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23 October 2013

(auto)biographies that are almost unobtainable


Canadian (auto)biographies
Hoax biographies
(auto)biographies that are almost unobtainable
French and Belgian (auto) biographies and Histories
Biographies with the pre-transition name in the title 
Advice Manuals I: 1957-1979
Advice Manuals II: 1980-2000
Advice Manuals III: 2001-2017
Non-Fiction Books on other topics by trans authors

There are of course hundreds, probably thousands, of trans autobiographies that have never been published.   This article is limited to those that appear to have been published, at least once, but then disappeared.

  • Angela Douglas.   Triple Jeopardy: The Autobiography of Angela Lynn Douglas.  Sneeds, Floria: Angela Lynn Douglas, 1983.
Joanne Meyerowitz claims to have a copy, and Susan Stryker says that she has seen it.   However the book is not in WorldCat, nor in Amazon nor Abe Books, unlike Angela's second book, Hollywood Obsession.  Apparently it was self-published in the true sense and sold by Angela herself by mail.  There don't seem to be copies available any more.
  • Candace Watkins writing as Carnal Candy. In the Closet with Eddie Murphy. 1997. eBook.
Lots of gossip about Eddie Murphy tricking with trans women.  Published online 1997, removed shortly after, and never seen again.
 Jamie Lee Hamilton.
  • Barbara Daniel. She’s No Lady: The Story of Jamie Lee Hamilton. Toronto: Cormorant Books Inc 300 pp 2005.
Not in Worldcat, Amazon or Abe Books - but this site says that it exists.

Eleanor wrote a second autobiography after her surgery, and a general book on sex-change surgery (she contended then that gender reversal occurs in the fetus, but in 1996 would contend that the reason was that her mother had taken fertility drugs), but they were never published.

Vicky's 900-page autobiography which ‘named names’ went missing.   MI5 was not displeased.   This was 3 years before she was murdered by being injected with a large amount of heroin.
Pamela Helen Bonert
  • Pamela Helen Bonert. Der kalifornische Alptraum oder wie ich glücklich wurde: autobiographische Geschichte mit Leitfaden für Betroffene und transidentische Menschen. Pahebo, 2001.
Not in;  not in  

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