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22 July 2013

12 trans persons in Canada who changed things by example and/or achievement

See also US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Australia/NZ, Americans in Europe, Europeans in the Americas.
  1. Qa'nqon Ka'mek Klau'la (? – 1837) Kutanai two-spirit person and prophet who led a First Nation uprising in the 1830s.  WIKIPEDIA  
  2. Lana St-Cyr (1927 – 1986)  first transvestite entertainer in Québec from 1940s.  Arrested in 1962.  Raelian activist.  GVWW  
  3. Dianna Boileau (1930 – ) The first patient at the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry Gender Clinic, possibly the first surgical transsexual in Canada (there were some unrecorded others at McGill and Dalhousie around the same time) and Canada’s first transsexual autobiography.  GVWW  
  4. Michelle Duff (1939 – ) motorcycle racer,  winner of 1964 Belgian Grand Prix.  GVWW   WIKIPEDIA 
  5. Marie-Marcelle Godbout (1944 – ) performer, co-founder of l’Association des Transsexuelles du Québec.  GVWW 
  6. Brigitte Martell (1949 – 2006) child pop star, chanteuse, co-founder of l’Association des Transsexuelles du Québec.  GVWW 
  7. Aaron Devor (1951 – ) sociologist, sexologist, author of Gender Blending and FTM: Female-toMale Transsexuals in Society, administrator of the world’s largest trans archive.  WIKIPEDIA 
  8. Toby Dancer (1953 – 2004) musician.   Commemorated in  2012 Ontario Trans Rights Act.  GVWW  
  9. Michelle Josef (1954 – ) drummer in Prairie Oyster, with Detroit Symphony Orchestra and other bands.  Sued Ontario government to re-instate funding for transgender surgery.  GVWW   WIKIPEDIA 
  10. Jamie Lee Hamilton (1955 – ) half-Chippewa, sex worker, activist, trade unionist, candidate and elected politician, performer, agitated re missing women killed by Robert Pickton.   GVWW    WIKIPEDIA  
  11. Maxine Petersen (195? – ) psychologist, world’s first Gender Clinic staff person to transition.  GVWW 
  12. Carys Massarella (196? – ) Emergency Physician, lead Physician for the Transgender Care Program in Hamilton, Ontario and assistant professor at McMaster University. 

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