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21 February 2015

Grant Williams (194? - ) urologist

Grant Williams, urologist, was, early in his career, from 1968 to 1988, Consultant Urological & Transplant Surgeon, Charing Cross Hospital (Fulham). He was not an advocate of the transgender surgery being done at the hospital.

In November 1987 he wrote to the British Medical Journal:
"This week seven patients have been admitted for urological surgery and been sent home because there were no beds for operating lists, but the 26 bed urological ward has two gender reassignment patients in it, despite undertakings from the management that the urological bed complement would not be reduced. One gender reassignment operation takes the whole of one afternoon in the operating theatre. During that time, I could perform 10 cystoscopies or resect four prostates or do three vasovasostomies.
Most people would feel that to pursue gender reassignment surgery in the current climate must be bottom of the list of medical importance. The hospital continues with this, although it is totally against the wishes of the division of surgery."
The next year, 1988, he resigned from Charing Cross citing his objection to gender reassignment surgery.

In 1992 he wrote a Forward for Georgina Somerset's change of sex autobiography:
"It is sad though, that many feel that they can only be fully satisfied when they have a 'sex change'. Sex cannot be changed. ... I have met some delightful young women walking around in a man's body, and I was pleased to help them, but I have to confess that they are a rarity and the vast majority of transsexuals are totally unsuitable for surgery."
In December 2000 when the NHS announced that transgender surgery in England would be tripled, Williams was quoted again in the press:
"It is sad when a patient who can't pass urine is sent home with a catheter because there are not enough beds, while other beds are allocated for transsexual surgery".
Williams' speciality was vasovasostomy, the reversal of vasostomy.

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  1. Anonymous31/8/22 17:06

    Being a patient in the care of Mr Grant-Williams was a privilege . He was not only a highly thought of surgeon but was incredibly kind and thoughtful about the all-round well-being of his patients .. Margaret Laughton


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