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25 October 2010

Carlson Wade (1928 – 1993) hack writer

Today mainly remembered for his many books on diet and health, Carlson Wade published a whole series of cheap paperbacks on many aspects of sex and gender in the 1960s, several of them co-authored by  Edward Podolsky MD (1902 – 1965).

He wrote the second and the least reliable book on Coccinelle, two years after the book by her husband. He produced quickie essays to pad out extremely short transsexual autobiographies that were popular at that time. The essay by Wade and George Griffith in the Abby Sinclair book is a historical survey of eunuchs, castratos and ‘hermaphrodites’, with only a few pages on actual transsexuals. His essay in the Gayle Sherman book relies heavily on George Henry's All the Sexes, 1955.

  • Carlson Wade. Confessions of a Transvestite. New York: B. & L. Publishing Co, 1957.
  • Edward Podolsky and Carlson Wade. Erotic Symbolism; A Study of Fetichism in Relation to Sex. New York: Epic Pub. Co, 1960.
  • Edward Podolsky and Carlson Wade. Transvestism Today; The Phenomena of Men Who Dress As Women. New York: Epic Pub. Co, 1960.  Online at Queer Music Heritage.
  • Edward Podolsky and Carlson Wade. Transvestism. Sexual behavior series, no. 5. New York: Epic Pub. Co, 1962.
  • Edward Podolsky and Carlson Wade. Fetichism. Sexual behavior series, no. 6. New York: Epic Publ. Co., Inc, 1962.
  • Carlson Wade. She-male: the amazing true-life story of Coccinelle. New York: Epic, 1963.
  • George Ryley Scott and Carlson Wade. Sex Pleasures and Perversions; A Book of Practical Sexual Advice for Males and Females. Westport, Conn: Associated Booksellers, 1963.
  • Gayle Sherman, John Collier and Doreen Johns, Carlson Wade. "I Want to be a Woman!". A Novel Book. 1964.
  • Carlson Wade. The Twilight Sex. New York: L.S. Publications, 1964.
  • Carlson Wade.  "Men in Skirts".  Female Mimics, 1,4, 1964.  Online at Queer Music Heritage. 
  • Abby Sinclair, George Griffith, Carlson Wade & Latina Seville. I Was Male. Novel Books. 95 pp 1965.
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  • Carlson Wade. Abnormal Male Behavior. New York, N.Y.: L.S. Publications Corp, 1965.
  • Carlson Wade. The Sexual Variants. Hollywood, Calif: Genell Corp, 1965.
  • Carlson Wade and Mel Miles. Sexual Deviations of the American Female. Chicago, Ill: Novel Books, 1965.
  • Carlson Wade and Ken Worthy. Homosexual Generation. New York: L.S. Publications, 1967.
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  • Carlson Wade. Queer Path. New York, N.Y.: L.S. Publications, 1967.
  • Carlson Wade. Great Hoaxes and Famous Impostors. Middle Village, N.Y.: Jonathan David Publishers, 1976.   


Anonymous said...

You took that photo from my web-site without permission, -- and you should probably do a little research before you call him a hack. This website is a hack.

Zagria said...

I gave a link to your site. I have no opinion on his books on nutrition, which I haven't looked at. However, I am not at all impressed by what I have read in his books on sex/gender? You do not say anything at all about them on your one-page site. I look forward to you adding an essay discussing his sex/gender books, explaining why my opinion is wrong.

desertrose said...

I like his books.