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18 July 2013

20 trans persons in the US who changed things by example and/or achievement

Buzzfeed, a days ago published “24 Americans Who Changed The Way We Think About Transgender Rights”.

See also Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Australia/NZ, Americans in Europe, Europeans in the Americas.
Lists like this are always arbitrary, and well-deserving persons are always left out.   However I quickly realized that my list would be quite different even though some on the BuzzFeed list would have made my list if I were starting from scratch.  However as this is in effect a response I have not included any of those on the BuzzFeed list.   (No. I am not going to specify whom).

The 20 persons below are not sorted by importance.   How could one do that?  They are sorted by birth year.
  1. We'wha (1849 - 1896) a Zuni lhamana.  The first two-spirit person to be invited to the White House in the 1880s where she met with President Grover Cleveland.    WIKIPEDIA.
  2. Alice Baker (188? – 19??) school teacher arrested and outed in the press, but a quiet inspiration to many.  GVWW
  3. Ray Bourbon (1892 – 1971)  pansy performer who claimed to have had the operation.  GVWW    WIKIPEDIA
  4. Phil Black (190? – 1975)  performer who started the New York drag balls that evolved into the later voguing balls.  GVWW 
  5. Reed Erickson  (1917 – 1992) engineer, philanthropist.  Subsidized many organizations and writers. The major mover behind the trans scene in the 1960 and 1970s.  GVWW    WIKIPEDIA 
  6. Hedy Jo Star (1920 – 1999) showgirl, costumier.  The first full-length autobiography by a US trans woman, 1955.  GVWW   
  7. Stormé DeLarverie (1920 – 2014) Jewel Box Review performer, Stonewall alumnus.  GVWW    WIKIPEDIA 
  8. Pussy Katt (1929 – ) the first known US surgical transsexual who had her operation in 1945 at age 16.  GVWW  
  9. Gloria Hemingway (1931 – 2001) writer, doctor, daughter of Ernest.  GVWW    WIKIPEDIA
  10. Issan Dorsey (1933 – 1990) drag performer who became a Zen Abbot. GVWW   WIKIPEDIA 
  11. Terry Noel (1936 – ) Jewel Box Review performer, computer programmer-analyst.  The first trans women known to work for the US Government.  GVWW   
  12. Aleshia Brevard (1937 – )  first trans women to play significant roles in Hollywood films.
  13. Agnes (1939 – ) at 19 in 1959 was able to persuade Robert Stoller and the UCLA Medical Center that she had testicular feminization syndrome, and so was approved for vaginoplasty. GVWW  
  14. Catherine Jones (1944 – 2011) Artist. GVWW   WIKIPEDIA   

  15. Donna Parsons (1945 – 2003) recording supervisor, Chaplin impersonator. GVWW    
  16. Joan Roughgarden (1946 – ) biologist at Stanford University, author of Evolution's Rainbow: Diversity, Gender, and Sexuality in Nature and PeopleGVWW          WIKIPEDIA  
  17. Rachel Harlow (1948 – ) star of The Queen, a sensation at the Cannes International Film Festival,  club owner in Philadelphia.  GVWW  
  18. Patrick Califia (1954 – ) controversial writer  who wrote one of the best books on the topic, Sex changes : the politics of transgenderism, before himself deciding to transition. WIKIPEDIA 
  19. Sulka (195? – ) pioneer trans porn star who became post-op (unlike most such stars today).  GVWW 
  20. Johnny Science (1955 – 2007) drag king/trans man pioneer in 1980s/1990s New York.  GVWW  

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Zagria said...

As I further think through what I am doing here, I realize that I am going to do a list of Americans who moved to Europe and Europeans who moved to the Americas.

Hence I have removed from here Angie Stardust, prominent among those who moved to Europe, and replaced her with the equally notable Jeffrey Catherine Jones.