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18 September 2013

Jennifer N. Pritzker (1951 - ) scion of wealth, military officer

James Pritzker was born into the Chicago plutocratic family that owns the Hyatt Hotel chain, and many other corporations. Pritzker married and they had three children.

In 1974 Pritzker joined the US Army as a private and rose through sergeant to 2nd lieutenant, with 11 years service in the US and West Germany. This was followed by 16 years in the Illinois National Guard. After retirement in 2001, Pritzker was given the honorary rank of Colonel.

In Pritzker founded the Tawani Foundation "to enhance the awareness and understanding of the importance of the Citizen Soldier" and the Pritzker Military Library. In 2003 the Tawani Foundation made a $1.35 million donation to the University of California's Palm Center to study the feasibility of transgender people serving in the military and police and fire departments.

In 2013 Pritzker announced a legal name change to Jennifer, and that she was starting transition. Thus she became the first trans billionaire. Forbes magazine lists her at #327 in its rich list, and estimates that she is 'worth' $1.7 billion.


Billie said...

It would seem that money and privilege don't guarantee a life as it's expected!

Another great article, Zagria, thanks!

Ben Gleason said...

I would love to send her a message regarding her courage and inspiration to me. Any idea how?

HazelQ said...

Surely you jest? Why would you so admire a silver-spoon spoilt rich kid. Somebody worth $1.7 billion could set a trust to pay for surgery for impoverished trans persons. Don't hold your breath. All she wants is to enable trans to die alongside gays in oppressive and illegal wars.