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17 December 2016

2016 Obituaries

Dianne Boileau (1930 -2014) secretary, first surgical transsexual in Canada, first patient at Clarke Institute Gender Clinic.

Michael Seghers (1932 – 2014) sex-change surgeon, Brussels. Over 1600 mtf and some ftm operations.

Janine Roberts (1942 – 2016) journalist, author, TV producer, wicca priestess, bane of diamond companies, campaigner for aboriginal rights. WorldCat     IMDB

Stephanie Anne Booth (1946 – 2016) business woman, owner of Transformation shops, and trans-friendly hotels in North Wales. Killed in a tractor accident.

++Petra Henderson (1955 - 2016)  soldier, communications engineer.   After a struggle, Petra was recognized as legally female by the UK government, a few years before the Gender Recognition Act. This and a few other "one-offs" paved the way for the 2004 GRA,

Lady Chablis (1957 – 2016) performer mainly in Savannah, Georgia. IMDB     EN.Wikipedia

Pete Burns (1959 – 2016) androgynous feminised but non-transition performer. Cardiac arrest. IMDB

Alexis Arquette (1969 – 2016) actor, cabaret performer, cartoonist. Part of the Arquette acting dynasty. Complications from AIDS. EN.Wikipedia      IMDB

Alina María Hernández/Cachita (1970 – 2016) Cuban television actress. EN.Wikipedia     Latin Times

Giovanni Arrivoli (1974 – 2016) café owner and Camorristi, Melito di Napoli, Campania. Executed mafia-style. Daily Mail      Friends of Ours

Jonah Berele (1988 – 2016) Chicago. Foster parent to boy with special needs. Accidental death in lake. DNAinfo 

Raina Aliev (1991 – 2016) Chechen living in Dagestan. Had sex confirmation surgery in Moscow, married boyfriend a month later, and murdered on father’s purman a few days later. Daily Mail    Pink News

Alisha (1992 – 2016) trans activist, Peshawar, Pakistan, shot eight times, hospital staff left her untreated using excuse of not knowing whether to put her in a male or a female ward. Daily Mail     Dunya News 
Alisha on right

Hande Kader (1992 – 2016) trans activist, Istanbul. Last seen entering a client's car; body found burned in a forest. BBC

++Lily Jayne Summers (199? - 2016) final year student selected as Welsh Labour candidate for council election.  Pink News


Transrespect’s Trans Murder Monitoring (TMM) reports 295 killings of trans and gender-diverse people between 1 October 2015 and 30 September 2016. PDF

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