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18 April 2015

Léo Kret (1983 - ) musician, councillor.

Kret of Pernambués, Salvador, Bahia, was talented even as a child, and came to the attention of television personality, Clodovil Hernandes, who arranged years of training. Kret became a dancer and funk singer in the band Saiddy Bamba.

During transition she ran for Salvador council in 2008 for the Party of the Republic, and despite being the most harassed candidate by the press she came fourth highest in the vote. She was still legally male under Brazilian law, and was expected to wear a suit and tie and use the men’s toilets.

However in November 2009 Léo won a ruling in the Civil Registration Court recognizing her identity. During her three years in office, councillor Kret worked on the committees for citizens' rights, repairs and economic development and tourism. Despite this, in 2012 she was not re-elected.

She has now returned to singing and formed the group Léo Kret & As Novinhas.
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