Andersons to talk to a reporter. They were grateful, but sometimes found him a bit overwhelming.

Mark became a celebrity on US Spanish-language television for his open and outspoken appearances explaining his gender change and wowing the Latino television hosts. Again he explained transgenderism as a birth defect resulting from environmental toxins. Later that year Mark Cummings published his 79 page autobiography wherein he described the anguish he felt living in a female body:
“Being in the wrong body is a crime. Death is appealing to those of us, who are encased in the wrong shell, who are trapped in a flesh of darkness, that ...sickens us to the point of madness” (pp 33).
Mark and Violet opened a wellness center business. He also wrote and performed music and toured with his life story.

Continued in Part II.


It was said at the time that the Anderson family was the first US family to be supportive of a trans kid in this fashion.   However the Wisconsin woman we know by the pseudonym of Sally Barry was supported by her parents in the 1930s/1940s with varying response from the school authorities


  1. I wanted to add that the more reason people should listen to me, because the narratives I claimed at first, are the same claims being made by everyone in the community. In other words we lie to get our hormones and surgeries. The resource that you got your information from has much misinformation as well. You can't believe half of the stuff you read online. I will be contacting them as well

    1. Anonymous2/8/15 18:49

      Mark, just because you are a lying piece of shit doesn't mean others are. You seem to have an answer for everything if it puts you into your delusional place.

    2. Diana I don't lie, I have no need to lie, but what would you know, you don't know me, I am the most honest person you will ever meet, just ask those who know me for real, like my ex wife of 10 plus years, my real friends, my clients those that have been around me in real life and know my person.

      Delusion really? I am not the one that claims to be the gender I was not born as, lol.

    3. Dana Taylor let me ask you, do you suffer from personality disorder? You have more accounts on the net and use different names than anyone I know. You also seem to have an obsession with me and Lynna. I think you are funny, lol, and you dare call me delusional?

    4. Why are you addressing Dana Taylor who has not participated here?

  2. All of you just seem to want to criticize Mark and I, if you don't agree, you shoot us down. Well guess what, we have the right as do you to have an opinion.

  3. This is what people who are truly in love and have a real life do. I doubt any of you will ever see this kind of happiness and love.

  4. Dana I would really go get yourself checked out by a psychologist, your anger and social skills are lacking. I really do feel sorry for you. Please get help.


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