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27 August 2013

The other Harry Benjamin

In today's Gender Trender Gallus Mag claims that the endocrinologist Harry Benjamin published a book in 1929 called Better Sight Without Glasses.  

The book is online at and here is the title page: 

Note ;
a)  This is Harry Benjamin N.D.  (not M.D.),  i.e. he is a naturist
b) It is a British book
c) Other works by the same author are:  Everybody's Guide to Nature Cure, Your Diet in Health and Disease, Commonsense Vegetarianism, How to become 100% Healthy.

Later in life this Harry Benjamin wrote Basic self-knowledge : an introduction to esoteric psychology. Based on the Gurdjieff system of esoteric development, with some references to the writings of Krishnamurti and Everyone's guide to theosophy : a simple explanation of the theosophical teachings for the new student.

Definitely a different Harry Benjamin.

There are two web sites that put out the disinformation that Harry Benjamin, the endrocrinologist wrote Better Sight Without Glasses.  One is No.Wikipedia(Harry Benjamin) - the other 10 Wikipedia Harry Benjamin sites do not make this mistake.  The other is Andrea James' Harry Benjamin page (which is probably where Gallus Mag got it from)

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