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29 July 2013

22 trans Americans who found their destiny in Europe

See also US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Australia/NZ, Europeans in the Americas. 

  1. Ella Zoyara (1840 – 1879) from St Louis, a circus equestrian who entranced counts and kings.  GVWW 
  2. Jane Heap (1883 – 1964) from Kansas, editor of The Little Review, studied with Gurdjieff in Paris, set up London Gurdjieffian group.  GVWW   EN.WIKIPEDIA  
  3. Ricky Renée (1925 – ) Jewel Box Revue performer from Indiana, moved to London, voted one of Top Ten Artists, cameo in Cabaret, 1972. DE.WIKIPEDIA    
  4. Les Lee (1929 – 2010) Quebec performer who became a star at Le Carrousel.  GVWW 
  5. Sonne Teal  (193? – 1966)  Canadian star of Le Carrousel died on a Japanese tour. GVWW  
  6. Jean Fredericks (193? – 197? ) Toronto opera singer, organized London drag balls. GVWW 
  7. Angie Stardust (1940 – 2007) Jewel Box Review performer from Virginia who became a star on Hamburg’s Reeperbahn. GVWW 
  8. Camille Cabral (1944 – ) Brazilian dermatologist and activist in Paris.  GVWW   PT.WIKIPEDIA   FR.WIKIPEDIA 
  9. Rachel Pollack (1945 – ) New Yorker who became the London GLF TV/TS contact person.  GVWW   EN.WIKIPEDIA 
  10. Yeda Brown (194? – ) from Rio Grande do Sul, performed at Le Carrousel, settled in Spain, muse of Salvador Dali.  GVWW  
  11. Sabrina Ramet (194? – ) Californian Political Scientist, specialist on eastern Europe, editor of Gender Reversals and Gender Cultures, professor in Norway. GVWW  DE.WIKIPEDIA  
  12. Brenda Lee (1948 – 1996) one of the first São Paulo sex workers to work in Paris.  She returned to set up a health care centre before being murdered.  GVWW  PT.WIKIPEDIA  
  13.  Georgia Ziadie (1949 - ) from Jamaica, socialite, writer, also known as Lady Colin Campbell, lived in England and France.  GVWW   EN.WIKIPEDIA
  14. Ajita Wilson (1950- 1987) New York film actor who became a star in Euro-trash films.  GVWW   EN.WIKIPEDIA 
  15. Desire Dubounet (1951 – ) Ohio inventor and performer who fled the FDA and lives in Budapest.  GVWW 
  16. Del LaGrace Volcano (1957 – )  Californian gender queer photographer based in UK.  EN.WIKIPEDIA 
  17. Fernanda Farias de Albuquerque (1963 – 1999) and Ingrid de Souza (1976 - ) Fernanda was a sex worker from the Nordesta who published her autobiography after time in Roman prison and became an Italian celebrity.  Ingrid, also Brazilian, played Fernanda in the film.  GVWW   EN.WIKIPEDIA  IT.WIKIPEDIA  
  18. Roberta Close (1964 – ) Brazilian model living in Switzerland.  GVWW  EN.WIKIPEDIA  
  19. Lazlo Pearlman (1972 – ) US actor, based in London.  GVWW  
  20. Monica León (1975 – ) Argentinian activist who fled to Paris after the 2004 police assault on the Gondolin Hotel.  GVWW 
  21. Lea T (1981 – ) from Belo Horizonte, schooled in Italy, famous model.  GVWW   EN.WIKIPEDIA  
  22. Broden Giambrone (1982 - ) from Toronto, active in Ireland's Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI). GVWW  


  1. Appears that most of these are not Americans but Canadians or Brazilians or something else again!

  2. And what word do you use for persons who live on the American continent? Canadians, Peruvians etc must be Americans.


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