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16 September 2011

Madeleine Blaustein (1960 -2008) comics artist, writer & editor, voice actor.

Adam Blaustein was born in Long Island, New York. Adam started work at Marvel Comics and for a while was married to a Haitian-American.

She transitioned to Madeleine on the job, taking inspiration from an episode of Pokémon.

Madeleine was also an artist, writer and editor for DC Comics and Milestone Comics. She wrote the short-lived Deathwish comic series 1994 which had a pre-op protagonist.

She performed in the early Tranny Roadshow.

She was also a voice actress in anime and the English-language version of Pokémon. Under the name Kendra Bancroft, she was an accomplished 3D content creator for the virtual reality Second Life.

She died in her sleep in December 2008 at age 48.

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