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29 August 2013

20 trans persons in Germany/Austria/Switzerland who changed things by example and/or achievement.

See also US, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Australia/NZ, Americans in Europe, Europeans in the Americas, Africa.
  1. Emil Vacano (1840 – 1892) circus equestrian as Signora Sangumeta, and later a novelist. GVWW DE.WIKIPEDIA
  2. Daniel Paul Schreber (1842 – 1911) Senatspräsident of the Superior Court in Dresden, became convinced that he was being transformed into a woman, and that he was to be the wife of God. Analysed by Sigmund Freud. GVWW EN.WIKIPEDIA
  3. Herman von Teschenberg (1866 – 1911) barrister, translator. Photos in Die Transvestiten. GVWW EN.WIKIPEDIA

  4. Karl Baer (1885 – 1956) social worker, feminist, first ftm surgical change, accountant. EN.WIKIPEDIA
  5. Dörchen Richter (1891 - 1933) maid at Hirschfeld's Institute, world's first surgical mtf change. GVWW
  6. Dora Ratjen (1918 – 2008) high-jumper in the 1936 Olympics. GVWW EN.WIKIPEDIA      
  7. Jeanette Schmid (1924 – 2005) performed as Baroness Lips von Lipstrill, whistler. GVWW

  8. Charlotte von Mahlsdorf (1928 – 2002) curator of the Gründerzeit Museum, biography filmed by Rosa von Praunheim. GVWW EN.WIKIPEDIA.

  9. Jean Lessenich ( 1942 - ) artist. GVWW DE.WIKIPEDIA

  10. Romy Haag (1951 - ) Dutch performer, nightclub owner in Berlin. GVWW EN.WIKIPEDIA.

  11. Anna-Varney Cantodea ( 1952 - ) Darkwave musician. GVWW   EN.WIKIPEDIA  

  12. Christian Schenk (1952 - ) physicist, politician. GVWW   DE.WIKIPEDIA 

  13. Lilo Wanders (1955 - ) television personality. GVWW     DE.WIKIPEDIA  

  14. Michaela Lindner (1958 - ) politician, theatrical agent. GVWW   DE.WIKIPEDIA  

  15. Andreas Krieger (1966 - ) shotput champion, anti-doping activist. GVWW DE.WIKIPEDIA  

  16. Nadia Brönimann (1969 - ) steward, performer, 2 autobiographies. GVWW  

  17. Gloria Gray (1970 - ) performer. GVWW DE.WIKIPEDIA  

  18. Monika Strub (1975 - ) nurse, photographer, political candidate. GVWW

  19. Balian Buschbaum (1980 - ) pole vaulter. DE.WIKIPEDIA  

  20. Kim Petras (1992 - ) musician. EN.WIKIPEDIA

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