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26 August 2010

Peter Robinson (1962 - ) singer.

Peter was born in Kingston, Jamaica, where his father was a yacht salesman, and grew up in Hertfordshire. As a teenager he modelled himself on Marilyn Monroe.

Boy George and he, using the name, Marilyn, were Blitz Kids and part of the New Romantic movement. They lived in the same squat in Kentish Town, but were chased out by a lustful neighbour who assumed that Marilyn was a woman.

After Boy George went into Culture Club, Marilyn appeared in the Eurythmics’ video, Who’s That Girl. He was then signed and his first single, “Calling Your Name”, 1983, went to no 1 in Japan, and no 4 in the UK. He released two more singles in 1984, and his album, Despite Straight Lines in 1985.

In 1986 Marilyn and George’s brother, Kevin, were sentenced on a charge of possessing heroin. His career declined. A failed attempt to record a second album in Detroit drained his finances, and he cut his hair and quit the industry, until 2001 when he made some club appearances.

In 2002, his character was featured in the stage musical Taboo. In 2003 he was in a Channel 4 reality show based on hairdressing. In 2005 he was in the Channel 4 documentary Whatever Happened to the Gender Benders?, where, looking quite unwell and unglamorous, he discussed drugs and his agoraphobia.

*Not Peter Robinson, the crime novelist, nor the department store, nor the computer scientist, nor the poet.


  1. Not only Maz's personal assistant, he is my dearest friend, so seeing the "biography" that is taken verbatim from Wikipedia (before I had it torn down for its gross inaccuracies, damaging tabloid content, and all but exclusive sourcing from Boy George's books!) spread all over the internet is deeply disturbing. The Wikipedia entry you've lifted was written by an obsessed fanatic (near stalker!) against Maz's expressed wishes (hence the nasty tone and twisted half-truths). Marilyn is currently looking to a solicitor to resolve the serious issue with this person, who by the way is impersonating Marilyn on MySpace (Maz left MySpace with the understanding that his page would be closed some time ago!). In the meantime, I would very much like to help you rewrite this entry (beginning with its listing under "Peter Robinson," as the general public would almost never search for him under his birth name) so that it reflects Marilyn's significant contributions to music, fashion, pop culture and LGBT + HETEROSEXUAL mindsets, as well as what i hope is your commitment to the TRUTH. Please contact me at your earliest convenience! ~Melissa Fine,


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