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04 June 2015

James Dalrymple (1931 - 2014) surgeon

James Dalrymple, FRCS, FRCSC was at first a general surgeon and orthopaedic surgeon. He then trained for genital surgery under Peter Phillip, and took over his practice when he retired in the early 1980s.

He worked with psychiatrist Russell Reid. Later, in partnership with surgeon Trevor Crofts, Dalrymple practiced privately at London Bridge Hospital.

He performed over 2000 mtf transgender surgeries before he retired in the early 2000s.

Patients include: Bibíana Fernández, Zagria.

*Not any of the Viscounts of Stair, nor the cricketer, nor the manager of Glasgow Corporation Tramways.
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Stephanie said...

His brother was psychiatrist so you could be referred from Dalrymple to Dalrymple

Amanda Grimes said...

I was never a film star, playboy bunny or model. I was though a successful woman, wife, lawyer and captain of industry. James Dalrimple in the early 90's gave me the most wonderful gift. A life I could live without internal conflict. I will be forever grateful to him. His skill as a surgeon is as far as I have encountered is unmatched. R.I.P James x