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28 September 2008

Whatever happened to ... Kia Sladeski (1957 - ).

Kia Sladeski from Pine Bush, New York was arrested in Pine Bush in 1977 for offering sexual services to a police officer for $10. She was charged under her birth name of Paul Sladeski.
In 1984 Kia was declared 'Rookie Cowgirl of the Year' by the American Rodeo Association for her performance in barrel racing, the only rodeo event expressly for women. Unfortunately the folks in her home town remembered Paul. The ARA announced that if Kia had completed a sex-change operation, there would be no problem. Either way she would be allowed to keep her rodeo earnings.

An example of how the press gives the beginning of a story but not the conclusion. The link above is the only web item about Kia. Was she post-operative? Did she get to keep the award? What has she done since?

The ARA attitude was quite progressive compared to other sporting associations in the 1980s.
Kia's achievement is one that is usually left off lists of wins by transgender sportspersons.

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