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17 July 2015

History of TAO: Part 3: aftermath

TAO and Angela Douglas

Angela Douglas (1943 - 2007) musician, activist
History of TAO: bibliography
History of TAO: Part 3: aftermath
Kimberley Elliot (1953 - 1980) TAO, Neo-American Church

In July 2019 a Gender Critical Reddit thread  linked to the original 2007 posting.  Apparently some anti-trans women think that a letter, be it satirical or whatever, from 42 years ago, written by someone who died 12 years earlier, and who never worked well with other trans activists, is a relevant document in discussing trans activism today!!!!                         My Reply.


Part III: aftermath

Douglas returns to South Miami Beach and lives in the budget Drake Hotel. She dislikes the post-Mariel changes: "the Beach was dying. Cuban refugees by the thousands had moved in and had turned ratty South Miami Beach into a Cuban slum ...Italian and Jewish stores and restaurants had been taken over by Cubans, one by one. Lovely Lincoln Road had been transformed into a pathetic cheap-goods shopping mall run by Cubans. The Beach had deteriorated so badly I was horrified. …. a group of very idiotic, offensive young gays lived there, all prostitutes, and a bunch of Cuban drag queens lived there".

Douglas visits Goudie and has dinner with her and her mother. By now Goudie has had surgery, been to college, and visited Paris and Rome.


Goudie has become a born-again Christian and breaks with Douglas. She tapes the phone calls. Douglas claims to report Goudie and her mother to FBI as Castro agents.

Douglas returns to living as a man.

Douglas' autobiography: Triple Jeopardy. "After getting a copy of the book, Chris Craig of MCA's Lord Tracy did songs advocating violence against transsexuals, and in 89, kin to him, Jean Craig, did a TV commercial having the Daihatsu Charade set fire to a sign for a town named Euphoria, with power to burn." (GuitarSite, 10/15/04)

Douglas accuses the film Top Gun of stealing her life story (although there are no transsexuals in the plot)

Tallahassee Democrat reporter Mark Hinson later reported that Douglas "settled in dinky Grand Ridge near Sneads [north Florida] and lived in impoverished conditions. This made her very bitter and she often lashed out at gays and blacks when she called me with another rant".

The television news magazine Inside Edition does an investigative story on The Worst Doctor in America. Dr John Brown actually co-operates with the film crew. In transsexual circles Brown comes to be known as 'Butcher Brown', but patients still come. After the broadcast of the Inside Edition program, the San Diego District Attorney’s Office launches an investigation that leads to Brown spending 19 months in jail for practicing medicine without a license.

Layla of Birmingham TAO had reverted to living as man and moved to Liverpool. He marries a woman, and drops out of his college course. (Whittle in Ekins & King: 192)

Catherine Millot. Horsexe: Essay on Transsexuality repeats Raymond's selective quotation of Douglas' letter to Sister magazine.

Douglas wins $232,567 in the Fantasy Five lottery game. After taxes, the lottery gives him a check for $186,000. Returns to being Angela. She moves to Key West, buys a guitar and a red Corvette.

Douglas' then landlord comments: "I escorted her on cruises where she loved to gamble. She was more comfortable under the cover of darkness so most of our activities were at night. I remember she still had to shave, would not be caught dead in a dress, and made cat-calls to pretty Latina women on the streets of Miami from the corvette that we cruised in (bought with her lottery winnings)".

Douglas' second book: Hollywood's Obsession. Claims that most representations of transsexuals in the media are plagiarizations of her life.

The lottery money quickly runs out, especially when Douglas suffers a stroke. He returns to living as a man.

Members of the UK TAO group, especially Stephen Whittle, become involved in Press for Change, which would be very involved in achieving the 2004 Gender Recognition Act. (Stryker & Whittle: 6)

Ken Forssi, bass player in the band Love, who had recorded with Doug Delain in 1967, is also living in northern Florida, unemployed and obsessed with political conspiracies.

Arthur Lee, leader of band Love, sentenced to 12 years for negligent discharge of a firearm.

Douglas writes a twisted little novelty song called "Andrew Cunanan" and it ends up on Dr. Demento's nationally syndicated radio show.

"I showed up at a music festival in Blountstown, FL with two guitarists I'd met who thought I was a man, told them I am 'Lee Douglas,' did a dozen songs-first real performance since 1968! Went over great, and I then fooled around at some redneck bars around Panama City with them and others, got standing ovations" Performed as Last Drop Douglas.

Ken Forssi, dies of a brain tumor at age 54.

Dr John Brown, out of prison, lives and works in Tijuana. He removes the healthy leg of an apotemnophiliac who desired to have it removed. The man dies two days later of gangrene in a motel in California. Brown is arrested and tried by the San Diego authorities, even though the operation had been done in Tijuana. He is tried and convicted of malice murder. He is sentenced to 15 years to life.

Arthur Lee, leader of band Love released from prison. Douglas maintains he was released because Douglas lobbied the new President George Bush, POTUS 43.

Last Drop Douglas. Solo CD Cosmo Alley.

Arthur Lee dies in Memphis of myelois leukemia.

Douglas dies of complications from heart trouble. Obituary by Mark Hinsen in the Tallahassee Democrat.

Dr John Brown, still in prison, aged 87, dies of health problems including pneumonia.

Death of Douglas' ex-wife, Norma Czinki.

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