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04 June 2015

James Dalrymple (1931 - 2014) surgeon

James Dalrymple was born in Cardiff, his father a doctor.   He himself qualified as a doctor at Charing Cross Hospital, London, in 1955, where he became a resident obstetric officer.

He did his national service in the Royal Army Medical Corps January 1957-December 1958.  Afterwards he worked as a surgeon at Prince of Wales Hospital, Royal Masonic Hospital, St Mark's Hospital, all in London, and then at the London Hospital in Bath and Darlington Memorial Hospital, County Durham. 

In 1967 Dalrymple moved to Ontario and did orthopaedic surgery at Oshawa General Hospital, and then at the Port Perry and Uxbridge hospitals.

In 1970, he went to Peru, where he helped establish the surgical department of Hospital Amazónico Albert Schweitzer in Pucallpa, a charity foundation for the poor. In 1975 when the hospital ran out of money, he moved on to South Africa, where from October 1975 to December 1977 he was a principal surgical specialist and later medical superintendent at Umtata Hospital in Transkei.  He briefly returned to Canada, where he was a surgeon at Inuvik General Hospital, North West Territories.

From 1979 he was back in London, and worked at the London Hospital, the Olchurch and Rush Green hospitals in Barking, and then St Andrew's Hospital, Bow.

He then trained for genital surgery under Peter Phillip, and took over his practice when he retired in the early 1980s.  He did operations at Charing Cross Hospital, and also did private work with psychiatrist Russell Reid.

Later, in partnership with surgeon Trevor Crofts, Dalrymple practiced privately at London Bridge Hospital.

He performed over 2000 mtf transgender surgeries before he retired in the early 2000s.

Patients include: Bibíana Fernández, Zagria.

*Not any of the Viscounts of Stair, nor the cricketer, nor the manager of Glasgow Corporation Tramways.
  • Russell Reid, Domenico di Ceglie, James Dalrymple, Louis Gooren, Richard Green, John Money. Transsexualism: The Current Medical Viewpoint. Produced for the Parliamentary Forum on Transsexualism, Second Edition, 18th January 1996. PDF
  • "James O. Dalrymple". 11 May 2001. Archive.  
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  1. His brother was psychiatrist so you could be referred from Dalrymple to Dalrymple

  2. I was never a film star, playboy bunny or model. I was though a successful woman, wife, lawyer and captain of industry. James Dalrimple in the early 90's gave me the most wonderful gift. A life I could live without internal conflict. I will be forever grateful to him. His skill as a surgeon is as far as I have encountered is unmatched. R.I.P James x

  3. This wonderful and very humane man gave me the gift of freedom in 1998. Like many who met him, I cannot begin to put into words the gratitude and love i feel. x

  4. I worked at London Bridge Hospital (in accounts) and was given the opportunity to side-sit surgeries so that I could understand what we were billing. I sat in on CABG and renal transplant but my 5 hours with Mr Dalrymple were the most inspirational moments of my career. The conversation, as he carried out the operation, gave me the dialogue I have used since in the social care fields (I dropped out of accountancy because of this person).

    "It doesn't matter who you are. It's who you think you are"

    This is my thank you

  5. Anonymous3/7/23 17:03

    I am so sorry to see that this very kind Surgeon has passed away. He saved my life in March of 1993 by performing SRS on me. I remember him on Harley St. in London, and having my surgery at London Bridge Hospital. I was sent over to England from Canada as the Ontario Health system at that time didn't have a recognized hospital in Canada, that would do SRS, and so OHIP sent me to this wonderful man. Thank you Dr. Dalrymple. I am still happy with my surgery 30 years later. G. Perry.


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